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Wandy Tworek, violin

81504 RIISAGER, Knudaage, Sonata for Violin, Cello & Piano, Wandy Tworek, violin, Johan Hye-Knudsen, cello, Esther Vagning, piano, Sonata for Two Violins, Wandy Tworek, Charles Senderovitz, r&i:1953, [M], Decca LM 4555, 10”, orig gold/red label, very rare. sleeve is E-, cond: E + few light non-sounding marks (near mint), £18.00

Victor Tretyakov, violin

681103 BRAHMS, Concerto, USSR RTV Large SO, c: Fedoseyev, r&i:85, [D], A10 00115 009, sleeve is V/E, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £3.50

671103 TCHAIKOVSKY, Concerto, Moscow PO, c: Jarvi, [M], Melodiya D 18167, orig paper sleeve is fragile, cond: V/E, £3.50

701103 TCHAIKOVSKY, Concerto, USSR RTV Large SO, c: Fedoseyev, [D], Melodiya A10 00133 009, sleeve is E-, cond: E, £3.50

Vegh Quartet

141608 BARTOK, Quartets nos 5 & 6, r&i:1955, [M], 33CX 1285, orig blue/gold label, sleeve is V/E, cond: E, £15.00

361605 BRAHMS, String Quartet no 1, r&i:1952, [M], LXT 2710, gold/orange label, very rare. cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £40.00

Vienna Octet

 1571304 BEETHOVEN, Quintet for Piano & Winds, Panhoffer, r&i:1960, Decca ZAL 4099 (CS 6063), single-sided test pressing, one side only, orig test pressing for one side of rare SXL 2158. Early groove pressing - pancake, plain sleeve, cond: E + couple of light non-sounding marks (near mint), £9.00

 621604 BRAHMS, Clarinet Quintet, WAGNER, Adagio for Clarinet & String Quintet, r&i:1962, SXL 2297, wide band, groove pr, ED2, cond: E, £30.00

 1771612 DVORAK, Quintet in G Op 77, SPOHR, Quintet in C minor Op 52, r:1970, i:1974, SDD 423, rare re-issue of rare SXL 6463. original label, cond: E, £7.50

 2171611 MENDELSSOHN, Octet for strings, RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, Quintet in B flat major for clarinet, bassoon, flute, horn & piano, members of Vienna Octet, r&i:1973, Decca SDD 389, original issue - no SXL. orig label, sleeve is E-, cond: E, LPs, £10.00

 1001605 MOZART, Clarinet Quintet, Divertimento in F K247, r&i:1964, SXL 6087, wide band, ED3, cond: E, £30.00

 2961611 SCHUBERT, Octet, r&i:1958, SXL 2028, wide band, groove pr, ED1, sleeve is E-, cond: E, £80.00

 751602 SCHUBERT, Trout Quintet, Curzon, r:1958, i:1968, SDD 185, orig small label, cond: E, £6.00

Vienna Philharmonic Quartet & quintet

 1211608 SCHUBERT, String Quintet, String Trio D 471, Harand, r:1965, i:1973, SDD 376, re-issue of SXL 6173, cond: E, £6.00

 1441304 SCHUBERT, Quartet no 14: Death & the Maiden, r&i:1964, Decca ZAL 6153 (CS 6384), single-sided test pressing, one side only, orig test pressing for one side of SXL 6092. sealed so unplayed, plain sleeve, £12.00 NEW

Helmut Walcha

51208 BACH, Organ Works: BWV 564, 645, 650, 768, 646, on the Great Organ of St Laurenskerk Alkmaar, r&i:1960, SLPM 138 119, Rare. Large tulips, orig flat German pr, red stereo sleeve is E-, cond: E, £12.00 .

671503 BACH, BWV: 540, 543, 582, 545, 536, Helmut Walcha, on the large organ of St Laurenskerk, Alkmaar. i:1966, SLPM 139 114, large tulips, German pr, sleeve is E-, cond: E + small non-sounding mark (near mint), £8.00

Weller Quartet

 171612 SHOSTAKOVICH, Quartet no 10, BERG, Quartet Op 3, r&i:1965, SXL 6196, wide band, ED3, Shostakovich dedicated his 10th quartet to the Weller Quartet. sleeve is E-, cond: E, £30.00

Wanda Wilkomirska, violin

441402 PROKOFIEV, Two Sonatas for Violin & Piano, Ann Schein, Connoiseur Society CS 2016, sleeve is E, cond: V/E + few soft ticks in a couple of places, £8.00

421403 Warsaw Autumn: 22nd International Festival of Contemporary Music, BARGIELSKI, Violin Concerto, Polish RTV SO, c: Wit, (with SZABELSKI, Piano Concerto, Zmudzinski, Silesian Phil SO, c: Stryja, SCHAFFER, Oboe Quartet, State Higher School of Music Oboc Quartet Cracow), r&i:1978, Muza SX 1682, sleeve V/E, cond: E, £12.00


601612 BRAHMS, Violin Concerto, MENDELSSOHN, Violin Concerto, LPO, c: Bolton, r&i:1991, [D], ASV DCA 748, a rare extremely late LP issue. cond: E, £40.00

Narciso Yepes, guitar

31512 Rendevous with Narciso Yepes, music by Bach, Scarlatti, Falla, Yepes, Villa-Lobos etc. i:1971, DG 2538 106, English pr, cond: E, £4.00

81512 Spanish Guitar Music, by Albeniz, Granados, Tarrega, Llobet, Ruiz-Pipo, Villa-Lobos, Falla. r:1968/71, i:1976, DG 2535 182, English pr, cond: E, £3.50

