Robert whitaker

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Robert Whitaker


Born: 26 January 1983

Lives: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Ranking: 9 on Team GBR list 348 – May 1st 2010 – Apr 30th 2011



AGE IN 2010



Udo D V

Good Times




Lacroix 9





Rooney IV





Robert comes from an extremely professional show jumping background being the son of international show jumper John Whitaker and the nephew of Michael Whitaker

Robert won two team gold medals at Junior European and three gold at Young Rider European Championships between 1999 and 2004.

Robert competed on his first Nations Cup Team at La Baule in 2001 when only 18 years old. He was the youngest rider on the team when selected to jump off for Great Britain in the Nations Cup Team at Lisbon in 2003 and jumped the winning round to secure victory for Great Britain.



















Ex. Table 1









European Championships

Pony / Junior / Young Rider



























Major Achievements:

Member Nations Cup Team; Linz (Aut) (USA Today)

CSIO 4* Lummen (Bel); 1st Derby (Watch Me IV) 3rd 6 bar (Catwalk IV)

CSI 3* Hardelot (Fra); =1st 6 bar (Catwalk IV)

CSI 3* Sunshine Tour (Esp); 2nd 1.45m (Tadmus)

CSI 3* Sunshine Tour (Esp); 2nd 1.45m 2-phase (Valente)

CSI 3* Sunshine Tour (Esp); 2nd 1.50m Grand Prix (USA Today)

  1. Kings Barn E.C. 1st National 1.40m (USA Today)

CSI3* Stockholm (Swe); 1st 1.50m Table A (Rostaar)

CSI4* Toronto (Can) 3rd 1.60m Table A 1st 1.45m Table C (Omelli & Rostaar)

Horse of the Year Show; 3rd Speed Horse of the Year (Rostaar)

Arena UK; 1st Major Open Grand Prix (Casino)

Amsterdam CSI4*: 3rd Grand Prix (Udo DV)3rd Accumulator & Speed (Lacroix 9)

CSI4* Braunschweig (GER): 1st Young Horse 1.35m (Omega Star), 1st 1.50m, 2nd Grand Prix (Casino)

British Open Championship: 1st First Comp(Casino),3rd Second Comp, 2nd Final Comp. (USA Today) 1st Midland Masters (USA Today)

Royal Highland Show: 1st International Trial, 1st International Stairway (Rooney IV)

CSI3* Chester: 2nd British Masters qualifier (Casino 43)

Burgham Festival: 2nd 1.40m Open (Rostaar)

RIHS: 2nd Bunn Leisure Salver (Rostaar)

HOYS: 1st 7 & 8 Year Old Championship(Waterstone II)1st Zinc Event Management(Omelli), 2nd Jump for Joy Trophy (Rostaar)

Syracuse CSI3* W(USA): 4th FEI World Cup qualifier (Omelli)

2009 Addington Manor Classic: 2nd British Open qualifier(Rooney)1st British Open qualifier (Lacroix


British Open:1st British Open Championship; 1st First Phase British Open Champ;3rd Second Phase British Open Champ: .(Lacroix 9); 1st Grade A x 2 (Rooney IV)2nd Land Rover Open (Udo DV)

Royal Windsor: 1st Land Rover Grade A; 1st Martin Collins Stakes (Rooney IV)

Bramham H.T: 1st Grand Prix (Udo DV)

Horse of the Year Show:2nd Philip Billington Cup (Udo D V) 2nd Puissance (Draco)

CSI5*-W Olympia: 1st Christmas Speed Stakes (Lacroix 9)

  1. CSI5* Zurich: 3rd A7 (Lacroix 9)

British Open: 1st British Open Championship(La Croix 9), 2nd Birmingham City Shield(Rusedski II)1st Grandtsand Classic (Rusedski II), 4th Accumulator (Finbarr V)

Member Nations Cup Team ‘Champion’: Lisbon 1st (Lacroix 9)

CSI4* Vimeiro: 1st Grand Prix (Lacroix 9)

Hand E.C.: 1st Area Trial (Rusedski II)

CSI5* Global Champions Tour: 3rd Grand Prix (Lacroix 9), 2nd Speed (Azucar)

Royal Show: 1st Royal Show Challenge(Rusedski)

Bolesworth Castle: 3rd 1.40m Open (Azucar)

Addington Eq. Centre: 2nd Foxhunter Regional Final (Rooney IV)

Hand Eq. Centre: 1st 7 Year Old qualifier(Udo D.V.)

