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S. Michael Stockenberger
Address: 9503 Secret Canyon Drive, Houston Texas, 77095 Email:

Cell Phone: 713-261-8083

Results orientated maritime subsea professional, five plus years’ offshore oil and gas experience with a Geoscience degree. Proven ability to self-manage, work under pressure, and multitask in fast-paced environments. Experienced on land, offshore and international assignments.


Subsea Inspector Independent Contractor

2015- Present

Wood Group

Houston, Texas

  • Remote inspection of subsea assets (mooring lines, umbilicals, hull, strakes and fairings, exports lines, risers, wet spools, trees, PLET, PLEM, manifold, jumpers, piles, ect.) from surface to natural bottom

  • Liaise with asset personal to plan and conduct subsea operations and contingency preparedness throughout campaign

  • Planning and coordination with ROV pilots to execute subsea operations on Tension Leg Platforms TLP, Semi-Submersible Rigs, and Spar Platforms (Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry Dock (UWILD)) (Subsea Umbilical’s, Risers and Flow lines (SURF))

  • Reviewing, preparing and evaluating procedures, engineering drawings, isometrics, inspection drawings, documents, NEXUS database and prior inspection video on behalf of client

  • Perform General Visual Inspection (GVI) and Close Visual Inspection (CVI) on subsea assets, describing findings, anomalies by audio voice recording and data recording

  • Visual inspection of SCIP (Structural Critical Inspection Points) welds for pitting, deterioration, corrosion and any anomalies

  • Recording and taking Cathode Protection (CP Probe) on assets and components

  • Working knowledge of NEXUS software to record completed tasks, events and findings while performing underwater inspections

  • BP Atlantis UWILD, Flex Joint, SURF
    BP Holstein Flex Joint
    BP Mad Dog UWILD, Flex Joint

BP Thunder Horse SURF


BHP Neptune SURF

Oil Spill Response Consultant Independent Contractor

Sept.-Nov. 2016

The Response Group

Houston, Texas

  • Acting as Emergency Service Provider in conjunction with Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT) Ops Liaison. Field Reconnaissance and inspection into oil affected areas to assess, document, and survey volume of damage using Incident Action Plan IAP software. Using IAP software in field to update GIS maps whether areas have been treated or require further treatment.

  • Monitor site activities and travel to multiple Shoreline Treatment Recommendation (STR) and Hotspots zones on the Saskatchewan River. Provide experience and input to other contract personnel to assist with recovery operations and to mitigate oil spill.

  • Coordinate with Clean as You Go (CAYG) teams and inform them on areas to be treated.

  • Utilized Incident Action Plan (IAP) software at the Incident Command System (ICS) also offsite to manage and track personnel, marine equipment, and other resources during response and Demob of project. Troubleshoot and locate items and equipment within IAP software at staging areas.

  • Saskatchewan Canada, 16 Tan Spill (Husky Energy 2016)

  • Birmingham Alabama, CPL RR13 Response (Colonial Pipeline 2016)

Field Engineer


Callan Marine Ltd.

Galveston, Texas

  • Project preparation of work plans and specs for construction contracts and dredging operations, contact and inform utility one calls 811, USCG Notice to Mariners and other regulatory paperwork

  • Support project mobilization, and execution for dredging operations on docks, and ship yards

  • Create and maintain daily reports, weekly reports, client reports, production reports, engineering/survey data, and JSA forms

  • Conduct single beam hydrographic surveys, interpret and analyze data, compute volume quantities, create bathymetry maps, and cross-sectional overlays, survey computations

  • On site Turbidity Testing and water quality samples

  • Working knowledge of Hypack for processing data to create line files/templates, cross sections, volumes by Tin Modeling

  • Working knowledge of AutoCAD to create Bathymetry maps, and engineering /survey files

  • Performed troubleshooting, calibration, inspection and maintenance of survey and dredge equipment

Commercial Diver / Tender

May-August 2014

Lone Star Diving lnc.

Santa Fe, Texas

  • Assisting with laying and tie in of pipelines, positioned pipelines in trenches with ample cover in accordance to safety standards

  • Pipeline repair and installation of plidco clamp

  • Planning and setting up diving operations

  • Familiar with crane operations on deck and below water, use of hydraulic tools

  • Comply to daily job safety OSHA, knowledge of safe work practices, and environmental analysis

  • Marine construction, and adherence to safe work practices, strong technical skills, ability to problem solve

Commercial Diver / Lead Tender


SeaQuest Diving llc

Houston, Texas

  • Construction, inspection, maintenance and salvage of subsea pipelines, oil rigs and fixed structure platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, oil field construction,

  • Platform removal, hot tap live wells, pipeline installation and pipeline abandonment

  • Working knowledge hydraulic tools, diamond wire cutting saw, high pressure cutting, grit blasting and Mission Specific Equipment (MSE)

  • Involved in oil leak response, pipeline pressure testing, and pipeline pigging

  • Preparation of job safety before and after diving operations, comply to daily job safety OSHA, and environmental analysis (JSA/JSEA)

  • Safely conduct hyperbaric chamber operations on divers, perform routine maintenance on life support equipment, Support boat crew in vessel operations, mooring, maintenance, emergency and safety

  • Team leader, managing and working on and setting up diving operations on an assortment of four point vessels, jack up rigs, lift boats, and oil rigs

  • Liaise with third party assets to plan and conduct subsea projects and operations


Bachelor of Science in Ocean Coastal Resources

Minor in Maritime Administration and Economics


Galveston, Texas

Texas A&M University at Galveston

Acquired Skills

  • Environmental Law

  • Environmental Ethics

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • International Trade Policy

  • Policy of Energy and Environment

  • Coastal Wetland Management

  • Management Offshore Energy Resources

  • Remote Sensing

  • Field Methods in Marine Science

  • Geological Oceanography

  • Biological Oceanography

Ultimate Diver Course


The Ocean Corporation

Houston, Texas

Acquired Skills

  • Air decompression treatments

  • Air diving systems

  • Mixed gas operations

  • Offshore safety and survival (BOSET)

  • Hazardous waste operations and emergency response

  • Responsibilities, functions of life support equipment

  • Liquid penetrant testing

  • Magnetic particle testing

  • Ultrasonic testing

  • Offshore Structure

  • Tasks and functions of ROV systems

  • Boat Operations


  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC card)

  • Construction Quality Management (CQM)

  • T-Huet 5195 OPITO Sea Survival

  • Fall Protection

  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Boaters Education

  • Divers Alert Network (DAN)

  • FLNG Environmental Training

  • Pass Port

  • Personnel Transfer Basket / Swing Rope

  • SafeGulf Orientation

  • 40-Hour Hazardous Materials Training Personal Protection & Safety for Hazardous Materials

  • Activities HAZWOPER / current 8 hour refresher

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