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Spring 2002

Most of the photos in this catalog are single images only, meaning that I have only one of them and I do not own the negatives. I do not sell copy photos unless they are of a really rare subject and then this fact is mentioned in the description. Most photos by known photographers have the photographer's stamp on the reverse and many have writing on them in the form of a description and\or cropping notes. No claims are made for photo authorship unless I have conclusive proof, therefore many of the photos listed under ANONYMOUS could very well have been taken by well known photographers. It is probable that most photos were the only one, or one of few printed from the negative.

All photos are black and white unless "color" in mentioned. All photos are printed on fiber based paper unless RC to denote "resin coated" is in the description (see legend). None of the photos listed are mounted permanently (unless specifically noted) so you will be free to use or display them as you wish. These photos are being sold as collector's items, many may be copyrighted so you would reproduce them at your own risk. AUTOGRAPHED means that the person pictured has signed the photo or described article, SIGNED means signed by the photographer. To understand the dimensioning system PLEASE NOTE THE LEGEND BELOW!!
LEGEND: ZZ= 12 x 16; XX=11 x 14; AA = 9.5 X 12; A = 8 X 10; B = 6.5 X 8.5; C = 5 X 7
YES, I DO SEND SCANS OF PHOTOS BY E-MAIL! I reserve the right to limit the number of scans to any one individual and I will only hold photos for three days after scans are sent. The photos with highlighted codes are now illustrated on my web site. Most of the new additions to this catalog are matted VINTAGE photos as I am preparing them for the summer shows and I wanted my e-mail and mail customers to have first crack at them. Hope you enjoy the catalog!

Tyler was Bruce McLarens mechanic in the 60s, he left McLaren to become the crew chief for Newman-Haas both in Formula One and CART. He then returned to McLaren where he works today. Along the way he took some great photos. A very successful show of his work was at Long Beach in the early 90s. All of Tylers photos have been custom printed, toned and washed to archival standards. Each is signed by Tyler under the image. They are all printed on 11 X 14 paper and matted to 16 X 20.
(TA1) Bruce McLaren, Eagle V12, British Grand Prix, 1967, action side view, under braking, nose down! PL XX$150
(TA2) Action side view, Jackie Stewart, Matra-Ford, the biplane version, early 1969 I believe, torrents of water, huge plume coming off tires. PL -XX$125
(TA3) Great portrait of Graham Hill, in profile, nomex face mask pulled down around neck, drivers suit on. PL XX$100
(TA4) Colin Chapman on pit counter, Monaco, watch in hand, looking thoughtfully up track, wonderful. PL XX$125
(TA5) CanAm McLaren, Drummond Racing, Edmonton I think, about to be pushed off by mechanics, huge crowd on top of pits, a young Chris Eckonamaki in background. PL XX$100
(TA6) Denny Hulme drifting a Brabham, very tight on car, head on, wonderful photo. PL XX$150
(TA7) Another Graham Hill portrait, this time in BRM, wearing helmet, goggles at chin, steering wheel, mirror in photo. PL XX$125

(TA8) Wonderful profile portrait of Henry Manney, one of the sports greatest writers, tweed jacket, hat, camera strap. This is a hard sell but an endearing photo. PL XX$100

(TA9) Jimmy Clark, Lotus 49, action side view, tight on front wheel, cockpit, engine, Zandvoort 1967, the first win for the Lotus 49 and the Ford-Cosworth engine. PL XX$150
(AB1) Jerry Titus, Mustang, Bryar Park Trans Am, 1967, action head on view, Volvo 122s behind, raining. A$28
(AB2) Jerry Titus, Mustang, Bryar Park Trans Am, 1967, 1/4ing front view, raining, tight, excellent. A$32
(AB3) Bob Grossman, Mustang, Bryar Park Trans Am, 1967, action, 1/4ing front view, Camero on the outside. $32
(AB4) #70 Mustang leads #4 Camero and a Cougar in the rain, action head on view, Bryar Park TransAm, 1967. A$28
(AB5) Elevated view, looking down on corner, St Jovite TransAm, 1968, Jerry Titus, Mustang, in middle of corner, middle distance. A$25
(AB6) Jerry Titus, Mustang, cornering, action head on view, tight, vertical photo, St Jovite Trans Am 1968. A$32
(AB7) Tight action photo, head on view, Bob Grossman, Mustang, followed by Kleinpeters Shelby GT350 and Sam Poseys Mustang, Daytona 24 Hour Race, 1968. A$32

