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Society of Women Engineering

Bi-weekly Newsletter: 4/30/17


Welcome back to another terrific SWE meeting! I hope you thoroughly enjoy our unique, social meeting tonight! Thank you for your continued support towards this organization! Have a phenomenal week!
Jennifer Jones
Vice President
Hello SWEsters! 

This Thursday Oct. 23rd, SWE will be combining forces with SHPE (Society of Hispanic Engineers) and NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) to put on “Career Preparation with Texas Instruments" starting at 6:30pm at 2243 Engineering Building. There will be a lot to learn from Texas Instruments and I strongly recommend you going! It is always great to hear career advice from professionals!
Laura Gumpper
Elizabeth Florian
Hi ladies!

Jackie and I want to invite you to submit a t-shirt design for our engineering shirt this semester! The information: T-Shirt design contest ends 11/14. Please send designs to Jackie Thelen at and the designer of winning shirt gets a free T-shirt! Thanks so much and submit as many designs as you all like!

Mariana Madrigal :)
Professional Relations
In addition to our social meeting today, we have Alexis Cardoze, the Michigan State student ambassador for a packaging company called MeadWestvaco. She will briefly talk about the different internship and co-op opportunities for engineering students.
Amanda Sliney
Communications Coordinator
Hi everyone,
We had a great time at Uncle John's Cider Mill! Thank you to everyone that made it out and to our social chairs, Brittany and Nadel!
Remember to stay updated with our social media sites.
twitter: MSU_SWEsters
insta: MSU_SWEsters
Have a great week!

Erica Allen
Service Coordinator
Hi Ladies!

We had an awesome time at our Outreach event this past Monday.  If you are interested in helping with future outreach activities, please contact Bradley Schock ( or Stephanie Onwenu (  We have a comunity service opportunity for November 9th.  We will be cooking dinner in the evening at the Ronald McDonald House in Lansing. If you are interested in helping out, please look out for the sign-up sheet or contact Linzy Pedersen (  Have a great week!
Nicole Traitses
Events Coordinator
Congratulations on Career Fair ladies! Don’t forget about our big event this semester called WOW! That’s Engineering! This event will take place Saturday, November 15th. Middle school girls from around the area are invited to the College of Engineering to spend the day with SWE learning about engineering through fun activities! Lunch and a T-shirt will be provided to the volunteers!! We will need lots of help with this event, so please consider volunteering! Volunteers who have already signed up will be emailed a background check form that needs to be returned to us by October 15th. If you have any questions or concerns about SWE’s events email us at!

Lucia DelVillano and Laura Bartow-Goudie

Professional Counselor
Emily Khouphongsy
SWE Advisors

Judy Cordes

Sandy Christlieb
Colleen McDonough

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