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NORTH SHIELDS Ralph Gardner School

The following has been extracted from the scrap book in the Tyne and Wear Archives, with material added from other sources, namely:

Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.

British Vessels Lost at Sea 1939-1945; Patrick Stephens; ISBN 0 85059 267 4

Bomber Command Losses, assorted vols.; Midland Publishing; ISBN 978 1 85780 195 8

RAF Fighter Command Losses of the Second World War; Midland Publishing; ISBN 1 85780 093 1

ARMSTRONG, Ralph William.

Aged 20. Second Mate. 6 Fern Avenue, South Shields. Awarded B.E.M. in 1943 for gallantry in Far Eastern waters. His medal was presented by the King. He was accompanied by his sister Miss Florence Armstrong, and his fiancée. When he was aged 18, his ship, while on a voyage from Singapore to the South Sea Islands and Western Australia, was dive-bombed by Japanese planes. Many of the crew were killed, including the chief Officer; the master and second mate were both seriously injured. Armstrong took charge and with survivors he fought and extinguished the fire. They were dive-bombed again,. With the ship sinking, Armstrong took charge of launching lifeboats and took the injured master and second mate into his own boat. Ten days later they reached Singapore when the injured men were taken into hospital. With three other crew men, Armstrong made his escape in one of the lifeboats just before the Japanese took possession on Singapore. There is a photo.


Sergeant, R.A.F. Presumed killed. Son of Mr. and Mrs. M.S. Badger of Lyndhurst, 4 Queen Alexander Rd., North Shields. Formerly worked as a clerk in the office of Mr. Charles, Chartered Accountant, North Shields. Attended the Sir James Knott Youth Centre, where he won the A.V. Hill Table Tennis Cup.

CWGC entry reads: 1590469 Sergeant Reginald Milburn Badger, 104 Sqdn R.A.F. V.R.; died 10/11/1944 aged 21. Son of Mark Smith Badger and Florence Mary Badger of North Shields. Commemorated on Malta Memorial, Panel 14 Column 2.

Sgt. Badger was operating from Foggia, Italy in a Mk X Wellington MF 420 which took off and after almost an hour broadcast a message that it was ditching at sea, it is thought because of the weather. All the crew died. Though Without Anger (Losses of Transport and Special duties Aircraft and Aasault Gliders 1940-1945. Colin Cummings; 2008; Nimbus Publishing; ISBN 978 0 9526619 6 2


Sergeant Wireless Operator, Air Gunner, Royal Air Force. Aged 24. Killed on operations. Oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Birkett of Lansdowne Terrace, North Shields. Formerly worked in L.N.E.R. Goods Office, Tynemouth.

CWGC entry reads: 1077732 Sergeant Arthur Birkett, 18 Sqdn. R.A.F.V.R.; died 18/7/1944. Buried Bolsena War Cemetery, Grave I,G,19.

Sgt. Birkett’s squadron was operating from either Tarquinia or Cecina, both in Italy, using Douglas Boston Mark III aircraft.

CHAPMAN, George Kirkley

Pilot officer, R.A.F.V.R., aged 21. He was a prisoner of war in Germany November 1944. He was awarded D.F.M. for gallantry & devotion to duty. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Chapman, of 10 Oswin Terrace, Balkwell. Formerly employed as an electrician. P.O. Chapman would have been commissioned from the ranks since he had been awarded the D.F.M. There is a report from him when on his first operational flight in which he tells “They were about 35 miles from the target heading for Berlin when there was a terrific explosion in the target area. It started off with a big white flash and then subsided into an angry red glow”. There were also reports of huge fires left burning in the city. There is a photograph of him.

CLOUSTON, Douglas Wheldon

Merchant Navy, Aged 22 years. Second son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Clouston, formerly of South Shields and now at 7 Highbury Place, North Shields. He was educated at Mortimer Road School, South Shields, then at Ralph Gardner School, North Shields. He was lost at sea through enemy action. Formerly served an apprenticeship with Smith’s Dock Co. Ltd., then joined Blue Funnel Line of Messrs. Alfred Holt as junior engineer in 1942. There is a photo as part of the newspaper item.

His older brother Angus Dixon Clouston was presumed lost at sea in December, 1940 whilst serving with the Merchant Navy.

CWGC entry reads: Fourth Engineer Officer Douglas Weldon Clouston, Merchant Navy, S.S. Troilus (Liverpool); died 1/9/1944 aged 22. Commemorated on Tower Hill Memorial Panel 112.

S.S. Troilus of 7422 tons was hit by a torpedo from a submarine at 14º10’N 61º04’E on 31st August 1944.
COWELL, Frederick.

