School Health Advisory Council (shac) Meeting September 17

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School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) Meeting

September 17th, 2014


The September meeting of the Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) was called to order on September 17th, 2014 at 11:34am by Sally Finn at the DCPS Building, Room 307 in Jacksonville, Florida.

  1. Welcome and Introductions

    1. Brief introductions by SHAC members and guests. For full list of attendees, please refer to the list following this document.

  2. Happenings and Updates

    1. Chartwells-Thompson School Dining Services

      1. Food Day: Duval County is participating in National Food Day on October 24th. There will be an event for students and parents at Hemming Plaza, downtown, between 3pm and 7pm. Chartwells is participating by having a Chefs 2 Schools sampling, a Food Art activity table, and showcasing our all-new Food Trucks.

    2. The first lunch and learn (8 per year) is coming Tuesday between 12-1pm. This will cover the year in review, and a look ahead. It will be held at Riverpoint, and lunch will be provided. Contact Susan if interested in participating.

    3. Great American Smokeout is to be held in November at FSCJ’s downtown campus. If interested in being a vendor contact them. This is a day when people plan on quitting smoking. (Flyer with more info passed out)

    4. DCCPTA Fall Leadership workshop is to be held at Lee High next Saturday, from 9am-12pm. Vendors will be in attendance. If interested in vending contact Felita Tutt.

    5. Wellness Intramurals have started for the district. Open to all employees. The 1st season is softball and volleyball, which starts in next couple of weeks. Basketball and bowling are next. Flag football is in the spring. There was a great turnout last year and great feedback.

    6. Wellness ambassadors meetings were held this week. There was a great turnout. Next week will be working with DOH to offer 2 student health screening workshops for staff designated to help with that process. Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Flu mist update: 15,000 students have been vaccinated. The purpose of the Wellness ambassador is to be a point of communication with the schools/wellness/school wellness committee. There is one at each school and also 12 additional worksites. These ambassadors are all volunteers.

    7. Wellness Update: Systems of Care- The Director of School Behavioral Health is Terri’s new position. New director of wellness TBD. SHAC is now seated in wellness for upcoming year.

    8. Cover Jacksonville : Have identified an individual for the grant : Lisa Frisby. Taking the position to help parents enroll in Florida Kid Care (insured under health care), and to teach families how to navigate the system. The program will be piloted in 3 schools this year: Atlantic Coast, Twin Lakes Middle, and Bartram Springs. The focus is on working with the poor (why these schools were chosen). To help them to understand that they can re-enroll (make the program sustainable). Project director is JCC’s Cheryl Townsend. The City of Jacksonville has been asked to submit an RFP, and asked to attend a leadership conference (1 of 18 cities chosen), to receive funding. $260k for outreach and enrollment for this program. The goal is to decrease uninsured families through marketing and education. Drive parents to call 211 to make the appointment to go over the system/fill out their forms. Lisa to report to the director of wellness. This is for students up to the age of 18 (Florida kid care).

  3. Approval of Minutes

    1. Minutes approved with changes.

  4. Committee Updates

    1. Committee meetings to follow this meeting.

  5. Old Business

    1. Assistance is requested in getting word out about screenings at the clinic at the Ribault Full Service Center. Englewood is to be up and running soon. The clinic is open every Wednesday 2:30-5:30pm. Please get the word out. Social media is being worked on by I’m A Star/Betty Burney. They are screening for STDs and HIV. DOH is doing the screenings and education. There will be gifts for kids. Englewood and Spring Field schedule TBD. Cards with more information are being brought by Katrine for distribution – contact her for more info.

  1. New Business

    1. Ashley Smith-Juarez updates: The board voted on the following at the last meeting:

      1. Approved a new position - Director for School Behavioral Health – Terri Cicero.

      2. The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act: Guidelines for snacks in schools and school lunch. School fundraisers – voted on extending a limited exemption on the school fundraisers for 1 year for certain days. These number of exemption days look different for different school level (what snacks can be sold, when during the day, etc.). To create a way to generate school fundraising revenue through different means than through “junk” food. To model the behaviors we want to see in our schools. Challenge to the members of the SHAC to be creative in creating mechanisms that are more healthful. This information has been sent out to all schools: Have to form “healthy” teams in all schools to address all the issues that go along with wellness. There needs to be evidence of convening those committees. From beginning of school to 30 minutes after the last lunch period is when they can set up fundraising. Wellness to send out the notes on that policy, as well as the policy on what teachers can use as rewards/punishments (can no longer use food).

    2. The 2014-2015 School Health Services Plan has been created. To be discussed in the subcommittee first, and then to be brought to the SHAC. Part of the 8 requirements of the SHAC. SHAC is required to participate in the creation of this document. It is up for annual review. It incorporates: addressing the plan for delivering health services, communicable disease policies, health services reporting policies, public health, supervision of all school health services personnel, and many more. These are just a few types of information that are included in the report.

    3. YRBS: Success story - Drug Free Duval is the facilitator. Community task force wanted to do something to encourage parents, since parents have an influence on their kids. They established a team to encourage parents (through education) to positively influence their students. They created documents that educate on the development and health of the teen brain. Encouraged parents to eat with kids 4 days a week – 1 family is receiving 4 meals a week at some partnered restaurants through a prize drawing. Kids made “positive” texts for parents to give to kids, and a video about positive influence.

Subcommittee meetings to follow this meeting.

The SHAC meeting was adjourned at 12:32pm by Sally Finn.

The next meeting will be on October 15th, 2014 in Room 307.





Louisa Alderson


Sally Finn

Drug Free Duval

Melissa Kicklighter


Vicki Heilig


Megan Denk


Kathleen Thomas


Kate Dienst


Devvion Johnson

FDOH-Duval Tobacco Prevention

Frieda Saraga

PFLAG of Jacksonville

Terri Cicero


Deb Owen


Pat Freeman


Jamie Wells

Safe Schools Department

Judy Comeaux


Susan Leach


Laura Beverly

NE FL Ped Soc

Jennifer Robinson


Doreen Kadjenovic


Monique Ellis


Raykay Santa

UF Peds

Felita Tutt


Lisa Frisby


Ashley Smith-Juarez


Dr. Bower

Susan Pitman

Drug Free Duval

Etoile Graves-Smith

Katryne Lukensbull


Heather Albritton


April Seliga

Health Teacher

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