Present Address: Manju Villa

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Present Address:

Manju Villa,

Mundukottackal P.O,



Kerala – 695017, India.

Mob: +91-9447934187


M. Mammen

Seeking a challenging & growth oriented career as an L1/L2/L3 Unix/ Linux/AIX System Administrator in Trivandrum or abroad / onsite


  • Good background in UNIX, Solaris, Linux, Perl (database), C, PHP, Shell scripting, PIC embedded systems, VB, JavaScript, HTML, XML, ASP.NET, C#.NET, JAVA, SQL, ORACLE

  • Well versed with WHMCS,Kayako,LIveZilla etc.Good with whmcs integration.

  • I have written articles for many companies. Many of my articles have been published in some of the top websites.

  • Worked on Amazon/Rackspace and CloudLinux

  • Company profile writing, blog writing, writing articles on the latest technology like cloud computing

  • Managing datacenters VPS, solusVM, cpanel/WHM etc

  • Good knowledge in TCP/IP, VPN, IPSec, firewalls, encryption, authentication protocols, network sniffers, digital certificates, ability to handle CISCO routers and switches and IPS/IDS]

  • Did installations, clustering, load balancing of Debian servers directly for US clients as freelance work with necessary documents to prove the same if required.

  • Coupling multiple broadband internet lines for office application

  • Installations of Java/J2EE packages on office computers on LAN network.

  • Coupling multiple broadband internet lines for office application

  • Knowledge of remote monitoring tools like Nagios.

  • Knowledge in maintaining and implementing NIS, NFS, Samba

  • Experience in configuring & maintaining Apache/Tomcat

  • Knowledge of installing various open source packages

  • File system-organization, mounting, file types, permissions etc.

  • Installations of Java/J2EE packages on office computers on LAN network.

  • Completed courses on RHCE, MCP, CCNA, embedded systems[PIC microcontroller]

  • Knowledge of LAN/WAN protocols and services

  • Knowledge of Virtualization environment

  • Project done on Client/Server Application on Network File System (C on Linux).

  • Ability to learn new technologies on my own and adapt to the needs of the job & organization.

  • Good communication skills.

  • Completed course on Software testing-black box using Win Runner, Load Runner, Astra Quick test, Silk Test

  • Knowledge of AppLogic Grid Operating System & Web Interface

  • Experience with CloudLinux

  • Knowledge of configuring Cisco & Extreme networking equipment

  • Experience with Windows Server based hosting environments

  • Experience with configuring and working with clustered and redundant hosting environments (Linux).

  • Experience with HTML/PHP Coding

  • Experience with Squid and Varnish proxies/caches

  • Experience with iSCSI / SANs

  • Doing java projects on my own, implementing chat servers on tomcat/jboss/websphere servers as well as deploying web based JSP/JSF projects [shopping carts], socket programming

  • Implementations of chat application server /shopping carts etc using C#,VB/ .NET/ASP

Work Experience

June 10 th 2010 till date

Working for hostestate, a private Australian company

Server Management:

1.    Strong Exposure to Network Architecture and Security on Linux servers.

2.    Web Servers - Apache 1.3.x/2.0.x, (expertise in configuring apache modules: 
      mod_dosevasive, mod_security, mod_rewrite etc ).
3.    Performance Tuning/ Monitoring of Servers
4.    Mail - SMTP, POP, IMAP, exim.
5.    Kernel compilation: Good experience in kernel compilation, 2.2, 2.4 and 2.6.
6.    Admin Tools - mytop, vmstat, iostat, top, traceroute, ping, sar, ntop, memcheck
7.    Backup - tar, cpio, dump (ufsdump)
8.    Security Protocols/Services/Tools - SSH, SSL, IPchains, IPtables, TCP Wrappers.
9.    Port scanners: nmap, superscan
10.    Vulnerability Scanner: Nessus
11.    Hands on experience in OpenVZ
12.    Crash Recovery of file systems - Using fsck

Web hosting Tools:

1.    Good knowledge in web hosting Control panels such as Cpanel, WHM

2.    Managing User Accounts, File Systems, Security, Disk Usage and Backup.
3.    Server restoration and transferring of accounts between all types of server.
4.    Configuring Nagios for 24/7 server monitoring.
5.    Setting up new servers and installing server monitoring softwares like Nagios, MRTG etc.

Knowledge in Security Installations/Configuration

1.    Installing and configuring software Firewalls (APF and CSF)

2.    Installing and configuring rootkit detection software
3.     Scan and harden /tmp /var/tmp directories
4.     Extended Binary Hardening
5.     PAM Resource Limiting
6.     Inetd hardening
7.     Installing Brute Force Detection software (APF+BFD)
8.     Tweaking MySQL
9.     Host.conf & Sysctl Hardening
10.     Compiling PHP to the Latest Stable Version
11.     PHP Hardening (Tweak php.ini & Disabling of insecure PHP functions)
12.     Remove insecure packages and unnecessary softwares
13.     Upgrade Installed Softwares to the latest version
14.     Install Mod_security apache module with latest custom rules
15.     Tripwire installation and configuration
16.     Port scanning techniques
17.     Mailmon - Sendmail monitor installation
18.     ClamAV - Antivirus toolkit installation
19.      Install Exim Dictionary Attack ACL
20.     Spamassassin installation
21.     Setup RBL integrated  with major Spam databases
22.     Install & Configure MRTG

Web Server Administration:

Apache 1.3.x/2.2.x

Linux Security Tools handled

Iptables, Ipchains, TCP Wrappers, APF, Rkhunter (Rootkit Hunter),

chrootkit , CSF

Well experienced with working for many leading data centers and webhosts.

