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J.A. McNulty

Updated 20 Oct 2009


NAME: John Alexander McNulty

ADDRESS: Department of Physiology and

Program in Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy

Stritch School of Medicine

Loyola University of Chicago

2160 S. First Avenue

Maywood, Illinois 60153

TELEPHONE: (708) 216-5161 or 216-3395
FAX: (708) 216-3676
BIRTH DATE: 14 July 1946, Bogota, Colombia, South America.

CHILDREN: Margaret Ann, born 12 August 1983.

Patrick Alexander, born 27 July 1985.
MILITARY SERVICE: U.S. Army (active duty), 1968-1970;

U.S. Army Reserves (inactive duty), 1970-1974;

Honorable Discharge
EDUCATION: B.A. (Biology), University of the Pacific,

Stockton, California (1968).

Ph.D. (Biology-Marine Biology), University of Southern

California, Los Angeles, California (1976).

PRESENT POSITIONS: Professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology

Director of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy

Director of Research Cores, LUMC

Director of Core Imaging Facililty

Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology

and Department of Pathology

Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine

2160 S. First Avenue

Maywood, Illinois

Loyola University:

2009-present Professor, Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Physiology

2009-present Vice-Director, Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy Program

2006-present Director, Research Cores, SSOM

2005-2009 Vice-Chairman, Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiolgy and Anatomy.

2003-present Professor (Joint Appointment), Department of Pathology

1998-present Director of Core Imaging Facility

1995-2007 Director of Medical Structure of the Human Body Course

1989-1995 Director of Medical Gross Anatomy Course

1988-2009 Professor, Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and


1986-present Faculty of Neuroscience Program

1981-1988 Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy

1977-present Graduate Faculty

1976-198l Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy

1976-1998 Director, Electron Microscope Facilities

University of Southern California:

1976 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

1971-1976 Teaching Assistant, Department of Biology

1970 Research Assistant, University of Southern California

(NSF Grant for ecology of mid-water fishes from deep

basins off southern California).


American Association of Anatomists 1977-present

American Institute of Biological Sciences 1974-1998

American Society for Cell Biology 1982-present

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists 1971-1995

American Society of Zoologists 1974-1996

International Brain Research Organization 1991-1998

International Society of Chronobiologists 1981-1987

Midwest Society of Electron Microscopists 1976-present

Sigma Xi 1975-present

Society for Neurosciences 1990-present

Society for Quantitative Morphology 1989-present

General: Cell ultrastructure; neuroendocrinology; photosensory systems;

neuroimmunology; transplantation; chromatophores; morphometry, stereology

and computerized image analysis; effectiveness of computer-aided instruction.

Specific: Comparative ultrastructure of the vertebrate pineal complex; cellular mechanisms of

photoneuroendocrine transduction and secretion; correlative ultrastructure and

biochemistry of pinealocytes over circadian and circannual cycles; regulation of indole

metabolism and uptake; interactions of the neuroendocrine and immune systems;

neural transplantation; growth factors and pinealocyte differentiation in culture;

pigment cell biology.


  1. Master Teacher Award, Stritch School of Medicine

1988 Certificate of Merit for achievement in the field of medical

photography, American Society of Clinical Pathologists,

Medical Photography Competition.

1987 Certificate of Merit for achievement in the field of medical

photography, American Society of Clinical Pathologists,

Medical Photography Competition.

1986 First Prize, Electron Microscopy category, American Society of

Clinical Pathologists, Medical Photography Competition.

1985 First Prize, Electron Microscopy category, American Society of

Clinical Pathologists, Medical Photography Competition.

1976 Durham Award for best student paper presented from

platform., Annual Meetings of Southern California

  1. Elected full member of the Society of the Sigma Xi.

1974 Grant-in-Aid of Research from the Society of the

Sigma Xi. Academy of Sciences.

1970 Arthur Vining Davis Foundation Scholarship,

University of Southern California

1968 Graduated with 'honors' from the University of the

Pacific, Stockton, California.

1992-1995 Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Pineal Research.

1996- 2000 Editorial Review Group Chair, Doody Publilshing, Inc.

2002- Member, Editorial Board, Histology and Histopathology.