Horse of the Year Show: 1st Puissance (Finbarr V) 3rd H & H Foxhunter (Rooney IV)3rd Vinopolis Trophy 1st HOYS Diamond Jubilee Cup(Laccroix 9) 1st Andrewsa Bowen Classic, 1st Accumulator (Rusedski II)

CSI-W Olympia: 1st Christmas Pudding Stakes, 3rd Farewell Speed Stakes (Rusedski II)=3rd Renault Xmas Masters (Udo DV), =3rd Six Bar (Finbarr V), 4th Grand Prix (Lacroix 9)

2007 CSI5* Zurich: 2nd 1.50m A7 (Lacroix 9)

Spanish Sunshine Tour: 1st Grand Prix (Finbarr V)

Arena UK premier: 2nd 1.40m Open (Lacroix 9)

Addington Manor: 1st & 4th Classic (Lacroix 9 & Nureev)

British Open: 1st Zinc Management Stakes, 1st Grandstand Classic (Nureev), 2nd British Open 3rd Round (Lacroix 9), 5th British Open Final (Prima Vera), =1st Puissance (Finbar V)

Blue Chip Winter Championships: 1st Grand Prix (Lacroix 9)

Aldershot Horse Show: 1st & 2nd Open Competition (Vicky van de Grundeval & Rudeski II)

Royal Windsor: 1st Grade A Competition (Lacroix 9), 1st Martin Collins Grade A Comp (Azucar), 2nd 6 Bar (Finbar), 1st Nat. 1.40m (Finbarr V), 1st Grade A (Prima Vera), 3rd Royal Windsor Grand Prix (Lacroix 9)

Suffolk County Show: 1st Grand Prix (Lacroix 9), 3rd & 4th International Trial (Prima Vera & Lacroix 9)

CSI5* Monaco: 3rd Grand Prix (Lacroix 9)

Member of Nations Cup: Dublin 7th (Lacroix 9)

BSJA easibed Scope Festival: 4th National 1.40m Grand Prix (Lacroix 9)

Arena UK Festival: 1st 1.40m Grand Prix (Lacroix 9)

Horse of the Year Show: 1st HOYS Cup; 1st Accumulator (Lacroix 9)

Hand E.C November Dazzler: 1st PCA Diamond Series qualifier (Rusedski II)

CSI4* Vienna: 4th Grand Prix (Lacroix 9), 2nd Derby (Prima Vera)

CSI2* Towerlands: 1st Grand Prix (Lacroix 9)

CSI3* Stockholm: 1st Grand Prix (Lacroix 9)

CSIW Olympia: Leading Rider of the Show; 1st Xmas Masters ({Prima Vera);=2nd Puissance; 1st Six Bar (Finbarr V);1st Santa Stakes, 2nd Olympia Grand Prix (Lacroix 9)

2006 CSI-A Zurich: 1st Accumulator (Nicolette)

Addington Manor Premier: 3rd 1.35m Open (Finbarr V)

CSI-A Dortmund: 1st A7 (Nicolette)

Blue Chip Winter Championships: 1st Blue Chip Grand Prix (Lacroix)

CSI**** Sheffield: 2nd The Sheffield Masters (Nureev Du Houssoit)

CSI-W Goteborg: 7th World Cup qualifier (Lacroix), 6th Goteborg Trophy (Karina), 3rd World Cup qualification class (Lacroix), 5th 2 Phase (Karina)

Suffolk Show: 3rd & 4th International Trial (Lacroix 9 & Nepos Van Limbo), 1st Fences & Football (Nureev)

Lincolnshire: 2nd Area Trial, 3rd Open (Finabar V)

Royal Show: 2nd International Trial (Lacroix 9)

San Patrignano: 1st A7 (Karina)

Member Nations Cup Team: Gijon 3rd (Nepos Van Limbo)

Anglesey County Show: 4th Area Trial (Finbar V), 3rd A&B (Rusedski II)

Shrewsbury Flower Show: 3rd Area Trial, 2nd Grade A Championship (Karina)

Arena UK: 1st 1.30m Grand Prix (Rudeski III)

HOYS: =1st Puissance (Finbar V), 5th Welcome Stakes (Rusedski II), 5th Thomas Bates & Son Classic, 3rd Classic (Lacroix 9),

