Soldiers carry a wounded comrade through a swampy area., 1969

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Operation "Oregon," a search and destroy mission conducted by an infantry platoon of Troop B, 1st Reconnaissance Squadron, 9th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), three kilometers west of Duc Pho, Quang Ngai Province. An infantryman is lowered into a tunnel by members of the reconnaissance platoon., 4/24/1967


OPERATION "YELLOWSTONE" VIETNAM: Following a hard day, a few members of Company "A," 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry (Mechanized), 25th Infantry Division, gather around a guitar player and sing a few songs., 1/18/1968


Vietnam....A Sky Trooper from the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) keeps track of the time he has left on his "short time" helmet, while participating in Operation Pershing, near Bong Son., 1968


Soldiers carry a wounded comrade through a swampy area., 1969


Vietnam....Marines of Company H, 2nd Battalion, 4th Regiment, walk through a punji-staked gully., 1/28/1966


Wet going - Marine Private First Class J.L. Collins keeps a battery pack dry as he wades through a muddy hole while on a search mission with "I" Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 12 miles south-southwest of DaNang Vietnam.


Vietnam....A Marine stands watch in an observation tower as Lieutenant Commander McElroy, the 3rd Battalion, 26th Marines chaplain, holds mass on Hill 950. 7/31/1967


Vietnam...."Home is where you dig" was the sign over the fighting bunker of Private First Class Edward, Private First Class Falls and Private First Class Morgan of the 1st Battalion, 7th Regiment, during Operation Worth., 1968


Republic of Vietnam...Members of U.S. Navy Seal Team One move down the Bassac River in a Seal team Assault Boat (STAB) during operations along the river south of Saigon. 11/1967


South China Sea....A nurse tends a patient just out of surgery in the intensive care ward of the hospital ship USS Repose (AH-16). The ship is steaming off the coast of Vietnam a few miles south of the 17th parallel. 10/1967


In this assignment you will have two options to choose from. You only have to do one of them.

Option 1 – Research and Present

You will pick a picture and create a short research presentation over a topic dealing with the picture. For example: if you pick the picture of the nurse. The topic could be (role of women in the Vietnam War)

Each presentation should include:

  • Display of the photograph

  • What your topic is

  • Research for your topic

  • How it influenced the war

  • Your own caption for the picture

Option 2 – Creative Writing

You are to take the role of military photographer who has been traveling through various areas related to the Vietnam War. You have just returned and are about to publish a pamphlet with your experiences. Basically you are creating your own story of what you saw and experienced in order to obtain these pictures.

What it should include:

  • Pamphlet cover with your most prized picture

  • The story of what you experienced and what each of the picture you took means.

  • Include the pictures in order to support your story

  • Your own caption for your cover picture

Both these options give you some freedom to either pick what you want to research or create your own story.

Each option is worth 30 points and will be due by Friday.

Download 13.61 Kb.

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