Parish of wadhurst

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Parochial Church Council: accounts

For files maintained by treasurers of the PCC, see PAR 498/16/8; for accounts 1922-1949 see PAR 498/9/3/1


PAR 498/15/1

Account of secretary's out-of-pocket expenses

May 1937 - Nov 1973

Annual accounts and balance sheets

The documents increase in detail, sophistication and size in the course of time

Earlier balance sheets are filed with the PCC minutes


PAR 498/15/2/1

Annual accounts and balance sheets


PAR 498/15/2/2

Annual accounts and balance sheets


PAR 498/15/2/3

Annual accounts and balance sheets




PAR 498/15/3/1



PAR 498/15/3/2



Accounts of receipts and payments


PAR 498/15/4/1

Account of receipts and payments


PAR 498/15/4/2

Account of receipts and payments


PAR 498/15/4/3

Account of receipts and payments


PAR 498/15/4/4

Account of receipts and payments


PAR 498/15/4/5

Account of receipts and payments


PAR 498/15/4/6

Account of receipts and payments


PAR 498/15/4/7

Account of receipts and payments


Accounts of receipts and expenditure

Maintained by the churchwardens alone until 1921; the churchwardens acted as joint Treasurers of the PCC between 1922 and 1929, when a separate PCC treasurer was appointed


PAR 498/9/15/5/1

Accounts of receipts and expenditure

includes lists of subscribers, and accounts of the Mission Church and the Cousley Wood Mission


Parochial Church Council: other records

For the file of the PCC treasurer relating to the termination of the Church Lands Charity, see PAR 498/24/5


Electoral rolls


PAR 498/16/1/1

Electoral roll


PAR 498/16/1/2

Electoral roll


PAR 498/16/1/3

Electoral roll


PAR 498/16/1/4

Electoral roll


PAR 498/16/1/5

Electoral roll


Papers of the Wadhurst Housing Committee

For the minutes of the committee, see PAR 498/14/3


PAR 498/16/2/1

'Housing, a new liturgy'

paper [by the Rev L J Causton] suggesting that the provision of housing for all is a Christian duty, 'not as state socialism, but, far better, as the result of the free impulse of heart and conscience'

[May 1926]

PAR 498/16/2/2

Details of costs of a pair of cottages built at Primmers Green, Wadhurst, in 1926, with a comparison between investing in cottages and War Loan

[May 1926]

PAR 498/16/2/3

Analysis of Wadhurst housing needs

[by Miss Boyd, Hill House, Wadhurst]; lists married men with one or no children, families with two or more children, bachelors wishing to marry, widows or single women with dependants, caravans and cottages of which complaints have been received; annotated with comments [by F H Fox, surveyor]

[May 1926]

PAR 498/16/2/4

Sketch and specification of cottages at Horton Kirby, Kent

[May 1926]

PAR 498/16/2/5

Plans and specifications of flats for childless couples and families

with covering letter from the designer, Amy A Long, New Barn, Wallcrouch, suggesting that 'overcrowded dwellings are known to be hotbeds of disease and revolution; and no doubt the housing shortage is to a considerable extent responsible for strikes'

[May 1926]

PAR 498/16/2/6

Draft letter to the chairman of Ticehurst Rural District Council pointing out the urgent need to erect 28 small residences

extensive discussion of housing need, the marring of 'this naturally beautiful district' by haphazard development, the inadequacy of the byelaws, conflicts of interest on the RDC, the occupation of grant-aided houses by 'people who possess motor cars and wireless sets', and determination that Wadhurst 'shall not be allowed to degenerate as it is fast doing now owing to the selfish greed of a few grasping individuals'; drafted by H A Fox

8 May 1926

PAR 498/16/2/7

Correspondence of the Rev L J Causton

letters from H A Fox, surveyor, Westminster and Wadhurst; Leonard J Hodson, chairman of Ticehurst RDC; John B Snell, solicitor, Tunbridge Wells; Sir Kingsley Wood, ministry of Health

