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65. Choose the correct item

1. “What time does the train leave?”

“I think it……at 2 o’clock.”

A. leaves B. has been leaving C. has left

2. “Where are Tom and Pauline?”

“They……to the supermarket.”

A. have just gone B. have been going C. go

3. “Is Mandy watching TV?”

“No. She …… her homework right now.”

A. is always doing B. is doing C. does

4. “Have you seen any films lately?”

“Yes. Actually, I……. two this evenings.”

A. have seen B. am seeing C. see

5. “Are you going on holiday this summer?”

“Yes. I …….enough money.”

A. am saving B. have already saved C. save

6. “Have you bought any new CDs recently?”

“Yes. Actually, I…….two this week.”

A. have bought B. have been buying

C. am buying

7. “Where is Mark?”

“He…….to the library to return some books.”

A. has gone B. has been C. is going

8. People expected the 21st century ….. peace on the earth.

A. bring B. have brought C. to bring

9. Have you…..your homework yet?

A. made B. done C. did

10. How are you……these days?

A. making B. do C. doing

11. What do you……for a living?

A. do B. doing C. make

12.We’ll have to…..without a holiday as money is so short.

A. make B. have made C. do

13. You’ve got a new car! How many miles can it…..per hour?

A. do B. make C. be making

14. The company……a big loss this year. They will probably go bankrupt.

A. has done B. has made C. will do

15. I jumped up and ran to the kitchen as quickly as I……. .

A. could B. would C. had to

16. As we had agreed before, we……meet at two o’clock to go to the stadium.

A. had to B. were to C. should have

17. You have got plenty of time. You ……. .

A. don’t need hurry B. needn’t hurry

C. mustn’t to hurry

18.You…….our team play! You have missed a lot.

