Nato phonetic alphabet

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Alfa/Alpha – Think alpha as in alphabet or remember that it is the first letter of the Greek alphabet.

Bravo – Say Bravo! on remembering the second word in this alphabet.

Charlie – C, as in I see ('C') you Charlie! It’s also the first of six names in this alphabet. They are Charlie, Juliet, Mike, Oscar, Romeo and Victor. Remember the names by using the acronym CJ MORV.

Delta – It is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. It’s the mouth of the river and one of two geographical terms in this alphabet. D for Delta and S for Sierra.

Echo – Let the NATO phonetic alphabet echo in one's mind. Echo echo echo....

Foxtrot – Do not be outfoxed by the letter F. Remember that there are two dances in this alphabet. The Foxtrot and the Tango.

Gulf, Hotel, India – Remember these three words as a group in the following sentence: Go to the Gulf Hotel in India.

Juliet/Juliette – First find Juliet and later search for her Romeo hiding out near Quebec.

Kilo, Lima – Remember the sentence: I found a kilo of lima beans. Or instead of a kilometre, it’s a kilolima! (Reminder, Lima is pronounced 'LEE-Ma,' as in 'Lima, Peru,' not with a short 'i' sound as in 'lima beans.')

Mike –Mike is in the middle. The words for K,L and M are all only four letters long.

November – It is the only month in this alphabet and the only month that rhymes with remember. So remember November.

Oscar – Think of being an Oscar winner. Remember Oscar and be a winner.

Papa – Where is your mama? Not here, we only have a papa.

Quebec – The only Canadian province in the alphabet, and the only Canadian province where French is number one.

Romeo – Juliet will find her Romeo near Quebec.

Sierra – This word relates to a mountain range in California. It’s the last geographical term, and it’s all downhill from here.

Tango – Remember this is the last dance in this alphabet.

Uniform – Remember pilots and police officers have to wear a uniform.

Victor – Victor is the last man standing in this alphabet. Here it is V for Victory, just without the Y.

Whiskey – It is the only strong drink to be found in this alphabet.

X-ray – X doesn’t mark the spot, unless it is found on a chart during an X-ray.

Yankee – Do not yank your hair out for this one. ..yank on to Yankee.

Zulu – This alphabet comes to a strong finish, think of Shaka Zulu bringing together many kingdoms.

Download 6.74 Kb.

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