Apr 1926 - Feb 1927

Fabric of the church and churchyard


PAR 498/16/3/1

Printed circular letter appealing for funds for repairs to the parish and mission churches

signed by the churchwardens and members of the Finance Committee of the PCC

18 Nov 1920

PAR 498/16/3/2

Report on damage to the roof by beetle

J H Fox to the vicar and churchwardens

16 Nov 1928

PAR 498/16/3/3

Further report by as PAR 498/16/3/2

J H Fox at the request of the PCC

4 Mar 1929

PAR 498/16/3/4

Copy report on the fabric of the church

F C Eeles at the request of the vicar


PAR 498/16/3/5

Maintenance of war graves

letters from the Imperial War Graves Commission to the Rev David Rice and Miss H M Leigh, treasurer of the PCC; includes list of war graves

Jun - Aug 1951

PAR 498/16/3/6

Photograph of the bells

awaiting removal to Loughborough prior to retuning and replacement in the newly constructed belfry chamber after damage by death watch beetle

16 Aug 1954

PAR 498/16/3/7

Receipted account for repairs to the roof and belfry, 1952-1955

Bernard Thorpe and Partners to the PCC

8 Dec 1955

PAR 498/16/3/8

Quinquennial report

by Duncan Wylson, 11 High Street, Rye, architect

Jan 1959

PAR 498/16/3/9

Architect's report on the roof

reports of William S Newman, 17 Aug and 19 Sep 1977, with drawings and photographs

Aug - Sep 1977

Other parish property

For papers relating to Carillon Cottage, see PAR 498/16/6


PAR 498/16/4/1

Lease of Redgate (formerly Kemmendine) in Wadhurst as a curate's house

Chichester Diocesan Fund, at the request of the PCC of Wadhurst, to Frank James Cartman, for 30 years or for as long as he remains curate, at £100

1 Mar 1927

Planned giving


PAR 498/16/5/1

Brochure on the Planned Giving Campaign

with photographs of parish groups and activities and messages from the bishop of Chichester and the vicar

Jun 1960

PAR 498/16/5/2

Lists of parishioners participating in the planned giving scheme with details of covenants


PAR 498/16/5/3

Correspondence and circulars concerning planned giving


Papers relating to Carillon Cottage

Carillon Cottage, a timber-framed house on the north side of Wadhurst High Street (ESX 161669), was purchased by the PCC in 1999 as a facility for church activities and community use after plans for an extension to the vestry had been abandoned.


Constitution and trusts


PAR 498/16/6/1/1

Draft declaration of trusts

The Chichester Diocesan Fund and Board of Finance with Wadhurst PCC; recites purchase of the cottage by the PCC and its transfer to the Board




PAR 498/16/6/2/1

Copies of PCC minutes and reports relating to Carillon Cottage

termed Management Committee from Sep 2004; includes committee papers

Nov 1998 - Apr 2003

PAR 498/16/6/2/2

Carillon Cottage Committee

Oct 2000 - Dec 2004

PAR 498/16/6/2/3

Carillon Cottage Standing Committee

includes committee papers

Oct 2002 - Jan 2005

Treasurer's files


PAR 498/16/6/3/1

File of Andrew MacAdie, PCC treasurer

largely relates to the promotion of the scheme, reports on the fabric of the building and to fundraising

Jul 1996 - Nov 1999

PAR 498/16/6/3/2

File of Andrew MacAdie, PCC treasurer

largely relates to the promotion of the scheme and to fundraising

Feb - Dec 2000

Chairman's files


PAR 498/16/6/4/1

Sale of part of the garden of Carillon Cottage to the owner of the neighbouring Post Office

