Part 3—navy activity address numbers

N00253 Commanding Officer

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N00253 Commanding Officer

FY [Keyport Division]

Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Keyport

[614 Dowell Street]

Keyport, WA 98345[-7610]

N00255 Naval Station Puget Sound

(MAJ00070) Seattle, WA 98115-5000


[N00259 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00018) Naval Medical Center

JE 34800 Bob Wilson Drive, Suite 1800

San Diego, CA 92134-5001
N00262 Marine Air Corps Facility

(MAJ00027) 2100 Belleau Avenue

MUG Quantico, VA 22134-5063]
N00267 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00018) Navy Medical Clinic

MC0-1 Key West, FL 33040
N00274 Naval Air Facility, Detroit

(MAJ00072) Selfridge Air Force Base

LCA-B Supply Department

Mt. Clemens, MI 48045

N00275 Naval Air Station

3M Glenview, IL 60026

[Commanding Officer

Naval Air Reserve Activity Chicago

615 Barry Road

Naval Training Center, Building 190

Great Lakes, IL 60088-5707]
N00276 Naval Air Station

Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN 55450
N00281 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00062) Fleet Combat Training Center, Atlantic [Dam

L90-1 Neck]

Dam Neck [1912 Regulus Avenue]

Virginia Beach, VA 23461[-2098]

N00285 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00018) Naval Hospital

MDR [10651 E Street]

Corpus Christi, TX 78419[-5200]

N00288 Naval Publications and Forms Center

5801 Tabor Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19120
N00296 Naval Air Station

NY Moffett Field, CA 94035

N00311 [Commander]

GA Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

[PO] Box 400

[401 Avenue E, Suite 124]

Pearl Harbor, HI 96860[-5350]

N0031A Commander,

(MAJ00060) Naval Special Warfare Group Two

J0K-M Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek

JOY-Z Norfolk, VA 23521-5340

N00314 Submarine Base

M7 Pearl Harbor, HI 96860
[N00318 Contracting Office (Code LSCP)

(MAJ00027) Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Supply Dept

MUK-M PO Box 63063

MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI 96744-3063]
N00334 Naval Air Station

N6 Barbers Point, HI 96862
[N00367 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00023) Navy Fleet Support Office

L5G 5450 Carlisle Pike

PO Box 2010, Building 409, Code 9243

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-0787]
N00383 [Commanding Officer]

GB Naval Inventory Control Point

GC 700 Robbins Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19111-5098

N00389 Contracting Officer (Code 192)

KL U.S. Naval Station (Roosevelt Roads, PR)

MM Box 3002

FPO AA 34051

N00391 [Commanding Officer]

EP, EQ, Naval Inventory Control Point

GB, GC 700 Robbins Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19111-5098
N00406 Naval Supply Center, Puget Sound

GE Bremerton, WA 98314

[Commanding Officer

Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Puget Sound

467 W Street

Bremerton, WA 98314-5100]
N00421 Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division

M8 [47253 Whalen Road, Building 588]

Patuxent River, MD 20670[-1463]
N00600 Naval Regional Contracting Center

GG Washington Navy Yard

Washington, DC 20374


Fleet and Industrial Supply Center

Norfolk, Detachment Washington

Washington Navy Yard, Building 200

901 M Street SE

Washington, DC 20374-5014]
N00604 Naval Supply Center, Pearl Harbor

NQ Pearl Harbor, HI 96860

[Commanding Officer

Fleet and Industrial Supply Center

PO Box 300

Pearl Harbor, HI 96860-5300]
N00612 Commanding Officer

GH Naval Supply Center

RCD, Code 200M

Charleston, SC 29408

N00619 Naval Hospital

(MAJ00018) Oakland, CA 94627-5000


N00620 [Commanding Officer]

H6 Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island

[1170 West Lexington Street]

Oak Harbor, WA 98277[8-5000]

N00639 Commanding Officer

H7 Naval Air Station, [Support Activity] Memphis (84)

[5720 Integrity Drive, Building S-242]

Millington, TN 38054[-5045]

N00702 [Commander]

(MAJ00069) Naval Security Group Activity

8QM-N [10 Fabbri Green, Suite 70]

Winter Harbor, ME 04693[-0900]

N00743 Commanding Officer

8N Naval Computer and Telecommunications

Station (Roosevelt Roads, PR) [Puerto Rico]

[PSC 1008,] Box 3022

FPO AA[, PR] 34051[-8200]

N00788 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00063) Naval Communication Det., Washington

NTR-S (Cheltenham, MD)

Washington, DC 20390
N00849 Naval Security Group Activity, Skaggs Island

(MAJ00069) Sonoma, CA 95476-5000

N00886 Naval Communication Station

QB San Francisco, Rough and Ready Island

Stockton, CA 95203
N00950 [Commanding Officer]

8R Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area

Master Station, EASTPAC

[500 Center Street]

Wahiawa, HI 96786[-3050]

[N01024 Commanding Officer

(MAJ00023) USS Constitution

Building 5, Boston National Historical Park

Charlestown, MA 02129-1797
N0308A Commanding Officer

(MAJ00033) Military Sealift Command Office Port Canaveral

PO Box 4066

Patrick AFB, FL 32925-7468]
N0417A Naval Support Facility

(MAJ00025) PO Box 1000

EJA Thurmont, MD 21788
N0428A Naval Air Station

3Q Patuxent River, MD 20670
N0429A Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division

3A Point Mugu, CA 93042
N0434A [Officer-in-Charge]

(N00022) United States Navy Band

MQL Washington Navy Yard[, Building 105]

[901 M Street SE]

Washington, DC 20374-1052[5054]

N0463A Commanding Officer

(MAJ00024) Navy Experimental Diving Unit


[321 Bullfinch Road]

Panama City, FL 32401[7-7015]

V04697 USS Simon Lake

(MAJ00060) FPO AA 34085-2590

[N0534A Commanding Officer

(MAJ00019) Pacific Missile Range Facility (Code 7040)

EFG Barking Sands, Kokaha, HI 96752-0128]
N0597A Director

(MAJ00012) Office of Civilian Personnel Management

HXP-W Southeast Region, Bldg [Building] A-67

Naval Base

Norfolk, VA 23511-6098
N0598A Director

(MAJ00012) Office of Civilian Personnel Management

HXN Pacific Division

Box 119

Pearl Harbor, HI 96860-5060
N0604A Director

(MAJ00012) Office of Civilian Personnel Management

HXJ-L Northwest Region

2890 North Main Street, Suite 301

Walnut Creek, CA 94596-2739
N0605A Director

(MAJ00012) Office of Civilian Personnel Management

HXG-H Northeast Region

Bldg 75-3 Naval Base

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