Received 11/18/15 Clerk-Treasurer email Auburn in 46706 ordinance no. 2015-15 an ordinance to amend portions of chapter 150 of title XV: land usage of the auburn city code

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No building or structure shall be constructed, erected, placed or maintained, and no land use commenced or continued within the city, except as specifically, or by necessary implication, authorized by this chapter. Contingent Uses and Special Uses are allowed only on a permit granted by the Board of Zoning Appeals upon finding that the specified conditions exist. Where a lot is devoted to a permitted principal use, customary accessory uses and structures are authorized except as prohibited specifically or by necessary implication.


  1. The following is a breakdown of the established land use districts within the jurisdiction of the City Plan Commission. A detailed discussion of these districts is included in 150.230 through 150.238.

    A-1 District

    Agricultural/ Rural Residential District

    R-E District

    Single-Family Estate/Low Density Residential District

    R-1 District

    Single-Family Urban/Low Density Residential District

    R-2 District

    Single-Family Urban Residential District

    R-3 District

    Multi-Family Residential District

    C-1 District

    Neighborhood Commercial District

    C-2 District

    General Commercial District

    I-1 District

    Light Industrial/High-Tech/Heavy Commercial District

    I-2 District

    Heavy Industrial District

    MH District

    Manufactured Housing/Mobile Home Park District

    OS District

    Open Space/Recreational District

    PUD District

    Plan Unit Development

    DFB-C District

    Downtown Form Based Code Core District

    DFB-T District

    Downtown Form Based Code Transition District

    DFB-B District

    Downtown Form Based Code Buffer District

    FW Overlay District

    Floodway Overlay District

    FF Overlay District

    Floodway Fringe Overlay District

  2. The term A District, R District, C District and I District shall be deemed to refer respectively to all districts within the Agriculture, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Districts.



The A-1 Agricultural/Rural Residential District is intended to establish and preserve existing or new agricultural and low-density, single-family homes/neighborhoods free from other land uses except those which are compatible with and convenient to the residents of such a district. Mobile homes, as defined, are permitted in an A-1 District.


Agricultural Permitted Uses;

    1. Agricultural crop production & orchards

    2. General Farming

    3. Raising of farm animals

    4. Kennels

    5. Sale and Storage of agriculture product

    6. Tree farm

    7. Farm implement sales

    8. Grain elevator

    9. Farmers market/ Truck gardening

    10. Plant nursery (Greenhouses)

    11. Farmstead and usual farm buildings

    12. Commercial & Private horse stables

    13. Camp ground

Residential Permitted Uses;

    1. Single-family dwellings and detached accessory buildings.

    2. Home occupations

A gainful occupation or profession conducted entirely within a dwelling and carried on only by an occupant or an occupant's family residing in that dwelling, provided that non-residential use is only incidental to the primary use. Occupations can be located on any floor level and shall not exceed an area equivalent to 25% of ground floor area of structure, occupational use shall be carried out indoors in principal building, shall be no exterior evidence of the occupation except for a small announcement sign in accordance with sign regulations specified in 150.410 et seq.

    1. Home workshop/business

A gainful occupation or profession conducted entirely within a dwelling, or in an accessory building, located on the same lot, parcel, or tract of land as the dwelling, and carried on by an occupant or an occupant's family residing in that dwelling and by no more than two employees, associates or partners who are not members of the family, which use is clearly incidental and secondary to the use as a dwelling.

    1. Bed and Breakfast


These uses and buildings shall be incidental to the principal use and do not include any activity conducted as a business. Any accessory building or use shall be located on the same lot with the principal building. Permitted accessory uses shall include the following:

    1. Living quarters as part of an accessory building or structure for domestic employees of the resident of the principal building.

    2. The leasing of rooms by a resident family to non-transient roomers when the total number of roomers does not exceed two in any one dwelling, and provided that no sign is displayed.

    3. Living quarters for extended family members as long as the living quarters do not have more than one bedroom and the total area of the accessary building cannot exceed 800 sq.ft.

    4. Swimming pool, provided that if the water depth is forty-two (42) inches or greater it is enclosed by an animal-proof fence not less than four feet in height, or protected by a railing or deck system around the perimeter of the pool’s top edge in which the pool wall and the rail or deck system are at least four (4) feet in height has locking gates restricting access and the perimeter around the outside pool walls are kept clear of all objects which could serve as a climbing apparatus with which to gain entrance to the pool. They must be constructed and maintained in agreement with all County and State Board of Health laws.

    5. Temporary buildings for uses incidental to construction work; the buildings shall be removed upon the completion or abandonment of the construction work.

    6. The storage of not more than one unoccupied trailer coach upon each lot. However, the coach shall be completely enclosed in a structure or parked in a rear yard in conformity with the yard requirements for the zoning district in which the lot or parcel is located. For additional supplementary uses permitted, including accessory buildings, attention is directed to 150.311.

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