Selected Papers of Aoir 2016: The 17th Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers

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Selected Papers of AoIR 2016:

The 17th Annual Conference of the

Association of Internet Researchers

Berlin, Germany / 5-8 October 2016

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Section Header(s)
The body of the submission should be formatted according to the following: Arial font, size 12, single space, left align throughout, double space for new paragraph.
New paragraph starts like this, an extra space from the previous. If submitting a panel, simply repeat this formatting – minus the AoIR letterhead - sequentially for each paper on the panel.
Word limits:

Please note: If you are preparing an original submission for the March 1st deadline (rather than for circulation after the conference), do not include author names or any other identifying information. If your submission is accepted, we will ask you to resubmit with identifying information as well as any changes you may make in light of reviewer feedback.

References should be formatted the same as the body, with a double space between entries. Any standard style guide (APA, Chicago, etc) is acceptable as long as it is consistent throughout the submission.

Suggested Citation (APA): Lastname, Firstinitial. (2016, October 5-8). Paper title. Paper presented at AoIR 2016: The 17th Annual Meeting of the Association of Internet Researchers. Berlin, Germany: AoIR. Retrieved from

Download 5.4 Kb.

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