Station 1- georgia’s Climate

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Station 1- Georgia’s Climate


Autumn (Fall)



In this box, create a bar graph that demonstrates the average temperature for each month in Georgia. See the example on the back of your information sheet to help you.

In the four boxes below, write one word that best describes each season. Use the information sheet to help you, but you must come up with your own word- not copy one from the information sheet.
Station 2- Georgia’s Capitals

  1. Yesterday, you created a list of Georgia’s 5 capitals, in chronological order. You wrote your list on your Georgia Regions Map that you made last week.

  2. Today, using a map provided by me, identify the locations of all the capitals and label them on your Georgia Regions Map.

  3. Once you have labeled all the capitals, draw arrows from one capital to the next, to show what direction and order the capital moved.

  4. Next, read to find out where the first two railroads ran. Using the map I provided, locate the cities, label them on your map and draw railroad tracks between them.

  5. The last part is the hardest- read the passage and try to figure out the answer to the following question: What factor determined where Georgia’s capital would move to? Write your answer somewhere on your map.

Station 3- Flooding
Georgia is lucky; it rarely has issues with floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other natural disasters. However, it is always possible for disaster to strike. Atlanta was hit with a flood in 2009.

  1. Choose one student to lead the group. The leader will click through the slideshow of pictures (there are 10).

  2. Once your group has viewed the pictures, I want you to imagine the effects of the flooding. What are some of the outcomes, physical and emotional that could occur due to a flood?

  3. Brainstorm responses by adding them to the web below. Your goal is to come up with 10.,29307,1925475,00.html

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