Belfast International: 1st Puissance (Finbarr V), 1st Speed Grand Prix (Karina), 1st A7 (Vicky Van De Grundeval)

CSI3* Zuidlaren: 4th Grand Prix (Prima Vera), 4th Accumulator (Lacroix 9), 1st A7 (Prima Vera)

CSI4* Leige: 1st A7 (Prima Vera), 2nd Hunting Comp (Vicky Van De Grundeval)

CSI-W Olympia: =1st Puissance (Finbarr V), 2nd Accenture Stakes (Karina)

2005 Selected for World Class Start & Potential Programme

CSI-W Amsterdam: 6th Speed Class (Nicolette II)

Sunshine Tour: 1st 1.50m 2 phase (Qualite)

CSI****Sheffield: 2nd Classic (Qualite), 3rd Int Classic (Karina)

Leicester County: 2nd Grand Prix (Ublesco)

CSI-A Eindhoven: 5th Derby, 1st A7 (Karina)

Royal Windsor: 2nd Grade A competition (Ublesco)

Member of Nations Cup Team 2nd Lisbon (Nicolette III); Rotterdam 7th (Nicolette II): Lummen 1st (Ublesco); Hickstead 5th (Nicolette II); Barcelona Super League Final 6th (Nicolette II)

CSIO Lisbon: 2nd A4 (Karina)

Lincolnshire Agricultural: 2nd Area Trial (Ublesco)

CSIO*****Lummen: 1st Derby (Karina), 1st A4 (Nathalita)

City of Chester: 1st IT (Nathalita)

Great Yorkshire Show: 1st Cock o’the North (Ublesco)

Patchetts E C: 1st Area Trial (Nicolette)

Royal International Horse Show: 6th King George V Gold Cup (Nicolette II), 3rd 1.50m Classic (Ublesco)

Hickstead Derby: 2nd Derby Tankard (Nicollette II)

CSIO Dublin: 3rd A4, 6th Hunting Competition (Karina)

CSIO Barcelona: 3rd 1.40m Radio Barcelona Trophy, 3rd Europa Casino Cup (Nureev)

Horse of the Year Show: 1st The Easibed Stakes (Nureev), 2nd Golden Bear Classic (Ublesco), 4th The Zinc Management Cup (Nureev), 2nd Speed Horse of the Year (Nureev)

CSI***Leeuwarden: 3rd Grand Prix (Nicolette II)

CSI4* Vienna : 3rd Grand Prix (Ublesco)

The Unex Masters : 2nd & 4th The Said Family Atlanta Bowl (Prima Vera, Nicolette II), 3rd Under 23 Grand Prix (Rudeski)

Area 17 Show: 1st & 2nd Grand Prix (Finbarr V & Nicolette)

CSI-W Olympia : =2nd Christmas Masters (Finbarr V), 5th Accenture Stakes (Karina), 4th Six Bar (Finbarr V), 5th Farwell Stakes (Karina), 3rd Pounds for Points (Prima Vera)

  1. Member of the Accenture Young Rider International Squad.

Member Gold Medal winning Young Rider European Championship Team ( Karina) BSJA Leading rider under 21

CSI-W Vigo: 4th World Cup Qualifier (Qualite)

British Open, Sheffield: 1st The Grandstand Classic (Karina)10th British Open Championship (Nicolette II)

CSI-O Copenhagen: 2nd Grand Prix (Nicolette II)

Royal Windsor: 2nd Grand Prix (Qualite)

Oldcotes Charity Show: 1st Int Trial (Karina )

Member Nations Cup Team: Copenhagen 6th : Rotterdam 4th (Nicolette II); Hickstead 1st (Qualite); Lummen 3rd (Nicolette III) Barcelona 3rd (Nicolette II)

Hickstead Derby Mtg: 1st Royston Speed Stakes (Osinie-Hune)1st Derby Vase (Karina)

Royal Norfolk: 2nd Grand Prix (Nicolette II)

Royal Show: 2nd Int Trial (Qualite)

Royal International: 1st Osborne Winter Grade C (Ublesco)

Horse of the Year Show: 2nd Unex Young Riders Champ, 3rd Finnforest Hunter Woodshavings Cup (Karina), 2nd Vinolois Stakes (Nicolette II)