A. can see B. had o see C. should have seen

19. How…..you suggest such things to me?

A. must B. should C. dare

20. He shut himself up in the study for the whole day, and I…….through the window that he was writing busily.

A. could see B. need see C. must see

66. Choose the correct item

1. Well,…….there’s nothing we can do about it.

A. alternatively B. obviously C. immediately D. barely

2. The girl……to the rope and didn’t let go until the rescue team arrived.

A. got B. nailed C. clung D. burst

3. Did you read about the…….earthquake in Colombia last year?

A. structural B. shaken C. massive

D. trapped

4. There’s no reason to be arguing. It’s just a(n)…..in a teacup.

A. fire B. storm C. rain D. iceberg

5. We watched a film about a strange alien…… the other day.

A. plot B. blurb C. violence D. creature

6. The fire was due to a(n)……..in the electrical wiring system.

A. inhalation B. malfunction C. spread

D. injury

7. The young prince was riding in the cool ….. night.

A. moonless B. burning C. bitter D. cruel

8. The building was……promptly by the fire brigade.

A. evacuated B. shattered C. extinguished

D. rocked

9. You can’t expect him to……everything and run off to Venezuela.

A. head B. drop C. tear D. rash

10. Her long silk skirt……as she walked up the stairs.

A. rustled B. whistled C. creaked

D. struck

11. It was…….when Ann left so she took an umbrella.

A. brazing B. spooky C. still D. drizzling

12. The cost of the damage was…….to be more than £2 billion.

A. measuring B. recalled C. estimated

D. situated

13. He lied to me and to…….matters worse, he didn’t apologise.

A. keep B. make C. do D. take

14. The possibility of a terrorist attack hasn’t been …… .

A. ruled out B. cut out C. blown open

D. taken off

15. The volcanic eruption had a huge ……on the residents of the island.

A. tremor B. impact C. debris D. burst

16. Failing the exam……her confidence.

A. emitted B. stopped C. hit D. damaged

17. The popularity of junk food is …….by statistics gathered by researchers.

A. illustrated B. saturated C. consumed

D. demanded

18. Adam and Helen decided to have a party to ……. the occasion.

A. notice B. make C. mark D. commit

19. Many famous people hire……to protect them.

A. novices B. champions C. bodyguards

D. lifeguards

20. This is a rather……club; I don’t think we’ll be allowed in.

A. lively B. exclusive B. gurgling D. broke

67. Choose the correct item

1. The accommodation was rather……. . We didn’t expect to pay that much.

A. luxurious B. towering C. overpriced

D. spacious

2. The plane was found……into tiny pieces. How horrible!

A. rocked B. crashed C. shattered D. spread

3. It’s difficult to …..the atmosphere of the old city back to life.

A. give B. take C. bring D. set

4. As we are not sure yet, no possibility can be ……. out.

A. ruled B. restricted C. got D. led

5. Angie would never wear that! You know she hates ……prints.

A. floral B. flower C. florist D. flower’s

6. You may not think much of this building but it is of great…….importance.

A. ancient B. old C. antique D. historical

7. The brave soldier fell to the hard ground when a bullet…..past his ear.

A. rustled B. whistled C. creaked D. yelled

8. I’d…….the sausages on the barbeque if I were you.

A. boil B. grill C. steam D. roast

9. Sally arrived ……the office half an hour late this morning.

A. in B. at C. to D. into

10. You shouldn’t…….her for not speaking to you. After all, it was your fault.

A. accuse B. apologise C. chat D. blame

11. I read an article about “burglar-……..” houses.

A. friendship B. friendliness C. friend D. friendly

12. Jenny accepted the invitation immediately. She couldn’t …….the opportunity of a lifetime.

A. lose B. have C. miss D. regret

13. Arsenal fans hope that their team will…… for the finals.

A. indicate B supervise C. cope D. qualify

14. Don’t leave the balcony door open. It’s a(n) ……..invitation to burglars.

A. open B. plain C. sensible D. simple

15. Three armed men …… the National Bank yesterday morning.

A. robbed B. stole C. burgled D. broke

16. It’s really difficult to tell who’s going to…….. the game; they’re both excellent players.

A. beat B. win C. defeat D. get

17. He has never tried …….as he doesn’t fancy the idea of travelling quickly down a river.

A. snorkelling B. hand-gliding C. rafting D. diving

18. He was sent to prison for …….his boss; she was paying him not to reveal her secret.

A. stealing B. pickpocketing C. joyriding D. blackmailing

19. It was reported that the forest was purposely set on fire by…….. .

A. shoplifters B. vandals C. arsonists D. thieves

20. Diane is a scientist, so she spends a lot of time in the ….. .

A. gym B. lab C. classroom D. artroom

68. Choose the correct item

1. We want more money. This job is terribly ….. .

A. overpaid B. underpaid C. unpaid D. repaid

2. Our government has come up with a(n) …… to attract more visitors to our country.

A. amount B. profit C. task D. scheme

3. Jenny’s getting married! I heard it straight from the ……mouth.

A. bird’s B. horse’s C. cat’s D. dog’s

4. ……learning encourages children to work together.

A. Cooperative B. Education C. Life D. Operating

5. …….causes great damage to plants as it contains dangerous substances.

