Part 3—navy activity address numbers

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Mayport, FL 32228

N60211 Naval Auxiliary Landing Field

3D Crows Landing, CA 95313
N60234 Naval Air Station, Whiting Field

4R OLF Saufley Field

Pensacola, FL 32508
N60241 Commanding Officer

3X Naval Air Station [Kingsville]

Bldg. 2701 [802 Dealey Avenue, Suite 209]

Kingsville, TX 78363[-5027]

N60258 Long Beach Naval Shipyard

GK Long Beach, CA 90801
N60259 Naval Air Station, Miramar

H9 San Diego, CA 92145-5000
N60268 Navy Recruiting District Chicago

(MAJ62980) Glenview, IL 60026-5200

N60376 Commanding Officer

3Y Naval Air Station, Chase Field

Beeville, TX 78103
N60462 Naval Air Station, Adak (Alaska)

WE FPO AP 98506-1200
N60478 U.S. Naval Weapons Station, Earle

3C Colts Neck, NJ 07722
N60495 [Commanding Officer]

3T Naval Air Station

[4755 Pasture Road]

Fallon, NV 89406 [89496-5000]

N60508 Commanding Officer

4Q Naval Air Station Whiting Field

[7201 USS Wasp Street]

Milton, FL 32570[-6141]

N60514 Commanding Officer

GL Naval Station (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba)

Box 33 [PSC 1005, PO Box 37

FPO AE[, NA] 09593[-0137]

N60530 Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division

GM China Lake, CA 93555
N60656 Navy Exchange, Naval Station

GN Annapolis, MD 21402
N60663 Officer in Charge

GR Navy Resale Activity, Commissary Support Office

Naval Base, Bldg 2600

Great Lakes, IL 60088
N60666 Navy Exchange, Naval Air Station

GS Key West, FL 33040

N60676 Navy Resale and Services Support Office

GX Field Support Office Commissary Div.

Naval Air Station

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
N60681 Commissary OPS Division, NAVRESSOFSO

HA Naval Station

San Diego, CA 92136
N60693 Navy Resale Activity, Commissary Support Office

HB Naval Base Pearl Harbor

Box 110

Pearl Harbor, HI 96860
N60701 Naval Weapons Station

4M [800 Seal Beach Boulevard]

Seal Beach, CA 90740[-5000]

N60865 Naval Forces, Marianas

(MAJ00070) (Guam)

V5X FPO AP 96540
N60872 Naval Magazine (Guam)

(MAJ00070) FPO AP 96540-1300

N60895 Commissary OPS Division, NAVRESSOFSO

HF Naval Air Station

Alameda, CA 94501
N60921 Commander

HG Naval Surface Warfare Center

FH Dahlgren Division, Detachment White Oak

10901 New Hampshire Avenue

Silver Spring, MD 20903
N60935 Commissary OPS Div, NAVRESSOFSO

HH Naval Air Station

Jacksonville, FL 32212
N60936 Navy Resale Activity Commissary Support Office

HJ Naval Air Station

Pensacola, FL 32508
N60937 Navy Exchange Det.

HK Naval Support Activity

New Orleans, LA 70140

N60938 Navy Resale Activity, Commissary Support Office

HL Naval Air Station

Corpus Christi, TX 78419
N60939 Navy Exchange

HM Naval Air Station

Memphis 32

Millington, TN 38054
N60951 Fleet Accounting and Disbursing Center

(MAJ00060) Operating Forces Accounting

LHU U.S. Atlantic Fleet

Norfolk, VA 23511-6096

N60956 Navy Regional Finance Center

(MAJ00012) Great Lakes, IL 60088-5797

N61115 Navy Exchange Activity, Submarine Base

HN New London

Groton, CT 06340
N61119 Naval Supply Depot, Guam

HP PSC 455, Box 190

FPO AP 96540-1500

N61165 Supply Officer

NN Bldg NS46

Naval Station

Charleston, SC 29408-5000
N61174 Naval Station, New York

7B Brooklyn, NY 11251
N61189 Naval Station

(MAJ00060) Philadelphia, PA 19112

N61217 Navy Exchange

HQ Naval Air Station, Bermuda

FPO AE 09727

N61331 Naval Surface Warfare Center [Commanding Officer]

HR Dahlgren Division

Coastal Systems Station[, Dahlgren Division]

[Naval Surface Warfare Center

6703 West Highway 98]

Panama City, FL 32407[-7001]

N61337 Commanding Officer

H0 Naval Hospital [Beaufort

1 Pinckney Boulevard]

Beaufort, SC 29904[-6148]

N61339 Commanding Officer

HT Naval Training Systems Center (N-601)

[Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems


12350 Research Parkway

Orlando, FL 32826-3275

N61414 Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek

4B Norfolk, VA 23521


Public Works Division Little Creek

1450 Gator Boulevard, Code 026

Norfolk, VA 23521-2626]
N61463 Supply Officer [Commander]

(MAJ00060) COMNAVBASE Supply [Naval Base Norfolk]

LHB-D, 1530 Gilbert Street, Suite 8 [2200]

LH2-4 Norfolk, VA 23511-2793[7]

N61466 Commander

Naval Base, Bldg NH48

Charleston, SC 29408
N61510 Navy Exchange, Naval Station

HU (Guam) Box 179

FPO AP 96540
N61533 David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research

HW and Development Laboratory

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