Well experienced in handling L1/L2/L3 level tech support, Security and
Installation works.

Control Panels:
- Cpanel/WHM
- DirectAdmin
- Plesk

- Modernbill
- Kayako (including chat)
- WHMCS (including installation and error troubleshooting)

Experience in VPS(OpenVz and Xen)

Installing, configuring VPSs with various linux distros.

Experienced with VPS(Virtuozzo), OPENVZ, HYPERVM,XEN Environment.

Good knowledge in FFMpeg installation to enable video streaming for servers.

Working for a private company.
Set cloud environment for Hosthix on Amazon, Rackspace.
Worked on Cloud linux.

Set server clusters for on CloudLinux.
Set webhosting infrastructure with cloudlinux


Aug ’08 till date

Writing articles for many top companies on hourly basis.

I have written articles for many companies. Many of my articles have been published in some of the top websites

Aug ’08 till date

Working as a Multifunctional System Administrator for Coginsys


Working on Centos server administration as well as VC++ and PHP coding.

Feb ’08 to July ‘08

Worked as UNIX System Administrator for Flytxt Technologies, Technopark, Trivandrum[UK Based].

Worked on Solaris based platform for setting up platform for Neon operations [Network / Server monitoring] as well as mobile broadcasting technologies. Setting up ZFS for Solaris at the various servers; knowledge of Virtualisation. Monitoring jboss for mobile sms messaging.

Oct ’07 to Feb ‘08

Worked as Linux System Administrator for Screencaster Technologies , USA

Involved in live remote system administration tasks on Linux servers based in the US for installations [ffmpeg/ROR/php] as well as MySQL clustering/email services and setting up ftp accounts for the employees on Debian/Centos servers.

Did work for the company as a part of the International Linux system administrators for and prepared documentation on the work done.

Apr ‘04 to Oct ‘07

Worked as Linux System Administrator in Vanilla Networks[Australian based] at Infopark/ Cochin.

System Administration on Redhat Linux systems:

  1. C programming /Socket programming in Linux environment

  2. Perl scripting and PHP coding in linux environment.

  3. Bash Shell scripting on Linux

  4. Did client/server applications and applications like Time server/file mounting/device drivers using C on Linux gnu c compiler

  5. Package installation / performance monitoring in Linux.

  6. Linux squid, samba, NFS, NIS, Mailservers (Sendmail / dovecot / exim / qmail), MYSQL, Firewalls, Tomcat,DHCP,POP3/IMAP,SMTP

  7. Worked with WHM/Control Panel.

  8. Did clustering of servers [MySQL clustering/Load balancing etc].

  9. Able to perform System Maintenance functions (including O/S u grades and patches)

  10. Installing and configuring software (including custom configurations); Upgrading software between major and minor versions; Tweaking software and system configurations; Using control panel software to make system changes/updates; Tracking issues through log files; Finding the cause of load problems; Performance tuning; System hardening and hack prevention and cure; Spam prevention and cure; Updating firewall rules; Installing secure (SSL) certificates; Restarting services; Custom kernel compilations.

  11. Implemented PHP projects like shopping carts/SMARTY/MAMBO

  12. Experience in production system management-load balancing and clustering like MySQL clustering

  13. FFMPEG installations

  14. Installation, configuration and securing ftp

  15. Coupling broadband internet lines

  16. Live chat(sales) and customer service support.

Academic Qualification

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics - (CUSAT) College of Engineering, Adoor, Kerala, Cochin University of Science and Technology- August 2001 - 67.7% (First Class)

Pre-Degree - Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta - M.G. University - March 1997 – 89% (Distinction)

I.C.S.E. - Seventh Day Adventist School, Pathanamthitta - March 1995 - 82.6% (Distinction)

Software Skill sets

Client Server - C, C++, Visual Basic.,VC++,Java,C#.NET

Network & OS - UNIX, Solaris, Linux (Red Hat, Debian, Centos)

Languages - C, C++, Perl, PHP, AUTOCAD, PSPICE, ORCAD, Java, Javascript, Macromedia Dreamweaver

Packages Used - MS Office 2000

Software Testing - Win Runner, Load Runner, Astra Quick Test

Theoretical knowledge of RATIONAL ROBOT, SILK TEST


Tucky Thomas: CEO Vanilla Networks
Sanjay Tripati: Supervisor Flytxt technology

Mrs Molly KS,CEO HostCats mobile:+91-9746996188

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