(AB8) Bob Grossmans Mustang closely followed by Kleinpeters Shelby GT350, tight, action 1/4ing head on view, Daytona 1968. A$32
(AB9) Jerry Titus, Mustang, Daytona 24 Hour Race, 1968, action head on view, cornering. A$32
(GB1) It's the Belgian GP 1964, driver's meeting and facing you are Bonnier, P. Hill, Ireland, Amon, Clark, Ginther, G. Hill, Brabham, Gurney, and McLaren; all the stars in one photo! PL RC A$30
(GB1X) Same photo as above, only 11" X 14". PL RC $60
(GB2) Bruce McLaren standing in profile, helmet off, tight, Belgium GP 1964. PL RC A$25
(GB3) Dan Gurney, Brabham, German GP 1964, front view about to leave pits, crowd behind. PL RC A$25
(GB4) Jackie Stewart, BRM, very tight action, 3/4 front view, Monaco GP 1965, you won't find much better. PL RC A$25
(GB5) Jack Brabham, Brabham, Belgian GP 1964, action side view, tight, Jack is looking right at you! PL RC A$25
(GB6) Jim Clark, Belgian GP 1964, Lotus 25B, action 3/4 front view, braking, front end compressed. PL RC A$25
(GB8) Jim Clark, Lotus 25, German GP 1964, tight action front view, you can look into his eyes. PL RC A$25
(GB10) Richie Ginther, BRM, French GP 1964, tight action 3/4 front view, signs and crowd behind. PL RC A$25

(GB12) Bruce McLaren, Cooper, German GP 1964, action 3/4 front view, you can see his face clearly. PL RC A$25

(GB13) Jochen Rindt, Cooper, Monaco GP 1965, action head-on, tight, hay bales and photogs behind. PL RC A$25
(GB14) Lorenzo Bandini, Ferrari, Monaco GP 1965, Brabham behind, tight, action front view. PL RC A$25
(GB15) George Follmer, Porsche 917-10, ultra tight head on view, fills frame, excellent. PL RC A$25
(GB16) Vic Elford, Chaparral sucker car, head on view in pits, mechanics, Jim H. in attendance. PL RC A$25
These are 8 X 10 but there are 12 X 16 available in some cases.
(JB4) Action 1/4ing front view, Jim Clark, Aston Martin DBR1/3, TT, Goodwood 1960, coming through chicane. PL RC A$25
(JB6) Bruce McLaren, cockpit portrait in Cooper Olds, Goodwood TT 1964. PL RC A$25
(JB7) 1/4ing rear view of Cooper Olds of Bruce McLaren at Goodwood TT 1964, on grid. PL RC A$25
(JB8) Jim Clark, Lotus 30, about to pul out of pits into traffic, 3/4 front view Goodwood TT 1964. PL RC A$25
(JB13) Dan Gurney, Chevrolet Impala, Silverstone 1961, action side view. PL RC A$24
(JB14) Phil Hill, Cobra Daytona Coupe, Tourist Trophy, 1964, Goodwood, tight, action side view. PL RC A$25
(JB15) This is a large (ZZ) photo of Jim Clark in a Lotus 18 at Goodwood 1960, action side view, close, crowd, signs behind, matted. PL RC ZZ$125
The two portraits that I have here from Klaus were taken with a medium format camera and they are here because they are some of the best portraits of these gentlemen that I have ever seen. You will think so too. They are both printed square on XX paper and they are signed on the reverse by the photographer. They are true Art photos.
(BY1) Phil Hill in Ferrari cockpit, helmet on, goggles at neck, wearing a polo shirt, looking up and to the side, just plain great. PL $150
(BY2) Jim Clark, no helmet or goggles, wearing a weatherproof driving suit, pulling at neck with one hand, (he had big hands and wrists) about to say something, eyes penetrating!! PL $150
(BC35) Stewarts Matra, Mexican GP 1968, side view, stopped by side of track after shunt, mechanic working, tight side view. -A$26
(BC36) Richie Ginther, Honda GP car, Mexico GP 1966, tight frontal action portrait, face shaded, neat. -A$26
(BC37) Detail photo, Honda GP trans, rear suspension, tight, sharp. -A$24
(BC38) The Vaccarella/Stommelen Alfa Romeo 33/3, in pits(?), Targa Florio, 1971, elevated side view, tight., no driver. B$30
(BC39) Tour de France Ford Mustang, 1965, action head on view, tight, another behind, on a circuit. A$30
Here are 8 wonderful vintage photos from a photographer that I know nothing about. What do you know?
(CD1) Action side/rear view of the custom Mercedes transporter bringing a W196 GP car to British GP at Aintree 1955, matted. B$125
(CD2) Taruffi, Mercedes W196, action, cornering, tight, front/side view, British GP 1955, matted. B$60
(CD3) Stirling Moss, Mercedes W196, 1/4ing front view, action, British GP 1955, winner, matted. B$85
(CD4) Moss Mercedes W196, on grid, Neubauer in front, no Moss, crowd behind, mechanics around, matted. B$65
(CD5) Fangio, Mercedes W196, British GP 1955, action, 1/4ing side view, tight on Fangio, car nose cut off, matted. -C$50

