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Elite Runners for 2015 Big Sur International Marathon

1. Michael Wardian, 41, Arlington, VA, Defending champion, winning last year in 2:27:45. He also set both the Big Sur Master’s Course Record and the Boston 2 Big Sur Course Record in last year’s win. USA Track and Field Ultrarunner of the Year in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. Four time winner of USA Track and Field 50K Championships, World Record Holder for Indoor Marathon (2:27). Former World Record Holder for Marathon pushing a Baby Jogger (2:42).
4 – Scott Dunlap, 45, Woodside, CA, current 50-mile USATF National Masters Champion for both the Road and Trail and five time Boston 2 Big Sur finisher.
8 – Bert Whitson, 36, Pasadena, CA, ran 2:43 in this year’s Tokyo Marathon.
14 – Rich Hannah, 50, Sacramento, CA, set the 45 – 49 age group course record here when he finished 4th overall in 2:33:49.
15 – Adam Roach, 31, Monterey, CA, Two-time Big Sur International Marathon Champion (2:27 in 2013). First runner since Jonathan Ndambuki in 2004 to win two years in a row. Finished 2nd last year and was the 1st Monterey County runner for the third straight year.
222 – Neil Pearson, 42, Rozelle, New South Wales, Australia, 7th here in 2013 (2:40) and 32d last year (2:40). This will be Neil’s third consecutive Boston 2 Big Sur.

2 - Nuta Olaru, 44, Longmont, CO, Three-time defending Big Sur International Marathon champion in 2:50, 2:50, and 2:53. First woman to win the race three years in a row; will attempt to join Kim Marie Goff as a four time champion this year. Was also 2nd Master at Boston last year six days before our race. Only the 2nd woman to win our race at least three times. Finished 13th in 2004 Olympic Marathon, running for her native Romania. Marathon PR – 2:24.
3 – Veronica Tysseland, 33, Westport, CT, 2010 Big Sur Champion (2:55) as Veronica Clemens. Running her first marathon since having her first child.
5 – Malia Crouse, 30, Edgemont, CO, recently ran her first marathon finishing Atlanta in 2:54
6 – Andrea Giddings, 30, Butte, MT, star cross country runner in college, has run a sub 1:20 Half Marathon, making her marathon debut in this race.
7 - Mary Coordt, 45, Elk Grove, CA, Two Time Big Sur Champion (2006 and 2009). Five-time US Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier.
13 – Christine Taranto, 30, Monterey, CA, Naval Post Graduate School student and member of the United States Marine Corps Elite Athlete program. Has run a sub 3:00 marathon this year.

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