Request for Qualified Contractors

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Georgia Department of Transportation

Request for Qualified Contractors
RFQC 48400-140-0000000010

Traffic Signal Maintenance-Statewide


Statewide Traffic Signal Maintenance Contract

RFQ-RFP 48400-140-0000000010


  1. Overview

The Georgia State Department of Transportation (GDOT) is seeking Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from firms interested in providing Traffic Signal Maintenance within the State of Georgia. This Request for Qualified Contractors (RFQC) seeks to identify qualified potential providers of the above-mentioned services. Firms which respond to this RFQC, and who are determined by GDOT to be qualified, may be deemed eligible to offer sealed bids at GDOT’s request. GDOT reserves the right to modify existing provisions or include additional provisions, which are not addressed herein. GDOT reserves the right to reject any or all Statements of Qualifications or Plan Proposals, and to waive technicalities and informalities at its discretion.

This solicitation is being conducted by the Georgia Department of Transportation under its authority to procure services ancillary to the construction and maintenance of a public road (as defined in O.C.O.G.A 32-1-3 (24) as provided for in O.C.G.A 32-2-61 (c) and (d) (1) (D).

All awarded contracts as a result of this advertisement will be an Open Agency Enterprise Services Contract. The Department will not be obligated to any minimum or maximum levels of purchases.

The Department reserves the right to maintain this solicitation as an Open Continuous Procurement (OCP) after the initial Contractor Pool is awarded and established.

Once the future OCP is posted, any prospective contractor may submit their qualifications any time prior to the closing date.

  1. Important- A Restriction Of Communication Is In Effect For This Project.

From the advertisement date of this solicitation until a successful respondent(s) is selected and the selection is announced, firms are not allowed to communicate about this solicitation or scope with any staff of GDOT including the Commissioner and GDOT Board Members, except for submission of questions as instructed in the RFQC, or as provided by any existing work agreement(s). For violation of this provision, GDOT reserves the right to reject the submittal of the offending respondent.


All maintenance activities conducted as part of the contract will be conducted in accordance with the current Georgia Department of Transportation Standard Specification Section 647, Traffic Signal Installation, applicable GDOT Supplemental Specifications, the current edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD); Special Provisions Section 150 - Traffic Control and as amended herein; the Department’s Traffic Signal Design Guidelines, and Standard Detail Drawings for traffic signal installations. Specific reference is made to Utility Clearance Details (TS-08). It shall be the Contractor’s responsibility to obtain and be familiar with the documents and specifications identified. Failure to obtain and be familiar with these documents as it affects the procedural and construction requirements of this contract will not be cause for any claim or delay. Other related GDOT Specification references include but are not limited to:

  • Section 615 – Jacking or Boring Pipe

  • Section 639—Strain Poles for Overhead Sign and Signal Assemblies

  • Section 645—Repair of Galvanized Coatings

  • Section 680—Highway Lighting

  • Section 681—Lighting Standards and Luminaires

  • Section 682—Electrical Wire, Cable, and Conduit

  • Section 700—Grassing

  • Section 755—Electrical Work

  • Section 800—Coarse Aggregate

  • Section 801—Fine Aggregate

  • Section 832—Curing Agents

  • Section 833—Joint Fillers and Sealers

  • Section 850—Aluminum Alloy Materials

  • Section 852—Miscellaneous Steel Materials

  • Section 853—Reinforcement and Tensioning Steel

  • Section 854—Castings and Forgings

  • Section 861—Piling and Round Timber

  • Section 870—Paint

  • Section 886—Epoxy Resin Adhesives

  • Section 910—Sign Fabrication

  • Section 911—Steel Sign Posts

  • Section 912—Sign Blanks and Panels

  • Section 913—Reflectorizing Materials

  • Section 915—Mast Arm Assemblies

  • Section 922—Electrical Wire and Cable

  • Section 923—Electrical Conduit

  • Section 924—Miscellaneous Electrical Materials

  • Section 925—Traffic Signal Equipment

  • Section 926—Wireless Communications Equipment

  • Section 927—Wireless Communications Installation

  • Section 935—Fiber Optic System

  • Section 936—CCTV System

  • Section 938—Detection

Section 939 – Communications & Electronic Equipment
Department Supplied Materials