(CD6) Moss, Vanwall, European GP Aintree 1957, action side view, tight, great photo, matted. B$75
(CD7) Moss, Aston Martin, International Trophy Race, Goodwood 1956, full 4 wheel drift, car aimed right at you! Some light staining around edge of photo, matted. B$60
(CD8) Moss, same event as previous photo, same location, same 4 wheel drift, this time in Maserati 250F, matted. B$65
(EE7) Jean Behra, Ferrari Testa Rossa, LeMans 1959, front view out of corner, signs behind, tight. PL AA$50
(EE10) Cockpit and rear wheel, paddock, side view of Johnny Thompson's DA Lubricant Spl. at Monza Race of Two Worlds 1958, people and Eccurie Ecoss transporter behind. PL AA$50
(EE26) Harry Schell, in Chinettis Ferrari 4.2 liter that he raced at the Race of Two Worlds, Monza 1958. Posed 1/4ing front view on straight, empty grandstands behind. Photo has had corner damage repaired. 16 X 20 and very sharp! PL $175
(EE28) MGA coupe of Lund/Escott, LeMans, 1960, action side view, cornering, other cars behind. B$25
(EE29) Mike Hawthorn, Dino Ferrari Grand Prix car understeering through a corner, French GP 1957, tight on car, wonderful photo. PL ZZ$125
(DF3) Chris Amon driving the Ford GTX "Roadster" GT40 at Nassau in 1965. Head on, tight, MG following, RC PL A$25
(DF34) Bruce McLaren, Lowline Cooper, Monaco GP 1960, tight, action side view, harbor etc...RC PL A$25
(DF38) Hansgen's Cooper-Buick leading Penske, McLaren, Grant, Hall, Gregory, Ruby, Cannon at Riverside-Times GP 1962, frontal action, tight. RC PL A$25
(DF79) Start of the Pacific GP 1962, seen head on, 24 cars in view, Penskes Zerex Cooper in the lead. PL RC A$25
(DF80) Same as above, only 1963, 31 cars. PL RC A$25
(DF84) Ginther/Bucknum Porsche 904, Sebring 1964, side view, tight, cornering, crowd behind. PL RC A$25
(DF90) Siffert/Hermann Porsche 907, night pitstop, low, front angle, crew moving/blurry, Daytona 1968, excellent. PL RC A$25
(DF91) Three Porsche 907s crossing finish line side by side, side view, Daytona 1968, a show of force! PL RC A$25
(DF94) Siffert/Redman Porsche 917 leads the eventual winner the Rodriguez/Kinnunen Porsche 917, 1/4ing front view on banking, Daytona 1970. PL RC A$25
(DF96) Schutz/DeKlerk Porsche 906/6, LeMans 1966, very tight headon cornering, another 906 behind. PL RC A$25
(DF100) Mark Donohues Javelin along side Follmers Mustang, in the rain, action side view, Lime Rock T/A 1971. PL RC A$25
(DF102) Roger Penske sits in his Corvette Grand Sport, working on the door, mechanic under hood, garage at Sebring 1966. RC PL A$25
(DF105) Perfect tight, action side view of Jim Hall, Chaparral 2G, Times GP, 1968. PL RC A$25
(DF106) Elevated photo of Nassau Race garage, Nassau 1964, shows over 20 cars in view from Corvette Grand Sport to VW! A fun photo to examine. 11 X 14 PL RC +AA$75
(DF107) Ford garage, LeMans 1966, elevated view of five GT IIs and tons of equipment, Mark Donohue looks at nearest Ford. 11 X 14 PL RC +AA$75
(DF108) Chuck Daigh sits in GP Scarab, Monaco pits 1960, 7 guys around looking thoughtfully into distance, is this the moment it hit them that this thing wasnt going to work? 11 X 14 PL RC +AA$75
(GG22) Jackie Stewart, Matra, Silverstone 1969, tight action 3/4 front view. B$30
(GG25) Jackie Stewart's 4WD Matra, 1969, in pits, from above, no people. -B$28
(GG26) Jackie Stewart, Matra, Silverstone 1969, action side view. -C$28
(GG29) Starting grid at Oulton Park 1962, GP cars, Lotus, BRM, Cooper on front row, tower in background. -A$26
(GG34) Denny Hulme, McLaren, Italian GP 1968, elevated 3/4 front view, tight, sharp. C$22
(GG37) Peter Collins, Aston Martin DB3S, LeMans 1955, 2nd place, 3/4 front view, in the rain. PL C$24
(GG40) John Surtees, Honda GP car, SPA Belgium 1968, action side view, fills frame. PL C$22
(GG45) Richie Ginther, BRM at the Italian GP, Monza, action 3/4 front view, tight, you can see his eyes! PL A$30
(GG50) Jacky Ickx, Ferrari GP car, action side view, tight, raining, stellar photo. PL C$18
(GG52) Ken Warton, BRM V16, Silverstone, tight action side view, crowd behind. PL C$16
(GG54) Denny Hulme, McLaren, Monza, elevated 3/4 front view, tight, track only in background. PL B$24
(GG56) Tight cockpit portrait of Masten Gregory, Lotus GP car, from side/front view, cornering, head leaned over. PL B$24
(GG57) Jochen Rindt, Cooper-Maserati, German GP 1965, head on view going over a yump, all four wheels off the ground, suspension hanging, matted. B$55
(GG58) Louis Rosier, Lago Talbot, British GP 1948, action side view, tight on car, matted. PL C$40
(GG59) Farina, Alfa Romeo, action head on view, oversteer, British GP 1950, matted. C$40

