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Serial Killer Research Project Examples

Your group will select one serial killer from the following list or other with teacher approval. There will be no duplicates in the same class!

The Zodiac Killer- Sent letters containing codes to the press describing his murders

Donald Henry Gaskins- The Hitchhiker’s Killer

Tsutomu MiyazakiThe Human Dracula

Ted Bundy – The Crazy Necrophile, escaped from prison to continue his killing spree

Jack The Ripper- used surgical procedures to kill female prostitutes in London

Luis Garavito – believed to be the murderer of over 300 young boys in Columbia

Alexander Pichushkin- targeted homeless men by luring them with alcohol, wanted to kill as many people as there are on a chessboard

Andrei Chikatilo- “When I used my knife it brought, psychological relief. I know I have to be destroyed. I was a mistake of nature.”

Charles Edmund Cullen- killed hospital patients to relieve their pain like an angel would

Patrick Wayne Kearney- killed young men and disposed of their bodies along the highway

Dennis Raider- sent taunting letters to police signing them BTK (Bind Torture Kill)

John George Haigh- dissolved his victim’s bodies in acid

Paul Knowles- cross-country killing spree

William Bonin- raped, tortured, and killed at least 21 men in California

Aileen Wuornos- prostitute who killed men who had raped or attempted to rape her

Jeffery Dahmer- murder and cannibal from Bath, Ohio

John Wayne Gacy- The Clown Killer

Tommy Lynn Sells –the most dangerous Texan in history

Pedro Rodriguez Filho –wreaked havoc on local drug dealers to revenge his girlfriend’s murder

Ed Gein- murder and body snatcher to fashion keepsakes from victim’s bones and skin

Ed Kemper- started his killer career by murdering his mother and grandparents

Albert Fish- child cannibal

David Berkowitz- responsible for the largest manhunt in NYC history

Richard Ramirez- home invasion killed spree, known as the Night Stalker

Albert Desalvo- The Boston Strangler

Ted Kaczynski- the individual person responsible for a nationwide bombing campaign

Wayne Williams- responsible for the Atlanta child murders

H.H. Holmes- one of the first documented serial killers

Nannie Doss- killed multiple husbands, children, sisters, mother and grandmother

Marybeth Tinning- murdered her nine children

Nicolas Claux- The Vampire of Paris

Dorothea Puente- killed the individuals who lived in the boarding house she ran

Fritz Haarmann- murdered and mutilated a minimum of 24 young men

Ian Brady & Myra Hindley- sexually assaulted and murdered five children

Andrei Chikatilo- confessed to killing 56 women in Russia

Joel Rifkin- murdered nine prostitutes in New York between 1989-1993
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