Academic Medicine

American Journal of Anatomy

Anatomical Record

Biology of Reproduction

Cell Tissue Research

General and Comparative Endocrinology

Journal of Cellular Biochemistry

Journal of Electron Microscopy Techniques

Journal of Histochem and Cytochem

Journal of Neuroscience

Journal of Membrane Biology

Laboratory Investigations

Journal of Pineal Research


Life Sciences

Microscopy Research and Techniques

Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology

Neurochemistry International


Neuroscience Letters

Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews

Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior


Research Comm. Chem. Path. Pharmacology


Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology

The New Anatomists

Telemedicine and Telecare

African J of History and Culture

University of Southern California

1971-1976 Graduate Assistant in Department of Biology,

(Courses included Introduction to Biology, Vertebrate

Biology,Structure and Function of Organisms,

Electron Microscopy).

1976 Vertebrate Biology (302), Dept. of Biology

Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine

1976-present Medical Gross Anatomy (301,302),

(Course Director –1989-2007)

1977-1988 Basic Ultrastructure (425), Department of Anatomy

(required course offered annually 1977-1988)

1977, 1978 Advanced Ultrastructure (426), Department of Anatomy.

1979 Special Topics in Vertebrate Structure and

Function (443)

1981 Cell Biology (421), Course Director, 1981.

1989-present Graduate Gross Anatomy (401,402).

1989-2007 Teaching of Anatomy (462).

1989-2000 Elective in Advanced Dissection

1995-2001 Elective in Computers in Medical Education

1996-2007 Elective in Teaching and Learning Anatomy

1996-2001 Neuroimmunology (Anat 440)

    1. Medicine sub-I “Becoming a Better Teacher”

2005- Graduate Methods Course

Other courses participated in include: Anatomical Techniques, Review and Seminar, and Journal Club.


1979-1982 Chairman, Graduate Committee

1980-present Member, Faculty Search Committees

1990-present Member, Departmental Promotions and Tenure Review Committee

1979-present Member/Chair, Department Search Committees

2008-present Member, Graduate Program Committee

Medical School:

1977-1983 Member, Committee on Multidisciplinary Labs

1980-1983 Member, Committee for Graduate Recruitment

1981-1991 Member, M.D.-Ph.D. Dual-degree Committee

1981-1984 Member, Committee on Core-Courses

1982-1989 Member, Committee on Educational Resources

1984-1985 Member, Search Committee for Chairman of Pharmacology

1986-1993 Member, Committee on Academic Rank and Tenure

1988-1993 Member, Neuroscience-Aging Institute Res Review Committee

1989-1993 Member, Calendar Planning Committee

1989-1993 Member, Curriculum Committee

1990 Member, Executive Strategic Planning Retreat

1991 Member, Curriculum Retreat

1991-1992 President, LUMaC Macintosh Apple User Group

1992 Member, Executive Strategic Planning Retreat


1992-1994 Member, Education Building Functional Space Program

1992-1993 Chair, Student Life Comm. - Loyola Educational Enrichment Project

1992-1994 Member, Executive Comm. - Loyola Educational Enrichment Project

1992-1994 Acting Chair, Neuroscience-Aging Institute Grant Review Committee

1992-1993 Member (interim), Research Committee of the Council

1993 Member, Leadership Workshop

1993 Member, Loyola Educational Enrichment Project Retreat

1993-1995 Member, Steering Comm. Loyola Educational Enrichment Project.

1993-1999 Member, Central Curricular Authority

1993-present Member, Design sub-committee of the Central Curricular Authority

1993-present Member, Implementation sub-committee of the Central Curricular


1993-1995 Member, Information Systems Task Force

1993-1994 Member, Education Building Student Life User Group

1993-1994 Member, Education Building Laboratory User Group

1993-present Chair, Committee on Computers in the Curriculum (CIC)

1993-1994 Member, LCME Steering Committee

1993-1994 Member, LCME Task Force

1993-1994 Member, Computer Aided Learning Lab Task Force

1994 Member, Academic Support Building Task Force

1994 Member, LCME Self-Study Medical Student Sub-Committee

1994-1995 Member, Medical Student Life Committee

1994 Member, Committee on Student Health Services

1994-1997 Member, AV/Computer Task Force of Education Building

1994-present Chair, Loyola Univ. Medical Education Network (LUMEN)

