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Worlds in Collision - Immanuel Velikovsky

Earth in Upheaval - Immanuel Velikovsky

Ages in Chaos - Immanuel Velikovsky

Mankind in Amnesia - Immanuel Velikovsky
When the Earth Nearly Died – Allen and Delair

Cataclysm – Allen and Delair

Forbidden Archeology – Michael Cremo

Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origins – A. D. Horn
Mankind: Child of the Stars – Binder and Flindt

The Mythic Past – Thomas L. Thompson
Shattering the Myths of DarwinismRobert Milton

Saharasia - James de Meo

The Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital – David Ovason
Ragnarok – Ignatius Donnelly

Atlantis: The Antediluvian Continent – Ignatius Donnelly

America BC – Barry Fell

Saga America – Barry Fell

Path of the Pole – Charles H. Hapgood

Men Among Mankind – Brinsley La Pour Trench

Star People – Brinsley La Pour Trench

Gods of Eden – William Bramely

Gods of the New Millennium – Alan Alford

When the Gods Came Down – Alan Alford

Flying Serpents and Dragons – R. A. Boulay

The Chariots Still Crash – Clifford Wilson

The Late Great Planet Tiamat – Jean D’Arc
World of the Odd and the Awesome ­- Charles Berlitz

Our Haunted Planet - John Keel

The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America – Richard Dewhurst

The Lost Worlds of Ancient America – Frank Joseph

Advanced Civilizations of Ancient America – Frank Joseph

Before Atlantis – Frank Joseph

Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America – Frank Joseph & David Childress

Technology of the Gods David Hatcher Childress

Lost Cities of Africa and Arabia – David Hatcher Childress

Lost Cities of Atlantis – David Hatcher Childress

Lost Cities of China – David Hatcher Childress
Mysteries of the Olmecs – David Hatcher Childress

Ancient Technology in Peru and Bolivia – David Hatcher Childress

Forgotten Civilizations – Robert Schoch

Secrets of Ancient America – Carl Lehrburger

The Lost Civilizations Enigma – Philip Coppens
The Lost History of the Little People – Susan Martinez

The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man – Susan Martinez
Twelve-Tribe Nations – John Mitchell

Stonehenge Decoded – Gerald Hawkins

Ley Lines and Earth Energies – David R. Cowan
Isis UnveiledHelena Petrovna Blavatsky

The Secret Doctrine (Vol. 3) – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
The Book of Conquests – Jim Fitzpatrick

The Silver Arm – Jim Fitzpatrick
Celtic Myth and Legend – Charles Squire
The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind – Julian Jaynes

The Priesthood of the Illes – Anon
The Mysterious Comet – Comyns Beaumont

Britain-Key to World History – Comyns Beaumont

The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain - Comyns Beaumont

Atlantis from a Geographer’s Perspective – Ulf Erlingsson
Atlantis: The Scientific Evidence - Emmett Sweeney
Atlantis in Ireland – Henry O’Brien
The Atlantean Irish Bob Quinn
Ancient Celtic New Zealand – Martin Doutre
Atlantis of the West – Paul Dunbavin

Atlantis: The Eighth Continent – Charles Berlitz

The Atlantis Secret – Alan Alford

Arctic Homeland in the Vedas – Tilak
Sacred Mysteries of the Maya – Augustus Le Plongeon

Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx – Augustus Le Plongeon
The Baltic Origins of Homer’s Epic Tales – Felice Vinci

The Lost Continent of Mu – James Churchward
Gods, Heroes and Tyrants - Emmett Sweeney
History of the People of Israel Till the Time of King David – Ernest Renan
Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion – A. H. Sayce
Nineveh and its Remains – Austen Henry Layard
Occidental Mythology – Joseph Campbell
The Aryan Invasion – Swami B. V. Giri
The Gentile Nations – George Smith
The Growth of Civilization – Professor William James Perry
Short History of Chinese Civilization - T. Chi
The Mammoth and the Flood - Henry Howarth
Who or What Destroyed our Mammoths – Paul S. Martin

Evolution of New Ecosystems at the end of the Pleistocene – R. W. Graham
Ancient History of the East, Vol 2 - Lenormant and Chevalier

Ur of the Chaldees - Sir Leonard Woolley
The Neanderthal EnigmaJames Shreeve

Them and Us – Danny Vandramini

Ancient Scriptures and Texts

The Book of Enoch

The Kebra Nagast



Myth of Etana
Book of Baruch

Book of the Giants

Apocalypse of Adam

Book of Jubilees

Epic of the Kings

Hypostasis of the Archons
Origin of the World
Pistis Sophia
Secret Gospel of Mark

The Popul Vuh

Book of Dzyan
The Mahabharata

The Ramayana

The Srimad Bhagavatam
Ipuwer Papyrus

The Norse Edda

Sybilline Oracles
The Chaldean Oracles – G. R. S. Meade
The Rig Veda
The Zohar
Gospel of the Egyptians
Gospel of Judas
Gospel of Mary
Gospel of Philip
Gospel of Truth
Gospel of Thomas
Ancient British and Irish Chronicles

Annals of Tighernach
Annals of Bally MacManus
Annals of Boyle
Annals of Connaught
Annals of Ulster
Annals of Innisfallen
Annals of Clonmacnoise
Annals of the Four Masters
Apocryphon of John
Apocryphon of James
Apocryphon of Ezekiel
Book of Jasher
Book of Aneurin
Book of Ballymote
Book of the Dun Cow
Book of Enoch
Book of Fermoy
Book of Hy Maine (also known as the Book of the O’Kelleys)
Book of Jubilees
Book of Kells
Book of Leinster
Book of Lecan
Book of Lismore
Book of Munster
Black Book of Caermarthen
Cronicon Sectorum
Red Book of Hergest

The Lebar Gabala (Book of Invasions)
The Mabinogion

Yellow Book of Lecan

Triads of Taliesin

History of the Kings of Britain - Geoffrey of Monmouth

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