CSI****Zuidlaren: 5th Grand Prix (Nicolette II), 1st 2 Phase, 1st Hunting (Qualite)

CSI-W Verona: 3rd A7 (Qualite)

CSI-W Helsinki: 1st Top Score (Karina)

CSI****Brussels: 4th Grand Prix (Nicolette II)

CSI*****Belfast: 1st Hunting (Karina)

CSI-W Mechelen: 3rd World Cup qualifier (Nicolette II), 1st 2 Phase (Pamone)

CSI-W Olympia: 3rd Christmas Cracker (Nicolette II)

  1. Member of the Accenture Young Rider International Squad.

BSJA Leading Rider Under 21

Sunshine Tour: 4th 6 Year Old (Ublesco), Big Tour B:

2nd Small Grand Prix (Nicolette ll), Big Tour C: 3rd 1.40m A2;

2nd 1.40m AM5; 2nd 1.40m AM5, 3rd Small Grand Prix;(Karina),

3rd Grand Prix; 2nd 1.45m AM5; 1st Grand Prix; 2nd Grand Prix (Qualite)

CSI Sheffield British Open: 1st Yorkshire Post Stakes (Quinton ll), 6th Grandstand Classic (Qualite), 1st The Squibb & Davies Classic (Karina), 6th Puissance (Lord Liberty W),

Winner of the British Open Championship (Quinten ll)

CSI Madrid: 2nd Grand Prix (Qualite)

CSIO Lisbon, 1st, Power and Speed (Hilton III)

Member Nations Cup Team: Lisbon 1st (Karina); Falsterbo (Qualite):Drammen (Ravel)

Rotterdam (Qulaite)

Member of the Young Rider European Championship Team, Le Touquet, France (Qualite)

Royal Norfolk: 3rd Rexton Speed & Power (Karina); 3rd Int Trial (Qualite)

CSI-O Falsterbo: Nations Cup Team (Qualite), 10th Grand Prix (Qualite)

CSI Chester Horse Show: 7th Chester Championship Grand Prix (Wansford)

RIHS – The Coyle Hamilton Chase – 1st (Karina)

CSI La Coruna – 3rd (Ravel)

CSI-W Moscow : 6th World Cup Qulifier (Qualite)

CSI-W Helsinki : 2nd (Karina)

CSI-W Oslo : 1st (Karina), 3rd Accumulator (Qualite)

HOYS – 8th Dengie Alfa A Cup (Qualite),1st Finnforest Hunter Woodshavings Cup (Karina), 7th Golden Bear Leading SJ (Qualite), 6th Dengie Horse Feed Stakes (Petit Jolly), 6th The Accumulator (Karina), 10th Grandstand Media Cup (Karina) 7th Colourhouse Speed Horse (Petit Jolly)

Belfast International: 1st Speed Stakes(Karina), 4th Top Score, 4th Six Bar (Randi)

CSIW Olympia: 3rd Welcome Speed Stakes (Randi); 3rd Farewell Speed Stakes (Karina)

  1. Member of the Accenture Young Rider International Squad.

Member of the British Young Rider European Championship Gold Medal Team, Cophenhagen (Quinten ll)

BSJA Leading Rider Under 21

Towerlands: 1st 1.40m Open Winter Championship (Temple Croesus)

Towerlands: 1st Winter A & B Grand Prix Championship (Lord Liberty W)

Blue Chip Winter Championship: 2nd Grand Prix (Quinton ll)

Royal Bath & West: 1st Daewoo Grand Prix (Quinton ll)

Suffolk Show: 2nd I.T. (Lord Liberty W)

College E.C.: I.T.3rd (Lord Liberty W); 4th (Karina) & 6th(Quinten II)

Lincoln County: 1st Int Trial (Karina); 2nd Int Trial (Lord Liberty W)

Royal Norfolk: 1st Daewoo Grand Prix (Lord Liberty W)

Great Yorkshire: 3rd Daewoo Grand Prix (Lord Liberty W)

CSIC Royal Show: 1st Daewoo Grand Prix (Lord Liberty W); 2nd 1.30m (Steps Helsinki)

CSIC Ridgewood:1st 1.40 Int Jump Off ; 2nd Grand Prix(Karina);

CSIC Essex: 1st Small Grand Prix 2nd The Classic,(Karina), 2nd Grand Prix (Quinten 11)

CSIB Chester: 2nd Speed Stakes (Lord Liberty W)

