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N68086 Naval Hospital

7S Newport, RI 02841

[Commanding Officer

Naval Ambulatory Care Center

1 Riggs Road, Building 44

Newport, RI 02841-1002]

N68088 National Support Unit Headquarters

(MAJ00061) Commander-in-Chief Iberian Atlantic Area

NLL-N (Lisbon, Portugal)

APO AE 09726-0001


CINCUSAVEUR Detachment Iberlant Support Component

Oieras, Portugal

PSC 83, Box 82

APO AE, NA 09726]
N68090 Naval Hospital

(MAJ00018) Long Beach, CA 90822-5199

N68092 Naval Medical Command Northeast Region

Great Lakes, IL 60088
N68093 Naval Hospital

(MAJ00018) Camp LeJeune, NC 28542-5008

MCG-H [Commanding Officer

Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune

Brewster Boulevard, Building NH100

Camp Lejeune, NC 28547-0100]
N68094 Naval Hospital

V9 Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5008

[Commanding Officer

Naval Hospital

Box 555191

Marine Corps Base

Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5191]
N68095 [Commanding Officer]

JF Naval Hospital

[1] Boone Road

Bremerton, WA 98312-1898

N68096 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00018) Naval Hospital (Guam)

J50 [PSC 455, Box 7717]

FPO AP[, NA] 96540[38]-1600

N68097 Naval Medical Command Northwest Region

Oakland, CA 94627
N68098 [Commanding Officer]

(MAJ00018) Naval Medical Clinic

QAL-M Box 121 Code 01.3

Pearl Harbor, HI 96860-5080

N68101 Naval Medical Clinic

(MAJ00018) 17th Street and Pattison Avenue

MDT-V Philadelphia, PA 19145-5199
N68139 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00062) Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Unit

8AZ Florida A&M University

[PO Box 6508]

Tallahassee, FL 32307[32314-6508]

N68141 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00062) Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Unit

L9P Maine Maritime Academy

[PO Box 137]

Castine, ME 04421-0902

N68142 [Commander]

NK Naval Computer &[and] Telecommunications Station

Naval Air Station [103 West Avenue, Suite B, Code


Pensacola, FL 32508-6100[5111]

N68165 Naval Facility

(MAJ00060) (Brawdy, Wales, UK)

J06-8 FPO AE 09420
N68166 Naval Technical Intelligence Center

(MAJ00015) 4301 Suitland Road

L01-2 Washington, DC 20390[-5720]
N68171 Commanding Officer

M3 Naval Regional Contracting Center

(Naples, Italy)

PSC 810, Box 50

FPO AE 09619-3700
N68175 Navy Recruiting District New Jersey

(MAJ00022) Parkway Towers, Building A

MQA 485 U[.]S[.] Route 1, So[uth]

Iselin, NJ 08830-3012

N68199 Commanding Officer

Navy Office of Information, Southeast

1459 Peachtree Street, NE - Suite 300

Atlanta, GA 30309
N68200 Director

VM Navy Office of Information, Southwest

1114 Commerce Street, Suite 811

Dallas, TX 75242
N68221 Commanding Officer

7J Navy Personnel Research and Development Center

[53335 Ryne Road]

San Diego, CA 92152[-7250]

N68246 Officer[-]in[-]Charge

(MAJ00070) U.S. Naval Supply Depot

4LL-N [FISC] Yokosuka Det. (Sasebo, Japan)

[PSC 467, Box 6]

FPO AP[, NA] 96322-1500

N68248 Officer[-]in Charge[-]of Construction

V6 Naval Facilities Engineering Command Contracts

[Southern Division Contracts Office]

Naval Submarine Base[, Building 101

1342 USS Simon Bolivar Road]

Kings Bay, GA 31547[-2613]

R68251 Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity

(MAJ00070) Box 141

LPC Pearl Harbor, HI 96860
N68292 [Commander]

(MAJ00018) Naval Hospital

J5A (Yokosuka, Japan)

[PSC 475, Box 6]

FPO AP[, NA] 96350-1615

N68297 Naval Magazine

ET Lualualei, Oahu HI 96792-4301
N68303 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00062) Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Unit

R0C State University of New York

Maritime College

[6 Pennyfield Avenue]

Fort Schuyler

Bronx, NY 10465-4198
N68306 Commander

(MAJ00072[11]) Naval Reserve Readiness Command [Region 6]

9TF Region Six, WNY Bldg 200

[901 M Street SE, Building 200-3

Washington Navy Yard]

Washington, DC 20374-2003[5009]

N68307 Commander, Code 431

(MAJ00072) Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region Ten

LCJ New Orleans, LA 70142
N68308 Naval Reserve Readiness Command

(MAJ00072[11]) Region 20, Bldg[Building] 1, NAVSTA Treasure


9TQ San Francisco, CA 94130-5032

N68311 Naval Station

JL Long Beach, CA 90822
N68317 [Officer-in-Charge]

(MAJ00062) Naval Administrative Unit

R03 1 Amsterdam Road

Scotia, NY 12302-9460

N68322 [Commanding Officer]

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