1995 Member, Educational Mission Work Group

1995 Member, SSOM Implementation/Planning Work Group

1998-1999 Member, Search Committee, Chair of Pediatrics Department

1998-2006 Member, Faculty Senate (elected representative)

1998-2006 Member, Medical Council

1998-2007 Member, Academic Computing Committee

2000-2001 Member, Clinical Skills Center Steering Committee

2000-2001 Member, Clinical Skills Center Curriculum Committee

2000-2001 Member, Education Program Committee, LCME

2000-2002 Member, IAIMS Planning Council

    1. Chair, IAIMS Educational Planning Team

    2. Member, Committee on Professionalism

2002-present Member – Master Teacher selection committee

2002-2005 Member - Knowledge Transfer Committee, IAIMS

    1. Member - Task Force on Medical Education Competencies

2004-present Member – Competency Council, Director of Medical Knowledge

2004-present Member – Central Curricular Authority

2004-present Member – Executive Committee, Central Curricular Authority

  1. Member – Technical Standard Review Committee

2008 Member – Compensation Planning Committee

1977 Chairman, Sigma Xi Graduate Student Research Forum

1979-1982 President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Society of the Sigma Xi

1981-1983 Member, Ph.D. Council

1984-1986 Member, Graduate Fellowships Committee

1991-1992 Member, Graduate committee to review Ph.D. Program in

the Biology Department

1994-2002 Member, Faculty Council, Loyola University (elected representative)

1996-2002 Member, Research Committee of the Faculty Council

2001-2002 Chair, Research Committee of the Faculty Council

1996-2001 Member, Administrative Policy Committee - Faculty Council

1996-1997 Member, Task Force on Institutional Research Support Mechanisms

1997-2000 Information Technologies Steering Committee

1998-1999 Committee on University Faculty Retirement

2002 Member, Strategic Agenda Coordinating Council

    1. Member, Shared Governance Roundtable

    1. Member, Research Committee of the Faculty Council

  1. Member, Faculty Council, Loyola University (elected representative)

2009- Member, Executive Committee of Faculty Council, Loyola University


1989-2007 Member, Board of Directors, Anatomical Gifts Assoc, Chicago, IL.

1991-2003 Member, Special Interest Group on Willed-Body Programs

1995-2007 Member, Executive committee of the Board of Directors of the

Anatomical Gifts Association, Chicago, IL.

2003-2005 Ad hoc panel – NIH/NLM

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Jan Kelly 1991

Doctoral Committees

Kurt Albertine Anatomy 1977-1979

Dennis Smith Anatomy 1978-1979

Teresa Dombrowski Anatomy (advisor) 1978-1984

Mary York Microbiology 1979-1982

Carole Graff Anatomy 1979-1983

Marilyn Miller Anatomy 1979-1983

Danielle Jacobs Anatomy 1979-1983

Ruth Mock Microbiology 1979-1984

Howard Higley Anatomy 1979-1984

Duane Smith Biochemistry 1980-1982.

Dinesh Garg Anatomy 1980-1981

Sarah Elke Microbiology 1981-1983

Dan O'Donaghue Anatomy 1981-1984.

Diane Pischl Microbiology 1981-1985.

