Part 3—navy activity address numbers

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JX Naval Hospital

Portsmouth, VA 23708-5100

[Naval Medical Center

54 Lewis Minors Street, Building 250

Portsmouth, VA 23708-2297]
N00187 [Commanding Officer]

3J Navy Public Works Center[, Naval Station

9742 Maryland Avenue]

Norfolk, VA 23511[-3095]

N00188 [Commanding Officer]

H2 Naval Air Station

[9420 3rd Avenue]

Norfolk, VA 23511[-2197]

N00189 Naval Supply Center

FK, H3 Norfolk, VA 23512

[Commanding Officer

Fleet and Industrial Supply Center

1968 Gilbert Street, Suite 600

Norfolk, VA 23511-3392]
N00191 Charleston Naval Shipyard

FL Naval Base

Charleston, SC 29408
N00193 Commanding Officer (Code 11)

(MAJ00024) Naval Weapons Station

EHD-G Charleston, SC 29408-7000

N00196 Commanding Officer (Code 60)

3K Naval Air Station, Atlanta

[1000 Halsey Avenue]

Marietta, GA 30060[-5099]

N00197 Naval Surface Warfare Center

FM Naval Ordnance Station, Crane Division

Louisville, KY 40214
N00203 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00018) Naval Hospital [Pensacola]

MCL [6000 West Highway 98, Building 2269]

Pensacola, FL 32512[-0003]

N00204 Naval Air Station (Code 19P10)

FN Pensacola, FL 32508

[Commanding Officer

Naval Air Station Pensacola

395 Millington Avenue

Pensacola, FL 32508-5014]
N00205 Naval Support Activity (Code N443)

FP New Orleans, LA 70146

[Commanding Officer

Naval Support Activity New Orleans

2300 General Meyer Avenue

New Orleans, LA 70142-5000]
N00206 Naval Air Station

New Orleans, LA 70146

[Commanding Officer

Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base

400 Russel Avenue, Building 31

Belle Chasse, LA 70143-5012]

N00207 Naval Air Station

FQ Jacksonville, FL 32212

[N00210 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00062) Naval Training Center Great Lakes

Building 3200, Code N23

2601A Paul Jones Street

Great Lakes, IL 60088-5127]
N00211 Naval Hospital

(MAJ00018) Great Lakes, IL 60088-5230

MCQ-S [Commanding Officer

Naval Hospital

Hospital Supply

Building 1H

Great Lakes, IL 60088-5230]

N00213 Naval Air Station

H4 Key West, FL 33040

[Commanding Officer

Naval Air Station Key West

PO Box 9030, Building A-314

Key West, FL 33040-9001]
N00215 Naval Air Station (Code 60)

3W Dallas, TX 75211

[Commanding Officer

Naval Air Station

8100 West Jefferson Boulevard

Dallas, TX 75211-9501]
N00216 Commanding Officer (Code 194)

FR Naval Air Station, Bldg 10

[1001 D Street]

Corpus Christi, TX 78419[-5021]

N00221 Mare Island Naval Shipyard

K5 Vallejo, CA 94592
[N0022A Commander

Afloat Training Group Atlantic

8952 First Street, Suite 150

Norfolk, VA 23511-3799]
N00228 Naval Supply Center

FU Oakland, CA 94625

N00231 Commanding Officer

[(MAJ00018)] Naval Medical Clinic

[J54 2200 Lester Street]

Quantico, VA 22134[-6050]

N00232 Naval Hospital

(MAJ00018) Jacksonville, FL 32214-5222

MCB-F [Commanding Officer

Naval Hospital Jacksonville

Building H-2091, Code 0603

Jacksonville, FL 32214-5000]
N00236 Naval Air Station

NX Alameda, CA 94501

N00244 Naval Supply Center, Naval Base

NW 937 North Harbor Drive

San Diego, CA 92132[-0060]

N00245 Naval Station

(MAJ00070) San Diego, CA 92136-5000

LPN [Commanding Officer

Naval Station

3455 Senn Road

San Diego, CA 92136-5084]
N00246 Naval Air Station,

H5 North Island

San Diego, CA 92135[-5112]
N00247 Naval Training Center

HC San Diego, CA 92133

N00249 Commanding Officer

Civil Engineer Support Office

Naval Construction Battalion Center

Port Hueneme, CA 93043
N00250 Commander

FW Navy Exchange Service Command

NAVSTA New York [3280 Virginia Beach Boulevard]

Staten Island, NY 10305

[Virginia Beach, VA 23452-5724]
N00251 [Commander]

FX Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

[1400 Farragut Avenue]

Bremerton, WA 98314[-5000]

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