Flight sergeant, aged 20. Son of Mrs. F. Cowell of 48 Front Street, Chirton. Reported missing in March 1945. Presumed killed November 1945. Formerly worked as a van driver for Messrs. Welch and Son, manufacturing confectioners. He was a member of the Air Training Corps.

CWGC entry reads: 3040693 Sergt. (Air Gunner) Frederick Cowell; 78 Sqdn, R.A.F.V.R.; died 2/2/1945; son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Cowell of North Shields. Buried in Reichswald Forest War Cemetery Grave I.G.14

Flt.Sgt Cowell was operating in a Halifax NA167 code letters EYF of 78 Sqdn. He took off from Breighton to bomb an oil refining plant at Wanne-Eickel. The aircraft was shot down, four were killed and three survived as POWs.

DOUGAL, William Crawford Black.

Seaman Gunner, R.N.R. aged 23. 37 Railway Terrace, North Shields. Awarded D.S.M. Son of Mr. James Dougal, serving in Royal Navy. Before war served as a deckhand on board one of Messrs. R.Irving & Sons trawlers. Called up in 1942. Married to Miss Cannick of Lowestoft.


Sea-going apprentice. Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Milne Douglas of 33 Burt Avenue, Balkwell. Adventures reported in lengthy article in scrap book, with photo.

FOREMAN, Thomas Wilkinson

Assistant Engineer officer. 19 Waterloo Place, North Shields. Lost at sea.

CWGC entry reads: Junior Engineer officer Thomas Wilkinson Foreman, Merchant Navy, S.S. Glenorchy (Liverpool); died 12/8/1942 aged 20. Son of Thomas W. and Ida Mary Foreman of North Shields. Commemorated on Tower Hill Memorial Panel 52.

S.S. Glenorchy of 8982 tons was hit by a torpedo from an E-boat 5 miles north-west of Kelibia Lt., Tunisia.

GARFITT, William.

Petty Officer, aged 23. 4 Cawthorne Terrace, Preston Village, North Shields. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Garfitt. Mentioned in Despatches for distinguished services during the D-day landings, 1944. Formerly employed as a motor mechanic by Gray Bros., North Shields.

HARDY, Arthur

Messroom steward, aged 18. Second son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Hardy of Lilburn Street. Served with Merchant Navysince he was 14 years old. Torpedoed and dive-bombed six times by the time he was 18. He was in a Russian convoy and lay for three days on a raft along with other survivors. In 1942 he was training to be a gunner at a North East Port so that he could get his own back. He was educated at Queen Victoria School and then Ralph Gardner School. There is a photo of him.

HOLMES, Nicholas.

Cabin boy, aged 17. Son of Mrs. Nichol Holmes, 1 Elmwood Road, North Shields. Formerly worked as a fitter with the Shields Engineering & Dry Dock Co. but left after a year to go to sea. He was on his first voyage when the vessel was lost through enemy action and he was made a prisoner of war in Bordeaux. There is a photo of him.


Private, aged 20. Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. Howarth, 6 North Rd., Preston Village. Wounded in France and returned to England to recuperate. Formerly worked for North Shields Co-operative Society, then North Shields Agricultural Committee. There is a photo.

HUNTER, Arthur.

Private, aged 19. Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Hunter of North Shields. Grandson of Mrs. F. Sawyer, 34 Laburnum Avenue, Ridges Estate, North Shields. Wounded in Normandy and recuperating in the West of England. Formerly worked at a factory in Birmingham. There is a photo.


Pilot Officer, aged 22. Awarded D.F.C. November 1944. Son of Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Jackson of 56 The Quadrant, North Shields. Left teacher training college to enlist.


Serving with the Royal Navy in Middle East. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Longstaff of 78 Redburn View, North Shields. Brother of John, Oswald & William. There is a photo.


Sergt. Pilot, aged 19. R.A.F.V.R. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Longstaff of 78 Redburn View, North Shields. Received his wings in Canada, having been in the R.A.F.V.R. for about 20 months. Brother of George, Oswald & William. There is a photo.


Merchant Navy, aged 18, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Longstaff of 78 Redburn View, North Shields. Brother of George, John & William. There is a photo.


Corporal aged 21. R.A.F. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Longstaff of 78 Redburn View, North Shields. Brother of George, John & Oliver. There is a photo.


Father of George, John, Oswald and William, was discharged from the Merchant Navy having been torpedoed in the Atlantic.

McKEAN, Peter Forbes

Corporal, aged 20. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. McKean, of 33 Fern Avenue, North Shields. Prisoner of War in Germany, captured in Italy. ?1944. Formerly worked for Tyne Brand Company, North Shields. His brother Joseph served with the R.A.F., his sister Jessie served with the W.A.A.F.


