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Structure and Design (Commuter Coach)

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Structure and Design (Commuter Coach)

Passenger seats shall be arranged in a transverse, forward-facing configuration.

No more than 10 seated positions shall be lost on any bus configuration to accommodate two wheelchair passengers occupying the securement positions.

Each transverse, forward-facing seat, except the rear seats, shall accommodate two adult passengers. Floor seat tracks shall be stainless steel and shall be welded to the coach frame and be nearly flush with the finished floor. The wall tracks shall be stainless steel or aluminum and shall be bolted or riveted to the sidewall.

Seats shall be commuter coach reclining seats . Seat frames shall be constructed of high-strength, fatigue-resistant, welded steel with a durable powder-coated, corrosion-resistant colored finish that complements the coach interior. The seat frame shall be wall mounted with heavy gauge steel brackets and shall be attached to the coach floor with a heavy duty stainless steel T pedestal. The seat back shall recline a minimum of 1 inch to a maximum of5 inches (127 mm) maximum with an infinite number of stops. The reclining seat backs shall be provided with a dress-up feature to facilitate coach cleaning. Seat width shall be a minimum of 36 inches and a maximum of 40.50 in. (1029 mm). Aisle shall not be less than 14 in. (356 mm) wide.

IP 26.1Construction and Materials (Transit Coach)

Selected materials shall minimize damage from vandalism and shall reduce cleaning time. The seats shall be attached to the frame with tamper-resistant fasteners. Coloring shall be consistent throughout the seat material, with no visually exposed portion painted. Any exposed metal touching the sides or the floor of the bus shall be stainless steel. The seat, pads and cushions shall be contoured for individuality, lateral support and maximum comfort and shall fit the framework to reduce exposed edges.

The minimum radius of any part of the seat back, handhold or modesty panel in the head or chest impact zone shall be a nominal ¼in.The seat back and seat back handhold immediately forward of transverse seats shall be constructed of energy-absorbing materials to provide passenger protection and, in a severe crash, to allow the passenger to deform the seating materials in the impact areas. Complete seat assemblies shall be interchangeable to the extent practicable.

Construction and Materials (Commuter Coach)

Seat cushions shall be supported by steel serpentine springs. Seat covering shall be high-quality wool fabric or vinyl. Wool fabric shall be tested to a minimum of 60,000 rubs per the Wyzendeek test method.

Seat foam padding shall be polyurethane. Seat upholstery shall be able to be removed with ease to aid for cleaning/replacement purposes.


Agency to select seat fabric.


Contractor will select seat fabric on the basis of durability, ease of maintenance and pleasing texture and appearance.

Passenger Assists (Transit Coach)

Passenger assists in the form of full grip, vertical stanchions or handholds shall be provided for the safety of standees and for ingress/egress. Passenger assists shall be convenient in location, shape and size for both the 95th-percentile male and the 5th-percentile female standee. Starting from the entrance door and moving anywhere in the bus and out the exit door, a vertical assist shall be provided either as the vertical portion of the seat back assist or as a separate item so that a 5th-percentile female passenger may easily move from one assist to another using one hand and the other without losing support. All handholds and stanchions at the front doorway, around the farebox, and at interior steps for bi-level designs shall be powder-coated in a high-contrast yellow color.


The forward-most vertical stanchions on either side of the aisle immediately behind the driver’s area shall be powder-coated black.


The forward-most vertical stanchions on either side of the aisle immediately behind the driver’s area shall be powder-coated yellow.


The forward-most vertical stanchions on either side of the aisle immediately behind the driver’s area shall be a stainless steel finish.

Assists (Transit Coach)

Excluding those mounted on the seats and doors, the assists shall have a cross-sectional diameter between 1¼ and 1½ in. or shall provide an equivalent gripping surface with no corner radii less than ¼ in. All passenger assists shall permit a full hand grip with no less than 1½ in. of knuckle clearance around the assist. Passenger assists shall be designed to minimize catching or snagging of clothes or personal items and shall be capable of passing the NHTSA Drawstring Test.

Any joints in the assist structure shall be underneath supporting brackets and securely clamped to prevent passengers from moving or twisting the assists. Seat handholds may be of the same construction and finish as the seat frame. Door-mounted passenger assists shall be of anodized aluminum, stainless steel or powder-coated metal. Connecting tees and angles may be powder-coated metal castings. Assists shall withstand a force of 300 lbs applied over a 12in. lineal dimension in any direction normal to the assist without permanent visible deformation. All passenger assist components, including brackets, clamps, screw heads and other fasteners used on the passenger assists shall be designed to eliminate pinching, snagging and cutting hazards and shall be free from burrs or rough edges.

Front Doorway

Front doors, or the entry area, shall be fitted with ADA-compliant assists. Assists shall be as far outward as practicable, but shall be located no farther inboard than 6 in. from the outside edge of the entrance step and shall be easily grasped by a 5th-percentile female boarding from street level. Door assists shall be functionally continuous with the horizontal front passenger assist and the vertical assist and the assists on the wheel housing or on the front modesty panel.

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