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**Please return this form to the gifted intervention specialist in your school

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**Please return this form to the gifted intervention specialist in your school.


Licking County Educational Service Center

675 Price Road Newark, Ohio 43055

      1. FAX 740-349-6107

TO: Classroom Teachers

FROM: Coordinator of Gifted Services

RE: Gifted Identification


The state of Ohio requires that we identify children who are or have the potential to be gifted in grades K-12. Students may be nominated in the areas of Superior Cognitive, Specific Academic (in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, or Social Studies), Creative Thinking Ability, and or Visual and/or Performing Arts. Your help is invaluable in helping me meet this requirement. Would you please consider the children in your class(es) you think may possess characteristics of giftedness that warrant further investigation and complete the attached paperwork? We really are looking for maybe one or two students who stand out among their peers as exceptional. It could be you have none in your class this year. Please refer to your gifted handbook for more information about the characteristics of gifted children.

Those children who are already identified do not have to be re-examined. Refer to your list of identified students in your classroom. Attached is a list of students in our screening pool who may be good candidates for retesting. Please remember that this information is confidential and should not be shared with others, including students. Thank you.


Thanks so much for all your help!

Southwest Licking Local Schools

Permission for Assessment

Child’s Name ____________________________________________ Date of Birth: / /

Parent/Guardian: Phone:
School: Grade: Referred By:

Your child has been referred as a potentially gifted child. Assessments are required for identification purposes. The following assessments may be administered to your child:

Otis Lennon School Ability Test

Iowa Test of Basic Skills

Woodcock Johnson Achievement Tests

No assessment will be done without your written permission. Please read the information below and return this form to school as soon as possible. If you have questions, please contact: _________, Coordinator of Gifted Services at 740-349-6094.

I understand that if I grant permission, my child will receive assessment(s) by designated school personnel and that the information may be shared with teachers, principals, and other appropriate school personnel. I will be informed of whether or not my child qualifies, according to the State of Ohio criteria, for gifted identification.
 Permission is given to conduct the assessment(s)
 Permission is denied

Signature Relationship to Child Date

Please return to your child’s teacher by ______________________.


Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):
Southwest Licking Local Schools recently administered the Terra Nova achievement tests in reading, mathematics, science, and social studies and the InView Test of Abilities to students in grades 2, 5, and 7. Scores from these tests are used to monitor student progress, to assist in curriculum planning, to identify students as gifted, and to make recommendations for support services such as reading intervention.
Your child’s scores on the assessments are included on the enclosed home report. The Terra Nova test is a formal assessment given in a limited amount of time. It is considered to be a snapshot of academic performance that complements assessment information from classroom assignments of longer duration and from quarterly progress reports.
The results of the Terra Nova are reported as percentile scores, which indicate how your child’s performance compares with that of students around the country who took the same test. A score of the 50th percentile or above indicates that a student is performing at or above grade level. A student who scores below the 50th percentile on the Terra Nova test may need additional instructional support to perform well on future tests including the Ohio Achievement Tests. A score of the 95th percentile or above indicates performance in the gifted range for that subject area according to Ohio Department of Education guidelines.
In addition, the report contains results from the InView Test of Abilities. This test assesses general reasoning abilities and is also a “point-in-time” assessment that should be viewed in conjunction with other assessment information (e.g., grades, other standardized tests). Scores reported on the attached report include the Cognitive Skills Index (CSI) and National Percentiles by Age for both verbal and non-verbal subtests. A score of 100 on the CSI is considered “average,” with most students scoring between 84 and 116. A score of 129 or above on this test would be considered in the gifted range according to Ohio Department of Education guidelines. A National Percentile by Age indicates how a student performed compared to other students of his/her age.
For students scoring in the gifted range, various enrichment opportunities are available based on grade level and area of identification. If your child qualifies for gifted services, you will be notified. A second achievement test administration may be requested if a student score falls between the 93rd and 94th percentile on any subject area Terra Nova test, and a second ability test administration may be requested if a student score falls between 124 and 128 on the InView. Parents may make that request by contacting me no later than ____________.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school or leave a message for me at (740) 349-6094.