Paul Zukofsky, violin

731402 SCHUMAN, William, Violin Concerto, (with PISTON, Symphony no 2),Boston SO, c: Tilson Thomas, DG 2530 103, German pr, cond: E, £5.00

541402 SESSIONS, Roger, Violin Concerto, Orch Philharmonique de l'Office de la RTV France, c: Schuller, Composers Recordings Inc CRI 220 USD, sleeve is E-, cond: E, £7.00



2091504 Alice Artzt, guitar: Musical Tributes, by Duarte, Castelnuoco-Tedesco, Tansman, Obrovska, Brouwer, Gilardino, Falla, Rodrigo, Ponce, Cordero. r&i:1984, hyperion A66146, cond: E, £5.00

1451611 Anthology of the Guitar Vol III, PONCE, Sonata for Guitar & Harpsichord, BACH, Chaconne (from violin Partita no 2), Sarabande (from Lute Suite no 2), SCARLATTI, Sonata in E minor L 352, Mauel Lopez Ramos, guitar, Veyron-Lacroix, harpsichord, r&i:1971, VICS 1541, orig small label, Decca pr, sleeve is E-, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £7.50

2601611 The Classical Brazilian Guitar, music by Savio, Villa Lobos, de Carvalho, Lacerda, Manoel Sao Marcos, Vivaldi, Reusner. Maria Livia Sao Marcos, guitar, Chamber Ensemble, Everest SDBR 3248, cond: E + couple of light non-sounding marks (near mint), £5.00

81512 Spanish Guitar Music, by Albeniz, Granados, Tarrega, Llobet, Ruiz-Pipo, Villa-Lobos, Falla. Yepes, r:1968/71, i:1976, DG 2535 182, English pr, cond: E, £3.50

991611 Stepan Rak: Guitar Recital - Remembering Prague, playing Rak's own compositions, in the tradition of the great Guitar composers of the 19th Century. Rak, r&i:1988, [D], ABRD 1310, a very late LP issue. cond: E, £7.50

1471611 The Voice of the Instrument: Five Centuries of the Classical Guitar, John Mills, guitar, r&i:1972, All About Music ABK 10, cond: E, incudes 8 page booklet on The Classical Guitar by Burnett Jones, £6.00

1461611 PAGANINI, Unpublished manuscripts for Guitar, Roberto Poroni, guitar, Sipario CS 1, sleeve is E-, includes card with English information, cond: E, £7.50

2341504 The London Balalaika Ensemble, r&i:1968, Deram SML 712, Decca pr, sleeve is E-, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £7.50

1591507 Spun Gold: Popular Melodies for Flute & Harp, music by Gounod, Schubert, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Handel, Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Haydn, Schumann. Tim Wheater, flute, Sioned Williams, harp, r&i:1981, Meridian E45003, a 12" 45rpm record. "A natural sound recording". cond: E, £5.00

2131102 Americana Vol III, BEACH, Amy, Piano Quintet, FOOTE, Arthur, Piano Quintet, Boehm, Rogers, Maximoff, Sherry, Kooper. r&i:74, TV-S 34556, US pr, cond: E, £3.00

481306 The Danish Wind Quintet, NIELSEN, Wind Quintet Op 43, HINDEMITH, Kleine Kammermusik Op 24#2, MILHAUD, La Cheminee du Roi Rene Op 205, r&i:1979, Unicorn RHS 366, flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon. cond: E, £4.00

231402 BARBER, Summer Music Op 31, NIELSEN, Quintet for Winds Op 43, Philadelphia Woodwind Quartet, Columbia (S) CMS 6114, plain Columbia Special Service Records sleeve is V/E, cond: E, £4.50

661211 BEETHOVEN, Music for Wind Intruments, Sextet, Quintet for 3 horns, oboe & bassoon, Rondino, Octet, Wind Soloists of The Chamber Orch of Europe, r&i:1987, [D], ASV COE 807, a late LP issue, cond: E, £4.00

2311611 BOCCHERINI, String Quintets: In E major Op 13#5, in A minor Op 47#1, Kehr, Bartels, violins, Sichermann, Kirchner, violas, Braunholz, Herzbruch, cellos. Turnabout TV 334 094, Dutch pr, sleeve is E-, cond: E, £5.00

2251102 Theobald BOHM, (1794-1881), Compositions for Flute, Andras Adorjan, William Bennet, Ursula Burkhard, Michel Debost, Irena Grafenauer, Aurel Nicolet, all on flutes, with Barton Weber, piano. r&i:82, [D], Orfeo S 018822 H, German pr, gatefold sl, cond: E, £5.00

2241410 CHERUBINI, The String Quartets, Melos Quartett Stuttgart, r:1973-76, i:1976, Archiv 2723 044, cond: E, one side V/E. Pressing bubble gives low sound on 6 or 7 revs, Boxed, 3 LPs, £4.50

201402 ELGAR, String Quartet in E minor, SIBELIUS, String Quartet In D minor: Voces Intimae, Claremont Quartet, Nonesuch H 71140, cond: E + light non-sounding mark (near mint), £5.00

431101 FIBICH (1850-1900), Quintet for Violin, Clarinet, French Horn, Cello & Piano, Trio for Violin, Cello & Piano, Dlouhy, clarinet, Tylsar, horn, Fibich Trio, r&i:75, Supraphon 1 11 1617, cond: E, £3.00

1431409 SCHOENBERG, Sextet: Verklarte Nacht, String Quartet no 2 (with soprano voice), Evelyn Lear, soprano, Fuhrlinger, viola, Hiller, cello, Neus Wiener Streichquartett, r:1969, Philips 6570 576, Splendid sound!, white/red label, Dutch pr, cond: E + couple of light non-sounding marks (near mint). £2.50

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