CSIO Hickstead: 2nd Cowfold Speed Stakes (Livingston) 3rd Osborne Refrigerators Stakes (Lord Liberty W); 3rd British Speed Grand Prix (Livingston)

New Forest Show: 1st Daewoo Grand Prix (Karina)

Hickstead Derby Meeting: 1st Derby Salver (Quinten ll),

Member Nations Cup Team: Rotterdam 4th (Quinten II)

CSI-A The Horse Show: 6th Young Horse 6 & 7 Year Old Class (Temple Croesus)

BSJA Festival: 3rd National Under 21 Championship (Nicolette ll)

Towerlands: 3rd 1.30 Open (Lord Liberty W)

Horse of the Year Show: 1st Young Riders (Lord Liberty W); 5th Thomas Bates 7 Year

Old Championship (Temple Croesus); 3rd Horseware Rambo Cup (Quinten ll); 5th Leading

Show Jumper of the Year (Quinten ll);

5th Zinc Management Speed Horse of the Year (Lord Liberty W);

3rd The Jubilee Cup (Karina)

Olympia: 2nd Ascot Supreme Horseboxes Speed Stakes (Lord Liberty W); =5th The Knock

Out (Lord Liverty W)

  1. Member of Accenture Junior/Young Rider International Squad

Member Nations Cup Team First Senior Team selection; Drammen 7th (Virtual Village Randi) La Baule 4th (Lord Liberty W)

Long listed for the European Championships.

Talk of the North: 1st Jnr/Young Riders Trial (V.V. Steps Helsinki)

Young Rider European Championships Gijon:Member of Gold Medal winning Young Rider Team (Virtual Village Randi)

Arena UK: =1st Aon 6 Yr Old (Nicolette)

BSJA Festival of Show Jumping: 1st National Under 21 Champ. (Lord Liberty W)

BSJA Awards Ball, Leading Rider Under 21

Horse of the Year Show: 1st Young Riders Champ ( Randi), =3rd Saffron International Knock Out (Randi) 2nd Xerox Business Services Cup (Randi)

Olympia: 2nd Accenuture Young Show Jumper of the Year (Sunny Top ll)

  1. BSJA Leading Rider Under 21

Royal Windsor: 2nd Traxdata Speed Stakes(V.V. Randi)

CSIOJY Reims Junior Nations Cup: Team Gold (V.V. Randi)

Vicarage Farm: 1st Andersen Consulting Young Rider(V.V, Steps Helsinci)

Castle Ashby Country Fair: 1st & 2nd Int Trial (V.V. Randi & V.V. Steps Helsinci)

Berkshire Area Show: 1st Andersen Consulting Young Rider (V.V. Randi)

Royal Show: 1st & 2nd Thomas Bates 7/8Yr Old (Temple Guess What & Lord Liberty W);4th

Mitsubishi Canter (V.V. Randi), 3rd Int Trial (V.V. Steps Helsinci)

Great Yorkshire: 1st Internet Stakes (Tailors Boy)

RIHS, Hickstead: 3rd Andersen Consulting Young Riders (Qualisca)

CSIOJ Lummen Junior Nations Cup: Team Silver (Qualisca)

Derby Mtg, Hickstead: 1st Traxdata Chase (V.V. Gucci),1ST Thomas Bates 7/8 Yr Old

(Think Twice II)

Member Gold Medal winning Junior European Championships Team Hungary(V V


BSJA Festival of Show Jumping: 1st National Gents Champ(Lord Liberty W), 1st 1.40 Open Champ (Qualisca)

Horse of the Year Show: 2nd Young Riders St Qual. (V.V. Randi), Horseware Ireland Rambo Cup (Qualisca)

CSN Stockholm: 2nd A7 (Think Twice II) 3rd P & S (Qualisca)

CSI-W Olympia: 1st Millenium Challenge (Think Twice II), 3rd Father Xmas Stakes (Qualisca)

  1. CSIJY-B Rosental 2nd A3, 2nd A4, 2nd A3 (Virtual Village Randi, 7th A4 Princess II

Southview Eq Centre: 1st Paul Fabs Qualifier (Little Acrobat)

Bramham 3 Day Event: 1st A & B (Taylors Boy)

Driffield Agric Show: 2nd Int Trial (V.Village Randi)

