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Assistive Technology Mid Tech Devices/Aids

Mid Tech devices generally need a power source.


  • Live Scribe Pen - This pen actually records what is being said while you write so you can go back later, tap on anything you've written and hear back exactly what was said at the moment you wrote it. You can then download the data to your computer. The Pulse Pen works with special dot matrix paper that automatically tells the pen exactly where on the paper you are, on what page, and in what book and 'bookmarks' the audio recording with these locations. Students are able to take notes in class as opposed to trying to keep up with handwritten notes. They may record through the Pulse Pen while just outlining the lecture on the Live Scribe composition books (and then upload to the website). Talking notes, students may choose to write part but record all of their assignments when challenged with writing. They may use the pen to listen to notes before a test so to become familiar with the vocabulary needed/required.

Directions/Manual for Live Scribe Pen and for educational uses please link to

Directions/Manual for Reading Pen

  • Portable Keyboarding Devices

Portable keyboarding devices provide students with the opportunity to write anywhere without the expense of a laptop computer.

  • Forte - The Forte is a portable keyboarding device that has text to speech. This device highlights text as it is read, has a speed and volume control, spell checker, thesaurus and word prediction option. It requires the use of ear phones in the classroom.

Directions/Manual for Forte

  • Alphasmart NEO and NEO2 - The NEO has many benefits over a lap top including: a long battery life which is up to 700 hours. It has eight separate files and 2 MB of memory (200 pages). Neo also comes with a spell checker, thesaurus, and a Spanish-English word look up. It even has a calculator and typing tutor. Some of the district’s NEO have a word prediction program on them called Co-writer.

Directions/Manual for NEO

Directions/Manual for NEO2

Cowriter for NEO Directions – word prediction program

Print_Directions_for_Alphasmart_NEO_and_NEO_2'>Print Directions for Alphasmart NEO and NEO 2

  1. Open Microsoft word on your computer.  Set the font and size you want on your word document.

  1. Plug the USB end of the USB cable into the computer (plug provided in the case).  Plug the other end into the top of the NEO.

  1. You must open the file number that you want to print (before selecting the print button)

  • If the screen reads a list of Smart Applets press AlphaWord Plus (the first applet) then the file number that you want to print to open it.

  • The Neo screen will tell you which file number it is ready to send.  If you wish to send a different file number, press CMD, Option, and the file at the same time.  Check the screen to make sure this is the file you want to send.

  1. Press Send

  1. Disconnect the cord from the NEO and the computer.

  1. Edit your paper on the computer if necessary.

7.  On your computer, select Print from the file menu of Word and print work.


Download 10.81 Kb.

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