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Retailer and Device Certification Form v1.0

Certification Document for: Asus



Product Name

Asus Cinema

Model Number(s)


Application Date


Application Number


The Information in this document is confidential and provided under NDA only.

Any disclosure, reproduction, sale, or license of all or any part of the information or expression contained in this document is prohibited by California law and the United States copyright law, and may be subject to criminal penalties.

1Introduction 4

2Device Overview 4

3Service Feature Summary 4

4Company Background 12

5Distribution Channels 13

6Marketing Plan 13

7Sales Projections 13

8Launch Schedule 13

9Product Device Roadmap 13


AsusTek is planning to launch a digital video service under the brand Asus Cinema in December 2010. The service will first be available preinstalled on the Asus Eeepad at the end of the year followed by all Asus PCs, tablets and notebooks that are part of the Eee family.

The service will offer premium titles for rent and purchase.

2Device Overview

Company / Manufacturer


Device Type / OS

PC – (Tablet/Notebook/Desktop/AIO/Mainboard) under Windows 7 32/64

Model Number(s)


Codec (Video, Audio)

Video: VC-1 (Windows Media 9 Advance Profile) Audio: Windows Media 9.2


Microsoft - DRM



Key Technologies

Screen resolution size: 1280*800, WSVGA  with Wide View Angle

Hard drive space:

Option 1: SSD: 40GB

Option 2: SSD: 80GB

ASUS Web storage: 500 GB

Processor speed: Intel Dual Core i5 470um

3Service Feature Summary

d:\works\new folder\

  • Launch

    • EULA

  • d:\works\new folder\2.launch eula.png

    • Splash screen

\\shaatgs1\atgvideo\qa\transfer\amy_he\rcn205-xiangjin\2. launch splash.png

    • Create Account

\\shaatgs1\atgvideo\qa\transfer\amy_he\rcn205-xiangjin\3.create account a.png

\\shaatgs1\atgvideo\qa\transfer\amy_he\rcn205-xiangjin\3.create account b.png

\\shaatgs1\atgvideo\qa\transfer\amy_he\rcn205-xiangjin\3.create account c.png

    • Forget password

\\shaatgs1\atgvideo\qa\transfer\amy_he\rcn205-xiangjin\3.forgot password a.png
\\shaatgs1\atgvideo\qa\transfer\amy_he\rcn205-xiangjin\3.forgot password b.png

    • Sign in

\\shaatgs1\atgvideo\qa\transfer\amy_he\rcn205-xiangjin\3.sign in.png

  • Browse of video store d:\works\new folder\ui.png

d:\works\new folder\synopsis.png

  • Purchase - Fulfillment experience

\\shaatgs1\atgvideo\qa\transfer\amy_he\rcn205-xiangjin\6.purchase b(my videos).png
\\shaatgs1\atgvideo\qa\transfer\amy_he\rcn205-xiangjin\6.purchase(have already purchased).png

  • Playback with transport control layout


4Company Background

AsusTek Computer

20 million devices sold per year include NB/DT/EeePC

Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

  • ASUS Notebooks Experience Zero Defects throughout a 600-day Space Mission.

  • ASUS Notebooks Help NRMA CareFlight Helicopter Rescue Unit Save Lives.

  • ASUS Notebooks Perform Flawlessly During a Grueling Off-road Car Race.

  • ASUS Notebooks Are the First to Reach the Top of Mount Everest.

  • ASUS Notebooks Conquer the North and South Poles.

  • ASUS EeePad will be fist pad solution works with Window 7.

  • The No. 1 Motherboard Manufacturer in the World.

  • Voted the “Best Motherboard Brand” for Six Consecutive Years

  • The Undisputed Leader in Motherboard Innovation.

  • Consistently First-to-market with Products Incorporating the Latest Technologies.

5Distribution Channels

Best Buy, Fry’s, Amazon, Costco and other small retailers.

6Marketing Plan

ASUS Cinema will be pre-installed for all ASUS related systems that are shipping to USA, and allow ASUS members to download from the ASUS web-site onto their Asus products.

7Sales Projections

Asus’ market segment include EU, NA+SA, APAC, CN, TW

The 2011 forecast number of United State territory will be about 2-3 million units (including Best Buy).

8Launch Schedule

End of December 2010 will be the launch Asus’ first EeePad (EP121) with Asus Cinema service pre-installed.

9Product Device Roadmap

Asus Cinema will be available on all Windows EeePad (tablet), notebook, PC, and other parts of the Eeefamily – including Android EeePad, if available.

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