A. Deforestation B. Contamination C. Ozone layer D. Acid rain

6. It’s a ……no one was injured in the car accident.

A. policy B. theme C. causeway D. miracle

7. The theme park is……outside the city, on the M11 motorway.

A. situated B. guaranteed C. purchased D. stood

8. I have a ….. knowledge of all aspects of business.

A. seen B. heard C. sound D. sure

9. My baby niece loves ……for photographs. She’s very cute!

A. posing B. passing C. petrifying D. plunging

10. We went to see the Gladiator because we had read very good……. .

A. policies B. reviews C. request D. ranging

11. The minimum cab…….is £1.50, so you can’t go very far for £3.

A. passer-by B. gain C. fare D. ticket

12. I wouldn’t have bought this shirt if it wasn’t such excellent…….for money.

A. pay B. value C. worth D. price

13. Steve works as a museum……., and really likes his job.

A. curator B. carrier C. conductor D. usher

14. I was so happy I could……with excitement.

A. gasp B. chuckle C. pose D. scream

15. War seems…….as the two countries cannot reach an agreement.

A. sedate B. frizzy C. imminent D. accessible

16. I don’t…….having seen you before. Are you sure we’ve met?

A. remind B. recall C. memorise D. forget

17. Sally……a lot of money; her new job is much better paid that the old one.

A. earns B. does C. wins D. makes

18. As he was driving, he could see someone following him in the……mirror.

A. dashboard B. mast C. ignition D. rear view

19. A car …….with a motorbike last night.

A. knocked B. collided C. hit D. broke

20. He tore a book in half to……his strength.

A. regulate B. demonstrate C. alternate D. conduct

69. Choose the correct item

1. There is a large…….of posters to choose from.

A. attraction B. admission C. selection D. eruption

2. Busy roads should have a…….so that people can cross the road safely.

A. pedestrian subway B. one-way street C. roadwork D. lane

3. Only a ……of people voted for him, so he lost the election.

A. majority B. feature C. altitude D. minority

4. Little Tom was really….. to see his grandmother after three months.

A. alert B. courageous C. wise D. eager

5. Somebody……their flat while they were on holiday. They took everything.

A. vandalized B. burgled C. broke D. stole

6. Although we had been warned, we never expected to…….such long delays.

A. depict B. encounter C. enthrall D. capture

7. The last……of the film was definitely the best part. It was so moving.

A. script B. shot C. scene D. setting

8. You’d better ask the company’s tax……. . He’s the expert on finances.

A. consultant B. translator C. composer D. citizen

9. Lisa cannot……rudeness. It makes her angry.

A. establish B. ensure C. tolerate D. associate

10. Passing my exams with good grades was a great……for me.

A. pride B. fulfiment C. strength D. achievement

11.Water…….results in the death of sea-life.

A. extinction B. contamination C. recycling D. survival

12. Her boss agreed to give her a……so she could apply for a new job.

A. input B. reference C. fee D. report

13. Poetry classes should be included in the school’s…….. .

A. layout B. material C. course D. curriculum

14. In some parts tigers are hunted for their beautiful ……. .

A. skin B. cover C. horn D. tusk

15. I wouldn’t wash this red T-shirt together with the write ones; the colours might …….. .

A. run B. spread C. reappear D. reduce

16. Sally’s not too keen on…….food so don’t use too many chilli peppers.

A. creamy B. greasy C. spicy D. salty

17. Sam got into the big soft bed and ……fell asleep.

A. normally B. accidentally C. extremely D. promptly

18. Harry has…….for several posts and is still waiting for a reply.

A. appointed B. applied C. sought D. presented

19. The train had broken down, so we had to wait on the……..for one hour.

A. engine room B. muster station C. platform D. port

20. Sam is quite ….. and finds it hard to talk to new people.

A. reserved B. well-groomed C. scruffy D. sloppy

70. Choose the correct item

1. The knights had to promise to serve the king in battle, …….for grants of land .

A. in return B. in turn C. but D. in case

2. In a lord’s household a future knight…… good manners.

A. taught B. had taught C. was taught D. were taught

3. By about 8500 BC Britain was almost as warm as it is today. The ice had retreated everywhere, the sea level…… .

A. had raised B. rose C. raised D. was risen

4. The new farmers came in boats from …… northern Europe, carrying seeds of barley and wheat for growing annual crops.

A. a B. – C. the D. an

5. In 750 DC, the population of the British Isles was only about 150,000. ……, there were enough people to make a great change to the landscape.

A. In spite of B. However C. Although D. Also

6. There …..hilltop forts in Britain since Iron Age times, but the Norman kings deliberately built a chain of castles to impose order.

A. were B. have been C had been D. was

7. From a fortified base, chieftains……. patrol the district for about 16 km around in the times of Norman Conquest.

A. could B. were able B. must D. can

8. In some orders, monks laboured in the gardens, kitchens and workshops themselves, in ….. , manual work was done by servants.

A. the other B. the others C. another D. others

9. They also brought animals…….for meat.

A. for rearing B. to rear C. rear D. reared

10. Gradually the new settlers……their nomadic lives to build permanent homes and storehouses.

A. gave up B. had given in C. gave in D. gave on

11. …….cloth exports, London had become one of the greatest ports and trading centers in the continent.