Jan 2000 - Mar 2002

PAR 498/16/6/4/2

Grant from South East England Development Agency

includes regular financial reports and projections

Feb 2001 - Mar 2004

PAR 498/16/6/4/3

General correspondence

Jun 2002 - Feb 2005

PAR 498/16/6/4/4

Donations in memory of the former PCC treasurer Andrew MacAdie (died 8 Oct 2003)

Oct - Nov 2003

Other records


PAR 498/16/6/5/1

Publicity material and press releases


PAR 498/16/6/5/2

Volunteers' newsletter

and other papers concerning volunteers; mostly undated

Oct 2002 - Feb 2005

Appointment of incumbents


PAR 498/16/7/1

Parish Statement for Wadhurst, Tidebrook and Stonegate

includes Person Profile, vision statement and values and Parish Profile, with photographs of the churches


Correspondence of PCC treasurers

For a treasurer's file relating to the Church Lands Charity, see PAR 498/24/5


PAR 498/16/8/1

Correspondence file of J C J Tye

Aug 1971 - Nov 1981

PAR 498/16/8/2

Correspondence file of J C Stallman

Oct 1982 - Dec 1985

PAR 498/16/8/3

Copy returns of parish finance with correspondence

includes forms showing income and expenditure

Jan 1981 - Nov 1986

PAR 498/16/8/4

Correspondence file of Neil S Rose

Jul 1991 - Mar 1997

Statutory deposits: tithe records

For incumbents' tithe accounts 1745-1919 see PAR 498/6/1/1


Tithe map and apportionment


PAR 498/21/1/1

Tithe map

by John Budgen, 26.6 inches : 1 mile, 154 inches x 136 inches


PAR 498/21/1/2

Survey of the parish from the general survey taken in 1840

giving details of the owner, occupier, name of estate and acreage; probably compiled from the tithe apportionment in connection with rating; watermark 1845


Altered apportionments


PAR 498/21/2/1

Altered apportionment

Parcel numbers 23; 53-59

7 Jan 1851

PAR 498/21/2/2

Altered apportionment

Parcel numbers 973-981; 1334-1337; 1339-1340; 1342-1350

14 Apr 1893

PAR 498/21/2/3

Altered apportionment

Parcel numbers 1511-1512A; 1514A-1515A-B; 1516-1523; 1526-1527; 1575-1583; 1586-1589; 1588B; 1645

19 Jan 1901

PAR 498/21/2/4

Altered apportionment

Parcel numbers 30A-C

19 Jan 1901

PAR 498/21/2/5

Altered apportionment

Parcel numbers 2253-2254; 2257; 2272-2273; 2277-2280

20 Aug 1909

PAR 498/21/2/6

Altered apportionment

Parcel numbers 1301-1308

1 Jun 1911

PAR 498/21/2/7

Altered apportionment

Parcel numbers 720A-729A-C; 737C,E-F; 738-740; 742; 744; 747-754; 756; 758-759; 760A; 779-800; 805-818; 821-834; 1041-1048

28 Aug 1916

PAR 498/21/2/8

Altered apportionment

12 Aug 1904

PAR 498/21/2/9

Altered apportionment

7 Dec 1906

PAR 498/21/2/10

Altered apportionment

23 Jun 1930

Redemption certificates


PAR 498/21/3/1

Redemption certificate

Parcel numbers 2437-2439

20 Jul 1900

PAR 498/21/3/2

Redemption certificate

Parcel numbers 31-31A

17 Jun 1901

PAR 498/21/3/3

Redemption certificate

Parcel number 61

13 Feb 1903

PAR 498/21/3/4

Redemption certificate

Parcel numbers 1790; 1792-1799; 1898-1899

7 May 1903

PAR 498/21/3/5

Redemption certificate

Parcel number 2257

3 Feb 1910

PAR 498/21/3/6

Redemption certificate

Parcel numbers 1306-1333; 1056

19 Sep 1921

Lists of tithe documents


PAR 498/21/4/1

List of Wadhurst tithe documents, 1852-1916


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