CSI-P Lummen: 1st A3, 2nd A2, 2nd Grand prix (Little Acrobat)

CSI-J Lummen:1st A4 (Tailors Boy), 1st A3, 2nd P & S (Virtual Village Randi)

Junior/Young Riders European Championships Munchwillen, Switzerland: Team

Gold Medal (Virtual Village Randi), =1st Jnr Gr Prix, 2nd A4 (V.V. Randi)

Festival of Showjumping: 1st 6 Yr Old Champ. (Same Again II)

Horse of the Year Show:2nd Young Riders Champ (Virtual Village Randi), Young Riders Stakes 5th

(V.V. Randi)

Towerlands Eq. Centre: 4th Olympia Qualifier (Lacost II)

CSI-W Olympia: 1st Young Show Jumper of Year(Lord Liberty W)

Previous Winnings:

Robert comes from an extremely professional show jumping background being the son of international show jumper John Whitaker and the nephew of Michael Whitaker. His older sister Louise also

competes on the national and international circuit. Robert qualified for the Paul Fabrications Junior Show Jumper of the Year final at Horse of the Year Show 1999 at the First second round qualifier at Southview Equestrian Centre with Little Acrobat. Robert was also a member of the Junior Gold Medal winning team at the Junior/Young Riders European Championships 1999 and was again a member of

the Gold Medal winning team in 2000. Robert competed on his first Nations Cup Team at La Baule in 2001 when only 18 years old. Robert was the youngest rider on the team when selected to jump off for

Great Britain in the Nations Cup Team at Lisbon in 2003 and jumped the winning round to secure victory for Great Britain.

1994 South View. 1st Junior Open (Fontmell Rasputin)

Mill Lodge. 2nd 128cms Grand Prix 2nd round (Fontmell Rasputin)

Shropshire Horse Show. 1st National 128cms 1st round (Fontmell Rasputin)

Mill Lodge. 1st National 128cms 1st round (Fontmell Rasputin)

1995 Royal International Horse Show. 2nd Winter 128cms Championship (Fontmell Rasputin)

1996 Olympia International Show. 3rd Petplan Family Pairs Relay with sister Louise (Virtual Village Silver Cinder)

Millstreet Derby Meeting. 1st 138cms Derby (Clements Choice)

Birchinley Manor.1st Open(Virtual Village Silver Cinder),1stWinterJC2ndrd(Lauber Classic)

The Moorings. 1st Junior Open (Woodlands Countess)

CSIP Predazzo. 2nd Power & Speed (Woodlands Countess)

Wimbourne. 1st Junior Open (Woodlands Countess)

CSIW Millstreet. 2nd A3 (Clements Choice)

1997 Birchinley Manor. 1st Junior Open (Woodlands Countess)

Muirmill. 1st Paul Fabrications Winter JA qualifier (Woodlands Countess)

CSIYJ Towerlands. 1st Golden Wonder Junior Small Grand Prix, 3rd Kate Negus International Junior (Count Bellair)

Festival of Show Jumping. 1st Squibb & Davies National 138cms Championship (Forever Katie)

CSIP Moorsele. 1st Grand Prix (Forever Katie)

Champions of Scotland. 1st Christy Junior Show Jumper of the Year 2nd round (Forever Katie)

Church Farm. 1st Junior Open, 1st National 128cms 2nd round (Forever Katie)

Port Royal Show. 1st Junior Open (Forever Katie)

South View. 1st Junior Open (Forever Katie)

Norton Heath. 1st 138cms Open x 2 (Forever Katie)

Towerlands. 1st 138cms Open (Forever Katie)

BSJA Area 15. 1st Young Riders Open (Count Bellair)

1998 CSIP Moorsele. 1st Hunting (Forever Katie), 1st Accumulator (Forever Katie)

Pony of the Year Show. 1st 148cm Grand Prix (Shabogie Rock). 2nd 148cm Grand Prix (Correlli Bravo).

Royal Show. 1st Paul Fabrications Pony Grand Prix (Corelli Bravo).

Pony European Championships. 3rd Individual Championships (Corelli Bravo)

CSIJY Welkenraedt, 2nd A4 (Forever Katie) 4th Power & Speed (Forever Katie) 11th A4 (Toleman Five Star) 13th Power & Speed (Princess).

CSI-W Olympia International Championships 6th Winergy Young Showjumper of the Year (Royal Deer)

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