As directed by the Georgia Department of Transportation on a work order basis, the Department may provide materials or have the approved contractor(s) purchase materials. Traffic signal maintenance activities include replacement and installation of materials to be used in performing Traffic Signal Maintenance activities described in this document. Materials for these activities may be provided by the Department or purchased by the approved contractor. If the materials are provided by GDOT, the materials will be housed at the respective District offices listed under DISTRICT CONTACTS. District Signal Engineers (or designee) may coordinate the ordering and receipt of materials from the Department’s Traffic Signal Electrical Facility (TSEF) for supply to the Contractor. Items provided by the Department may include but are not limited to:

Red LED indications Green LED indications Traffic Signal Controller

Traffic Controller Cabinet Conflict Monitor Detectors

Load Switches Relays Flashers

Pedestrian Surrestor Amber lens Video Detection System

Loop Surrestor Pedestrian Inserts Type 1 Pull Box

Traffic Signal Cabinet Bulbs (135w and 69w) Type 2 Pull Box

Back plates Pedestrian heads Type 4 Pull Box

Signal head visors Signal heads Type 5 Pull Box

Pedestrian push buttons Pedestrian signs Fiber Optic Cable

Blank out signs Guy guards Splice Closures

Back guy insulators Transceivers Fiber Optic Drop Kit

Traffic Signal Conductor Wire Transceivers Wireless Devices

Amber LED Indications Pedestrian pole and base assembly

If the above materials are not furnished by the Department the Contractor shall provide all the above materials. The Contractor is always responsible for other miscellaneous items needed to satisfactorily perform the requirements of this contract.

B.Traffic Control

The cost and pay item for Traffic Control will not be included in this Contract. The cost of traffic control shall be included in the pay item cost for traffic signal maintenance activities. The Contractor shall provide all equipment, traffic control and labor required for traffic control and signal maintenance activities described in this document, and as necessary to maintain the safe and efficient flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic in and around the work zone and intersection. Cost and Pay Item shall be provided for the cost of Law Enforcement as required by the Department and local jurisdictions.

The Contractor shall provide a traffic control plan to the District Traffic Engineer or his / her designee for review and approval at least six business days prior to the beginning of maintenance activities. Approval of the plan is required prior to beginning maintenance activities.

All traffic control utilized while performing the work requirements of the contract will be according to the provisions of the current edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and in compliance with the Department’s Special Provisions Section 150, Traffic Control. The cost of Traffic Control is to be included in the pay item cost for traffic signal maintenance activities. Electronic versions of Special Provision Section 150, Traffic Control and 647 Traffic Signal Installation can be found at:

An electronic copy of the current edition of the MUTCD can be found at The Contractor is to obtain and become familiar with these special provisions and MUTCD requirements before conducting all traffic control activities.

In addition to the requirements of Special Provision Section 150, the Contractor shall not cause flashing or dark signal operation or close any travel lane between the hours of 7am – 9am and from 4pm – 6pm on weekdays unless otherwise authorized in writing by the Department, or its designee, following a written request from the Contractor for a change in this activity. For bidding purpose, traffic control is defined as any lane closure using traffic control devices, flagging operation or a law enforcement officer. One or more law enforcement officers will be required to direct traffic on all approaches when a signal is dark due to maintenance activities. The Contractor shall submit verification of the officer’s presence by providing the officers name, badge number, rank and the police jurisdiction the officer is affiliated with and a contact phone number when requesting payment for the pay item for workzone law enforcement.

While the placement of cones around a service vehicle or the installation of “Men Working Ahead” signs is considered an aspect of traffic control, this shall be part of the Contractor’s standard precautions to insure the safety of his workers as well as the traveling public and therefore the Department will not consider this for payment under the “Traffic Control” line item.

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    bid-documents -> Atlanta Falcons Stadium Company, llc (“Falcons”) Georgia World Congress Center Authority (“Authority”)

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