George Niiro Anatomy 1982-1985

Steven Popoff Anatomy 1983-1985

Jordon Pollack Microbiology 1983-1988

Ada Cole Anatomy 1983-1986

Keith Anderson Biology, Northwestern Univ. 1983-1986

Linda Walters Anatomy 1985-1986

Patricia Maguire Biochemistry 1985-1987

Phyllis Morinec Microbiology 1986-1987

Janet Kelly Anatomy 1987-1990

Laura Kus Anatomy (advisor) 1987-1992

Tom Corso Neuroscience Program 1990-1994

Mohamed Mostafa Neuroscience Program 1991-1994

Chris Wilson Pharmacology 1991-1995

Mette Schulz Neuroscience Program 1991-1994

Diane Workman Anatomy 1992-1995

Shih-Yen Tsai Neuroscience Program (advisor) 1992 -2001

Patricia Grutkoski Molecular Biology Program 1993 -1997

Linda Olszanski Neuroscience Program 1993 -1994

Sanjay Singh Neuroscience Program 1994 -1999

Darinka Mileusnic Neuroscience Program 1995 -1999

Maryam Norlund Pharmacology 1996 -1998

Lisa Shafer Anatomy (advisor) 1997 -2002

Bart Pilarski Chemistry, LU 1999 -2002

Shotaro Suzuki Anatomy 1999-2003

Adam Kohm Anatomy 1999-2001

Ian Dang Anatomy 1999-2001

Jodi Jackson Anatomy 2000-2002

Matthew Schipma Biochemistry 2000-2004

Zhaodi Gong Anatomy 2001-2004

Rungtwan Microbiology and Immunology 2004-2006

Junping Xin Anatomy 2005-2008

Sreevidya Sivaswamy Biochemistry 2005-2008

Eva Murdoch Anatomy 2006-2009

John Karavitis Anatomy 2006-

Cynthia von Zee Neuroscience 2007-2009

Michael Calik Neuroscience 2008-

Kelly Clinkerboard Neuroscience 2009-

Master's Committees

Sarah Elke Microbiology 1979-1981

Jordon Pollack Microbiology 1979-1983

Diane Pischl Microbiology 1979-1981

Walter Tatarowicz Microbiology 1984-1985

Mohamed Mostafa Anatomy 1985-1987

Jack Hay Anatomy 1997-1998

Anupam Basu Anatomy 1998-1999

Dayne Nelson Anatomy 1998-2000

Derek Wainwright Anatomy 2003-2004

Jeff Mosenson Anatomy (advisor) 2004-2005

Collen Cronin Anatomy 2005-2005

Minh-Y Canh Anatomy 2005-2006

Patrick Monahan Anatomy, 2006-2008

David Freeman Anatomy 2007-2008

Lauren Fetty Anatomy (advisor) 2008-

David Buchanan Neuroscience 2008-
Supervisor to Medical Student Research/Educational projects:

Steve J. Lisco - 1985

Robert LaPorte - 1986-1988

Robert Challenger - 1990

Jim Tran - 1995

Claire Calixte - 1995

James Banich - 1996

Aveen Macentee - 1996

Karen Beutler - 1996

Geoff Caplea - 1996

Supervisor to Undergraduate Student Research:

Kevin Kapov - 1984

William Wilkins - 1986

Christopher P. Kemnitz - 1989-1990

Adrienne McBurrows - 1993

Ann Marie Kappil – 1995

Rachel Anderson – 2008-2009

1991 - Interviewed on Channel 7 (ABC News Chicago) - Stress and


1991 - Interviewed on Channel 2 (CBS News Chicago) - Pigment cell biology.

1992 - Interviewed on CNBC (LifeLine) - Chronobiology in Medicine

1996 - Interviewed on WBBM Radio - Chronobiology and Time Changes

1996 - Cited among the top 10 most productive authors with publications on the

pineal gland during the period 1966-1994 (J. Pineal Res., 20/3: 115-124,


2000 - Interviewed on Channel 5 (NBC News Chicago) – Body donations and

medical education..

Invited guest lectures/Workshops (1999-2008)
Department of Pathology, Loyola University Medical Center (Jan, 1999)

Central Group on Educational Affairs, Kansas City, MO (Mar, 1999)

Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, University of Michigan (Apr, 1999)

Central Group on Educational Affairs, Rockford, IL (Mar, 2000)

Rush Medical School, Chicago, IL (Mar, 2000)

Department of Anatomy, University of North Dakota – 2 seminars (Oct, 2000)

Central Group on Educational Affairs, Minneapolis, MN (Mar, 2001)

Master Teacher Series, SSOM (Oct, 2001)

International Assoc. Medical Science Educators (2002)

Central Group on Education Affairs, Iowa City, IA (Mar, 2003)

American Association of Anatomists – Washington D.C. (May, 2004)

Midwest University, Downers Grove, IL (Sep, 2004)

Group on Information Resources, Houston, TX (Jan, 2008)

Group on Information Resources, Atlanta, GA (Apr 2009)


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Total Costs: $425,000 (app.)
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