A. Due of B. Because C. Thanks to D. According to

12. A knight’s career began……about the age of seven.

A. in B. when C. at D. by

13. They also had great influence on the decisions …..by their rulers.

A. performed B. done C. made D. given

14. ……wandering in search of wild food, new British settlers began growing their own.

A. Having B. Instead for C. Instead of D. As they had

15. …..the harvest, more land than ever before had to be cleared.

A. For increase B. To increase C. Increasing D. Increase

16. ……early Saxon times, groups of Christians had lived in communities where they could work and pray together.

A. Since B. From C. Begin with D. Of

17. The knight had many advantages……..the poor footsoldier.

A. at B. after C. over D. off

18. …….these luxury buildings, there were hundreds of villas built in the Roman style.

A. About B. Beside C. Expert D. Because

19. On…….British Isles, Henry II quickly established firm control after the chaos and the war.

A. an B. - C. a D. the

20. The Druids were the link…….the supernatural world and the ordinary human one.

A. among B. around C. between D. in

71. Choose the correct item

1. Druids were also teachers …….educating the sons of tribal leaders.

A. responsible of B. in charge of C. in charge for D. responsible in

2. …….the dangers, life slowly improved for many people during the Middle Ages.

A. Despite B. In spite C. Although D. Despite of

3. An attacking army had…….of special weapons too.

A. much B. less C. plenty D. plentiful

4. The Church…….its own taxes from villagers and townspeople.

A. rose B. raised C. lifted D. arose

5. Farming methods in Medieval Britain…… since Roman times.

A. hadn’t hardly changed B. had changed hardly

C. hardly hadn’t changed D. had hardly changed

6. People needed……where their crops grew and their animals grazed.

A. staying B. to staying C. stay D. to stay

7. The ancient British people – the Beaker people knew…..knives and axe – heads out of copper.

A. making B. to make C. how to make D. how to be made

8. The answer……in the choice of entries.

A. is lying B. lay C. lays D. lies

9. Most of them were covered ……..ice.

A. by B. with C. on D. of

10. Poorer country people lived in simple timber roundhouses, just as they…….before the Romans came.

A. were B. did C. had D. had been

11. On one side of the villa the bedrooms opened onto a pillared veranda facing the private garden, on ……side there was a courtyard, surrounded by farm buildings.

A. the other B. other C. another D. different

12. Later, they worshipped their emperors, who proclaimed…….to be gods as well.

A. them B. theirselves C. their D. themselves

13. …….the profits from British trade, the cost of keeping a large garrison on the island was very high.

A. Despite of B. Despite C. In spite D. Because

14. I wasn’t sure if he…….at the party.

A. comes B. will come C. would come D. came

15. By AD 300, the vast Roman Empire was in trouble because large……of Huns, Goths and Vandals from northwest Europe were on the move.

A. numbers B. amounts C. sums D. crowd

16. Traditionally, the Romans believed in a group of gods and goddesses, ruled by Jupiter, ……took care of every part of their lives.

A. which B. who C. whose D. that

17. Meanwhile life in Ireland…….changed.

A. hadn’t hardly B. hardly hadn’t

C. hardly not D. had hardly

18. ……cattle and pigs, farmers were now raising more sheep than ever before, mainly for their wool and milk.

