Proposed pebble bed modular reactor

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Error! No text of specified style in document.‑3: COMMISSIONING PHASE INPUT/OUTPUT PARAMETERS (duration ± 6 months)

A two stages commissioning procedure will be followed, namely:


·         Cold Commissioning : The Plant will be run without any nuclear fuel. This procedure will test the integrity and functionality of the

of the various structures, system and components to the extent positive for the cold non-power conditions.


·         Hot Commissioning : The Plant is loaded with nuclear fuel and the nuclear reaction is initiated. Thereafter the Plant is monitored

in various modes, to assess the systems, and components and techno-economics.





















3.2.3          Operational Phase : Input/Output Diagramme

Table Error! No text of specified style in document.‑4: OPERATIONAL PHASE INPUT/OUTPUT PARAMETERS (duration 40 years)

·                         The in- and outputs of this phase resembles that of the Hot Commissioning phase except for the quantum of in- and outputs































3.2.4          Decommissioning Input/Output Phase


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