Shall mean all forms of delivery of basic cable

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IPTV” shall mean all forms of delivery of basic cable programming to subscribers over a closed system or other form of private network (and not over the publicly available Internet) employing open protocols (e.g., TCP/IP technology) and which are sourced by the same network operator that owns or directly controls the "Final Mile" to the consumer's premises. Examples of IPTV providers include Verizon’s Fios service and AT&T’s Uverse service.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, STE shall not, and shall cause its affiliates and licensees to not, market, advertise, promote or publicly communicate the availability of the aforementioned STE Service as being part of a bundle or package offered by an operator that does not include the Basic Service or other video programming content basic cable. For the avoidance of doubt, STE shall not be deemed in breach hereof if such STE Services are made available as part of a bundle that does not include basic cable but such bundles are not advertised or promoted (e.g., the customer learns of the bundle by speaking to a sale representative).

The total monthly “à la carte DSL package price” (the cost of the DSL Base Tier plus the cost of the STE Service) to thea subscriber mustis suggested to be at least equal to the greater of (a) the Suggested A La Carte Internet List Price then in effect plus the monthly price of theSuggested DSL Base Tier List Price or (b) $105.9899,10.98 for the years 2009-2012 or and $12.987.99 for the years 2013 and 2014.thereafter (such greater amount, the “Suggested A La Carte Amount”). If any à la carte DSL package price is less than the Suggested A La Carte Amount, then each subscriber permitted to access such lower priced STE Service shall be subject to the relevant Multiplier for purposes of determining STE’s compliance with the Internet Cap as described below. In no event may STE allow a telephone company to offer an STE Service on an à la carte basis unless such offering is over addition to a DSL service that is at least equal to (in both price and bandwidth) a DSL Base Tier

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