A. Except B. Besides C. Beside D. Not only

19. Many of these facts…….in standard dictionaries.

A. can be founded B. can found C. can founded D. can be found

20. Such sort of dictionary……. .

A. will be welcome B. will welcome C. will be welcomed D. will welcomed

72. Choose the correct item

1. The Browns family……about moving to a new flat for several months.

A. thinking B. been thinking

C. had thinking D. have been thinking

2. The ship was designed to make several trips and……equipment.

A. carrying B. for carrying C. to carry D. carried

3. Anyone…….in taking the course can enroll next week.

A. wanting B. is interested C. interested D. interesting

4. Wind power is both clean….. .

A. and inexpensive B. but inexpensive

C. but inexpensive also D. as well as inexpensive

5. Kelly has ……vacation every year.

A. three weeked B. three weeks C. three weeks’ D. three week’s

6. You didn’t do your homework, …… ?

A. didn’t you B. you didn’t C. you did D. did you

7. Paula ……carefully when she had an accident.

A. hadn’t been driving B. drives

C. hadn’t been D. drove very

8. Each of the cities sent…..mayor to the conference.

A. their B. its C. his D. theirs

9. Customers …….with the product can return it to the store.

A. who buy B. bought C. purchased D. not satisfied

10. Would you like ……for lunch?

A. anything B. any C. something D. any things

11. The melody sounded ……that we stopped to listen to it.

A. so beautifully B. so beautiful C. such beautiful D. such beautifully

12. Kelly looks completely worn out. –She ……at night.

A. must have worked B. had to have worked

C. could have worked D. should have worked

13. The batteries in the camera ……. .

A. needs changing B. need to change C. are needed to be changed

D. need changing

14. The students ……did extremely well on today’s English test.

A. most of them studied yesterday B. most of whom studied yesterday

C. most of whom had studied yesterday D. they all studied very hard yesterday

15. I’m very conservative, I don’t usually approve ……new methods.

A. - B. with C. of D. about

16. Natalie wasn’t late,……. ?

A. wasn’t she B. did she C. was it D. was she

17. Jean enjoys jogging and ….. .

A. to swim B. a swim C. swimming D. swim

18. Most of the women sent ……applications to the director of the program.

A. their B. her C. own D. theirs

19. ……the problem, Susan was able to correct it.

A. Having recognized B. Recognized

C. Having been recognized D. Having recognizing

20. Do you happen to know when …… ?

A. the film begins B. does the film begin

C. is the film begin D. is the film beginning

73. Choose the correct item

1. Have you already …..?

A. had filled your tooth B. been filled the tooth C. had your tooth filled

D. filled your tooth

2. I wish the boy next door ……his violin day and night.

A. stopped playing B. stop playing

C. would stop playing D. had stopped playing

3. He could remember ……. along the road just before the accident happened but he couldn’t remember the accident itself.

A. of driving B. driving C. to drive D. drive

4. The campers made a ….. .

A. hike at ten kilometers

B. ten kilometers hike

C. ten-kilometer’s hike

D. ten-kilometers’ hike

5. I wasn’t in the office yesterday ……. I didn’t get the message you left for me.

A. however B. though C. therefore

D. nevertheless

6. Not only were the students late, but they….. their books.

A. forgot B. also forgot C. as well forgot

D. forgot as well

7. Ulysses is one of the three novels…….by James Joyce.

A. was written B. written C. wrote

D. writing

8. We ……several possibilities before made the decision.

A. have been considered B. hadn’t considering

C. were considering D. had been considering

9. I’d prefer to watch a film rather than ….. to music.

A. to listen B. listen C. listening D listened

10. ….. of the students failed the test. They all passed.

A. None B. Some C. Not every D. All

11. Alice wasn’t sure about taking the job but ….. the end she accepted it.

A. at B. to C. on D. in

12. ….. the beginning of the film, there is a huge storm.

A. In B. To C. On D. At

13. He got to the office just ….. for the meeting.

A. for time B. on time C. in time D. the time

14. Would you mind ….. me with these bags?

A. to help B. help C. helping D. having helped

15. If only I ….. my wallet on the bus.

A. hadn’t left B. didn’t leave C. couldn’t leave D. wouldn’t leave

16. Ellen doesn’t live in a mansion and …..

A. so do I B. I don’t C. nor do I D. same with me

17. They talk to ….. on the phone every day.

A. each other B. themselves C. each one D. both

18. ….. Cathy got home, Stella had fallen asleep.

A.As soon as B. By the time C. When D. While

19. There’s hardly ….. milk in the fridge.

A. no B. any C. some D. not any

20. “Is that Ann and Nick’s house?”

“No, ….. is the one across the street.”

A.their B. there C. that D. theirs

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