(G10) Graham Hill, BRM, British GP 1966, action side view, tight, sharp. PL B$24
(G11) Graham Hill, BRM, British GP 1966, tight, action 3/4 front view. PL B$22
(G12) Denny Hulme, cockpit portrait on grid, helmet on, British GP 1966. PL B$22
(G13) Denny Hulme, Brabham, action 3/4 front view, British GP 1966, crowd behind. PL B$24
(G14) Denny Hulme, Brabham, British GP 1966, tight, sharp action side view. PL B$24
(G31) EN Corner, Ferrari GTO, 3/4 front view, passing empty stands, Pomeroy Trophy 1968. PL B$20
(G32) Peter Whitehead, Ferrari 125 GP car, action 3/4 front view, Jersey 1949. -A$25
(G54) Ed Swart, FIAT Abarth, open spyder, action side view, Silverstone 1969.
(G61) Reg Parnell, Ferrari 375 GP car, Goodwood 1951, action front view, cornering. B$26
(G64) Hobbs/Hailwood Ford GT 40, BOAC 500, Brands Hatch 1969, front view, cornering. B$25
(G66) Sadler/Vestey Ford GT 40, BOAC 500, Brands Hatch 1969, action 3/4 side/front view, crowd behind. B$24
(G67) Tight view of Cooper FIII 500cc that has just rolled, on it's top, driver running away, different!, Brands Hatch 1960
(G69) Stirling Moss, Cooper FIII 500cc, action front view, 1951, leaning into corner. B$28
(G70) Farina, Alfa Romeo 158, Silverstone 1950, cornering past the haybales, action front view. B$25
(G72) Alan deCadenet, Ferrari Dino, BOAC 500, 1969, action side view. B$24
(G74) Louis Rosier, Talbot Lago, Silverstone 1948, tight action, 1/4ing front view, matted. A$75
(G75) Peter Collins, Cooper 500, charging up Prescott Hill Climb, 1949, tight, 1/4ing head on view, no helmet or goggles, wonderful, matted. B$75
In the early fifties GUY GRIFFITHS printed a series of exhibition photos, all are sepia in color and are 12" X 15". I purchased all of these vintage photos some years ago and have been successfully selling them through art galleries here on the west coast. I will now begin to offer these through the catalog. Each photo is signed on the back and has been matted. These are investment grade photos and are priced as to subject matter, there are many more available of all types of cars so if you are interested please call and we can discuss.
(GE1) Froilan Gonzalez, V16 BRM, huge drift, nose of another V16 BRM visible behind, Goodwood 1952, wonderful! $495
(GE2) Reg Parnell, San Remo Maserati, first event ever held at Goodwood, 1948, 3/4 front/side view, rear wheel kicking up dirt at edge of track, crowd behind. $295
(GE3) Another San Remo Maserati, now driven by Yates, leaning out of cockpit, charging into corner, Goodwood early 50s. $295
