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MAY 2008

Mission of Southwest Licking Local School District 1

Acknowledgements 1

Licking County Schools Philosophy for Gifted Education 2

Southwest Licking Local Schools Philosophy for Gifted Education 2

Three Year Long Range Plan for Gifted Services 3

Gifted Definition 4

Criteria for Gifted Identification Chart 5

Testing 6

Testing Process Flow Chart 7

Characteristics of Gifted Children 8

Myths 15

Referral for Gifted Consideration 17

Southwest Licking Gifted and Talented Nomination Forms

Teacher Nomination Checklist 18

Parent Nomination Checklist 20

Student Nomination Form 22

Letter to Nominate Gifted Children 23

Permission for Assessment 24

Sample Parent Letters

Group Testing Cover Letter 25

Identification from Group Testing 26

Identification from Individual Testing 27

Program Goals 28

Placement Options

Acceleration 29

Advanced Middle School Science Program 29

Advanced Placement Program 29

Advanced Middle School Math Program 30

Career Shadowing 30

Challenge 30

Cluster Grouping 30

Distance Learning 30

High School Honors Classes 31

Mentorship Opportunities 31

Post Secondary Education Option 31

Voyage 31

Additional Opportunities 32

Differentiation Strategies 33

Written Education Plan 36

Placement Criteria 38

Cluster Classroom Placement Guidelines 40

Cluster Grouping for Gifted Services 41

Voyage Invitation 46

Voyage Placement Refusal 47

Information for Voyage Students 48

Guidelines and Permission for Voyage Students 49

Homework Policy 50

Grading 50

Placement Review 50

Challenge 53

Sample Challenge Letters

Challenge Placement Notification Letter 54

Challenge Sample Letter, Not Placed 55

Challenge Placement Refusal Letter 56

Letter from Challenge Teacher 57

Challenge Visit and Parent Meeting 59

Letter of Introduction 60

Supplies List 61

Grading 62

Intervention Assistance Team 63

Withdrawal Process 64

Withdrawal Form 65

Transfer Students 66

Acceleration 67

Referral for Acceleration 69

Permission for Acceleration Assessment 70

Sample Written Acceleration Plan 71

Acceleration Testing Policy for Subject Accelerated Students 72

Ohio Achievement Test Accountability And Reporting Matrix 74

Decision Flowchart for Subject-Accelerated Students 75

Parent Involvement 76

Parent-Teacher Conferences 76


Resources 77



The mission of the Southwest Licking School District is to assure that all students are prepared to be lifelong learners who posses a sense of self-worth, critical thinking ability, and necessary life skills enabling them to solve problems, adapt to change, value beauty, diversity, and cooperation, and be productive citizens. The mission will be accomplished by a skilled and dedicated staff providing personalized instruction with family and community support and participation by students in safe, modern facilities where quality education and technological materials are the standard.
2002 Handbook 2007 Revision

Jean Burgess, Teacher Paula Ball, Teacher

Paula Ball, Teacher Amy Genter, Teacher

Barbara Bodart, Gifted Coordinator Denise Staffalino, Principal

Donna Gereb, School Improvement Consultant Colleen Boyle, Gifted Coordinator

Charla Mackenzie, Pupil Services Director Kristi Thompson, Director of Curriculum &



We believe all children should be provided a variety of educational opportunities designed to foster maximum development and personal actualization. In order to realize their contributions to self and society, Gifted and Talented students, by virtue of their outstanding abilities and being capable of high performance, require differentiated educational services beyond those normally provided by the regular school program. We support the development and implementation of services, which will assist gifted and talented students to reach their full cognitive and creative potential. Services for the Gifted and Talented students should be an integral part of the total educational program and not an optional provision.
Motivating and challenging Gifted and Talented students enhances both the student and society. Research suggests these students often learn by intuitive leaps and unique perceptions; therefore, their educational provisions must also be unique to allow interaction with their intellectual peers in specialized risk-free environments separate from the regular classroom. These youth are individually and intellectually different. Local conditions vary. One cannot say there is one best single pattern for organizing educational for the Gifted and Talented; however, these students need to be provided opportunity for interaction with their intellectual peers
Local school districts in Licking County will be given support to design services which are based upon the nature of giftedness, comply with Ohio’s House Bill 282, the Ohio Revised Code (ORC 3324-01-07), and with the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC 3301-51-15), and are compatible with local school district philosophies and student needs.


Children are a valuable resource. The individual and society receive maximized benefits when attributes are enhanced and developed. Gifted children and youth are a unique group, who, due to high intellectual ability, need and profit from an educational program that provides curriculum beyond that available in the normal classroom. Students benefit from a curriculum that extends their learning in depth, breadth, and complexity at an accelerated pace.
Southwest Licking Local School recognize the responsibility to provide an educational environment in which each individual can develop character, leadership, service, and scholarship according to his/her abilities and needs.
To accomplish these goals, Southwest Licking Local Schools offer many differentiated programs. The district is committed to providing organized, diverse programs for students to offer educational experiences commensurate with the gifted students' learning abilities.

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