Flight Engineer Sergeant, aged 20. Killed in action in Belgium. Youngest son of Mr. G. Malcolm of Spence Terrace. Former apprentice as a fitter at Smith’s Dock. Five brothers were also serving: George, Magnus & James in the Royal Navy; Thomas in the Army; Andrew in Royal Air Force.

CWGC entry reads: 1897168 Sergt. (Flt. Engineer) John Malcolm; 15 Sqdn., R.A.F.V.R.; died 9/2/1945 aged 19; son of George Malcolm and Sarah Elizabeth Malcolm of North Shields; buried in Brussels Town Cemetery, Grave X.28.18

Sgt. Malcolm was in Lancaster I HK620 LSW which took off from Mildenhall for Krefeld, unusually with 9 crew on board, including two pilots and three gunners, to bomb Hohenbudberg railway yards. All 9 were killed.

RIGBY, Robinson

Petty Officer aged 22. Son of Mrs. F. Rigby of 9 Willoughby Rd., North Shields. Killed in an accident while serving with the Fleet Air Arm in the Middle East. Educated at Chirton and Ralph Gardner Schools. Formerly served his time as a motor mechanic but left to work for the Air Ministry. Member of the North Shields Boys’ Club and later at Educational Club at Maryport, near Silloth. There is a photo.

CWGC entry reads: FAA/FX.86789 Petty Officer Airman, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Illustrious; died 11/6/1944 aged 22; son of Frederick H. and Charlesina Rigby of North Shields; commemorated on Lee-on-Solent Memorial, Bay 5 panel 2.

Sergeant Wireless Operator Air Gunner. Aged 21. Son of Mrs. G. Roxby and the late T. Roxby of 17 Scorer Street, North Shields. Presumed lost in the Mediterranean zone. Formerly worked as office boy in the Corporation Social Welfare Dept. First member of Tynemouth Air Training Corps to be called up.

CWGC entry reads: 1139259 Sergeant Raymond Roxby, 13 Sqdn., R.A.F.V.R., died 27/11/1943. Son of Theordore Roxby and Gladys E.A.S. Roxby of North Shields; Commemorated on Malta Memorial Panel 9 Column 1.
SCOTT, William.

Sergt. Wireless Operator Air Gunner, aged 21. Second son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott, 65 Redburn View, North Shields. Accidentally killed. Formerly employed with Mr. B. Wallace, Butcher of Prudhoe Street, North Shields. There is a photo.

CWGC entry reads: 1035757 Sergeant (W.Op/Air Gnr) R.A.F.V.R.; died 25/2/1943 aged 21; son of Joseph E. Scott and Dorothy H. Scott of North Shields. Buried in Tynemouth (Preston) Cemetery Sec.K Grave 14526.
STOREY, Charles

Private, aged 18, Somerset Light Infantry. Older son of Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Storey, 17 Hylton Street, North Shields. Wounded while serving in Western Europe. Formerly apprenticed to Mr. Ian Moralee, Plumber at King Street, North Shields.

STORREY, William

Sergt. Pilot, aged 21 Youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Storrow, 59 Verne Road. Received his wings after training in Canada. Member of Tynemouth Air Training Corps. Formerly employed by Prudential Insurance Company.

THOMPSON, William (Billy)

Cabin boy aged 18. Lost at sea in 1940 serving with Merchant Navy. Worked at London and Newcastle Tea Company, North Shields. Older brother George served in Royal Navy. Another brother, Norman, served in the Army. Sister doing war work.

CWGC entry reads: Cabin Boy William Thompson; Merchant Navy, S.S. Orangemoor (London); died 31/5/1940 aged 18; commemorated on Tower Hill Memorial Panel 76. S.S. Orangemoor of 5775 tons was hit by torpedo from a submarine in the English Channel on 31st May 1940 when in convoy on loaded voyage from Bona to the River Tyne.

Fifth Engineer aged 22. Only son of Mrs. M. Thorneycroft, 22 King Street, North Shields. Died of typhoid fever Sept. 21st 1945

WHITE, Stanford.

Private, aged 18. Only son of Mrs. M.A. White of 5 Stanley Street, West, North Shields. Wounded. One of the first troops to be landed on the Continent. There is a photo.

WILSON, Albert John Charles.

Flight Sergeant, aged 21. Awarded D.F.M. Wireless operator. Only son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson. Former member of Tynemouth Air Training Corps. Formerly worked for Messrs. Hastie D. Burton of North Shields as a joiner.

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