Gifted Coordinator, Licking County Educational Service Center

To the parents of ______________________________,
This letter is notification of the results of testing and not notification of inclusion in the gifted class. A placement committee will meet to determine those students with scores meeting the criteria for gifted services. If your child’s scores meet the criteria for gifted services, you will receive a second letter inviting him/her to attend the gifted class.
In (month), some of the students at Southwest Licking Schools took the Terra Nova and the InView. One of the uses of this testing is to identify children who perform well above average and are gifted in one or more areas. For identification in the specific academic area, the State of Ohio has set the criteria as performing at or above the 95th percentile in a specific area, such as reading, or math. The percentile rank scores compare your child’s performance with scores of students in the same grade from across the nation. For identification as superior cognitive, a child must perform at or above the 95th percentile on the achievement test core battery (Terra Nova) or have a CSI (Cognitive Skills Index) of 129 or above on the ability test (InView). According to Administrative Code 3301-51-15, parents must be notified of testing results.

  • Your child's assessment results meet the State of Ohio criteria to be identified as gifted.

Your child is identified in the area(s) of:

  • Superior Cognitive

 Specific Academic

 Reading  Math  Science  Social Studies

Gifted identification does not guarantee gifted service. Placement is based on specific criteria outlined in the district policy and in compliance with state rules. If your child meets the service criteria, you will receive an additional letter of notification. Any placements will take effect in the fall of next school year.

If you have any questions, please contact me at (740) 349-6094.

If you disagree with the above, you may appeal the decision.


Gifted Coordinator, Licking County Educational Service Center


Southwest Licking Local School District

To the parents of _________:
Listed below are the standardized test results for gifted identification. The Otis Lennon School Ability Test and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills were given by ________, Coordinator for Gifted Services. If you have any questions concerning the results, please feel free to contact _________ at the Licking County Educational Service Center at 349-6094 or the Elementary Gifted Specialist at 927-7281.
Student: __________________

School: __________________ School

Grade Level: ___
Date of Testing: ____________________

Name of Ability Test: Otis Lennon School Ability Test, 8th Edition

Composite Score: ___

Name of Achievement Test: Iowa Tests of Basic Skills

Math: ___ %ile
Evaluation: Based on recent testing, ______ is/not identified as gifted in _________. At this time, _____ does/not meet the criteria for gifted services. (Explanation will be given according to the test outcomes.)
Interpreting these scores:

The composite score for the OLSAT is a standard score. The typical score for a child _______’s age is 100. The scores listed above for the subject area tests are called a percentile rank. This number indicates the percentage of individuals that the student outperformed at his or her grade level. For example, a fourth grader who scored an 88 percentile on a test performed better than 88 percent of the students at that grade level. Students must score 95th percentile or above in order to be identified as gifted.

Cc: Principal


Gifted Coordinator

Student’s File

The purpose of this guide is to assist teachers and administrators in serving the gifted and talented child in a risk-free specialized environment and within the regular classroom setting. By including broad based goals, teachers may use this document as a tool to develop challenging and appropriate curriculum for the Gifted and Talented at any level and within any setting. We support and encourage the teacher practice of prescriptive instruction where pre-assessment is used to determine the instructional levels of individual students. We also support the development of curriculum for gifted and talented students that progresses at an appropriate pace and depth within a multidisciplinary framework based upon the child’s instructional and cognitive level. The development of this curriculum must be ongoing and allow for evaluation and revision when appropriate.
In addition, other students benefit by the differentiation activities in any given classroom, when pre-assessment is used. While the state mandates the identification criteria, we recognize that not all children test well and may also exhibit advanced knowledge. By determining a student's level of readiness, the regular classroom teacher can offer different learning opportunities to both the identified gifted and the high achieving student. Gifted education is not meant to be exclusionary, however, special attention must be given so that children of high ability do not become complacent and equate education with "an easy A" obtained with minimal effort.

The ultimate goals of educational services for the gifted and talented are

  1. To provide opportunities for gifted students to be adequately stimulated and challenged by frequently and consistently interacting with their intellectual peers in a specialized risk-free environment

  2. To provide continual opportunities in area(s) of the students’ identification that will extend the academic content standards by addressing the depth, breadth, and pace at which these students learn

  3. To promote intellectual growth, to develop self-discipline, and to experience a sense of accomplishment and self worth by participating in learning experiences that are both challenging and demanding

  4. To encourage creativity, productivity, critical thinking, compassion, and a healthy concept of self to include issues inherently related to gifted and talented students

  5. To facilitate the exchange of knowledge, skills, information, and ideas among students

These may be accomplished by providing needed guidance and an appropriate curriculum of knowledge, skills, and processes throughout the total educational program.

Gifted services occur in many different forms in the school district. Some possible options that may be available to both gifted and/or high achieving students include:

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