(LK36) Austin OHC 7 at a hillclimb, maybe Shelsley, action 3/4 front/side view. SIGNED BY LK. PL C$42
(LK41) K D Evans, Alfa Romeo P3, action side view, Donington 1939, tight. PL B$28
(LK61) A signed Klemantaski photo of Caracciola in the Mercedes-Benz GP car at the French GP, Reims 1938, very large (11.5" X 15.5"). This is a side view, slightly to the rear so that you can see the dash board instruments over Caracciola's shoulder. The photo emphasizes the long tail of the car, the car fills the frame, A wall of shops form the background. An all together wonderful photo personally printed and signed by Klemantaski in 1988 just before he sold his entire negative collection. PL $495 (No Discounts Apply)
(LK68) In 1947 Louie took a famous photo of the old Continental Cars Co. with nine Bugattis out front, This is a modern print that has been signed by Klemantaski. I have a limited amount of these that measure 16" X 24". They are exquisite and very sharp as they were taken with a Speed Graphic so they are very sharp. PL RC $195 no discounts apply.
(LK69) Dudley Folland, Aston Martin, action side view, Spa 24 Hour Race, 1948, wonderful tight photo in the rain, 8 X 10, matted. A$75
(LK73) Ascari followed by Villoresi, cornering, both in Maseratis, International Grand Prix, Silverstone 1948, stamped to back by Klem., small 3 X 5, matted. PL $75
(LK74) Herman Lang, Mercedes Benz, French GP 1939, 1/4ing side view, wall, fence behind, sharp, stamped to back, 3 X 5, matted. PL $95
(LK75) Hasse and Kautz, both in Auto Unions, Donington GP, 1938, action side view, entering corner, 3 X 5, stamped to back, matted. PL $95
(LK76) 1/4ing front view, Nuvolari, Auto Union, Donington GP 1938, sharp, small, 3 X 5, matted, stamped to back. PL $125
(LK79) The Ian Metcalfe Garage 1947, three Bentleys in evidence, Bugatti at the curb, other cars about. Much like the Continental Garage photo (LK68) but on art paper and unsigned. PL ZZ$175
(LK80) The Hay/Barnes/Wisdom Bentley 4 Liter at LeMans, 1949, head on photo of 3/4 of car with team standing along side, matted. B$50
(LK81) A beautifully printed photo of Luigi Chinettis Ferrari Barchetta, action front view, going through esses, leading four other cars, tall trees, dappled sunlight, on his way to winning! LeMans 1949 matted. PL A$65
(LK82) Another photo of Chinettis Ferrari Barchetta at LeMans 1949, action side view, just coming out of the dark morning shadows, crowd behind, matted. PL A$65 I have several of both of these and I will sell the matted pair for $110 no discounts.
(ARK1) Carroll Shelby, Ferrari, 3/4 front action view, head back, Palm Springs, 1958. PL RC A$25

(ARK4) Carroll Shelby, Ferrari, leads Dan Gurney, Ferrari, action 3/4 front view, Palm Springs 1958
(ARK15) Roger Penske, Zerex Special, action 1/4ing front view, Riverside-Times GP 1963. PL RC A$25
(ARK16) Jim Clark, Lotus 23B sports car, action 1/4ing front view, Riverside-Times GP 1963. PL RC A$25
(ARK17) AJ Foyt, Scarab Olds, rear engine sports car, action front view, out of corkscrew, Laguna 1963. PL RC A$25
(ARK19) Lloyd Ruby, Harrison Special, very tight, action side view, Laguna 1963. PL RC A$25
(ARK22) AJ Foyt, Scarab Olds, tight, action side view, Laguna 1963. PL RC A$25
(ARK24) Dave McDonald, Cooper "King Cobra", Laguna 1963, action side view, car dented. PL RC A$25
(ARK30) Carroll Shelby, Maserati 300s, Palm Springs 1957, action side view. PL RC A$25
(ARK34) Lance Reventlow, Scarab, Santa Barbara 1958, tight, action side view. PL RC A$25
(ARK40) Roger Ward about to climb into V8 powered Cooper sports car, front view, Riverside 1963. PL RC A$25
(ARK107) Max Balchowsky, Old Yaller Mk1, action side view, tight, Palm Springs. PL RC A$25
(ARK120) Bob Holberts Cooper (King Cobra), nose bashed in, heads down the Corkscrew behind Graham Hills Lotus 23, Laguna Seca 1963. PL RC A$25
(ARK128) Roger Penske, Mecom Special, Laguna 1963, action side view, tight. PL RC A$25
(ARK131) Billy Krause, Birdcage Maserati, tight, elevated action side view, Riverside 1961, I think. PL RC A$25
(ARK136) Jim Clark, Lotus 23, action 1/4ing head on view, Riverside 1963, Grants Lotus 19 in foreground. PL RC A$25
(ARK137) Dave McDonald, Cooper King Cobra, action 3/4 front view, tight, Riverside 1963, great photo. PL RC A$25
(ARK146) Jack Nethercutt, Ferrari TR59 (I think) leading a Lister, D-Type and one other, Santa Barbara. PL RC A$25
(ARK197) Dan Gurney, Jim Clark standing together in paddock, Riverside 1963. PL RC A$25
(ARK198) Von Neumann, Ferrari, barely leading the Reventlow Scarab, Santa Barbara 1958, action side view, bottom of 1/3 of cars behind hay bales adding to drama. PL RC A$25
(ARK199) Action head on view, Reventlow, Scarab, Santa Barbara 1958. PL RC A$25
(ARK201) Action side view, Jim Hall, Chaparral, Laguna Seca, 1963, one of the very early rear-engined cars. PL RC A$25
(ARK202) Lance Reventlow, Scarab, along side Ken Miles Cobra, neck and neck, 1/4ing front view. PL RC A$25
(ARK203) Ken Miles, Porsche-Cooper (Pooper) at Paramount Ranch, action side view, tight on car. PL RC A$25
(ARK204) Bob Drake, Birdcage Maserati, Riverside, action front view, others coming up behind. PL RC A$25

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