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Camp (Sport): Camp Dates

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Camp (Sport): Camp Dates:

The following form must be completed in its entirety and one copy submitted to your sport’s Associate Athletic Director and one copy submitted to the Associate Athletic Director for Compliance no later than 60 days following the completion of camp. This report must reflect combined revenues and expenditures from all sessions of camp.

Attached with this accounting report must be: Camp/Clinic Final Registration Form (with proper documentation), Camp/Clinic Refund List, FINAL Camp/Clinic Student-Athlete & Staff Compensation Form.


1. Total Camper Amount Paid by Session Session 1. (LineA)

  • Total for each session must match total paid figure on Session 2. (LineB)

Camp/Clinic Registration List. Session 3. (LineC)

Session 4. (LineD)

Session 5. (LineE)
Total Tuition $

(Add lines A – E above)

Less Refunds -- $
Total Tuition Revenue $ (Line 1)

  1. Cash Donations/Sponsorships

Source ____________________ Amount $

Source ____________________ Amount $

Source ____________________ Amount $

Source ____________________ Amount $

Total Cash Donations/ $ (Line 2)


  1. Gifts-In-Kind Received (i.e., clothing, meals, etc.)

Source ____________________ Amount $

Source ____________________ Amount $

Source ____________________ Amount $

Source ____________________ Amount $

Total Gifts-In-Kind $ (Line3)

4. Concessions (t-shirt, food, etc. sales) $ (Line 4)


(Line 1+ 2 + 3 + 4)


  1. Employee Salaries Session 1. (LineA)

  • Total for each session must match total salary figure Session 2. (LineB)

on Camp/Clinic Student-Athlete and Staff Session 3. (LineC)

Compensation Form. Session 4. (LineD)

Session 5. (LineE)
Total Employee Salaries $ (Line 6)

(Add lines A – E above)

2. Total Lodging Expenses $ (Line 7)

3. Total Meal Expenses $ (Line 8)

4. Total Insurance Expenses $ (Line 9)

5. Total Facility Expenses (i.e., rent, maintenance, etc.) $ (Lin10)

6. Total Printing Expenses $ (Lin11)

7. Total Equipment Rental Expenses $ (Lin12)

8. Total Transportation Expenses (i.e., buses, etc.) $ (Lin13)

9. Total Miscellaneous Expenses $ (Lin14)

(i.e., supplies, postage, entertainment, etc.)

(Add Lines 6 thru 14)


Total Revenue $ (Line 5)

Less Total Expenses -- $ (Lin15)
Equals Net Camp Revenue $


Name of Staff Member: Amount:

Name of Staff Member: Amount:

Name of Staff Member: Amount:

Name of Staff Member: Amount:

Name of Staff Member: Amount:

Name of Staff Member: Amount:

Name of Staff Member: Amount:

Name of Staff Member: Amount:

Name of Staff Member: Amount:

Name of Staff Member: Amount:

Name of Staff Member: Amount:

Each staff member is required to report the amount noted above earned through camps/clinics noted above on his/her University outside income form.

I confirm that all information reported on this form is accurate and that I have no knowledge of any improprieties associated with the operation of the camp. I am aware of applicable NCAA guidelines affecting the operation of a sports camp/clinic, and hereby verify that this camp/clinic was operated within such guidelines.

______________________________________ ____________________

Signature of Camp Director Date


(To be completed by Student-Athlete)
Student-Athlete: _____________________________________
Home Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Phone: _____________________________________________
Name of League: ______________________________________________________________________
Dates of Competition: ___________________________________
League Contact: ______________________________________________________________________
Contact Phone: _____________________________________________
Contact Email: _____________________________________________
Contact Fax: ____________________________________________
Any Other Niagara University Student-athletes Participating on Your Team? _______ Yes _______ No
If Yes, Please List Names: _______________________________________________________________
(To be completed by Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance)
League Approved for Participation? _______ Yes _______ No
Student-Athlete Approved to Participate? _______ Yes _______ No
_________________________________________________ ____________

(Signature of Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance) (Date)



Student-Athlete Welfare


Attendance in all classes is an absolute necessity. Any student-athlete may be declared ineligible immediately if he or she is found not to be attending classes. NCAA rules subject a student-athlete to possible loss of financial aid for excessive absences. The fact that a professor does not take roll or has an easy policy regarding absences does not change this policy.

Before a sport season begins, student-athletes will be required to complete a class absence form. There is one form for each class per semester. All absences for home contests and travel for away-from-home contests must be recorded on the form for the entire semester. An athletic administrator will provide this form and a schedule of missed class times to the student-athletes. After the student-athletes complete the form, coaches will sign off on the form. This form must be signed by the student-athlete, the instructor, and returned to the head coach before student-athletes will be allowed to miss classes for institutional travel.
The Niagara University Department of Athletics has adopted the MAAC Missed Class Policy which states; when classes are in session:
A. Student-athletes shall not miss any regular scheduled classes for any practice activities except as permitted by the following regulations.
B. For home competition, student-athletes shall not miss classes prior to two hours before the scheduled competition time.
C. For away competition with same day travel, student-athletes shall not miss any classes prior to 30 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.
D. For away competition with overnight travel, no team shall depart more than 30 hours (including travel to and from the airport) prior to the scheduled time of competition.
E. For away competition, the home team must make available on the morning of a scheduled game (or early afternoon for evening games) a 60-minute shoot-around period, or warm-up period in sports other than basketball, at the site of the game if available, or at a campus site if the playing site is not available.

Each student at the University is assigned a faculty advisor for academic counseling. The advisor is there to assist student-athletes with degree planning each semester, major selection, general education requirements, postgraduate work and all other matters. Faculty advisors will not guide student-athletes to meet NCAA requirements. The Associate Athletic Director - Compliance, the Academic Counselor for Student-athletes, and/or the dean should be consulted if advice on meeting NCAA requirements is needed. If student-athletes have any questions or concerns regarding their advisor please contact the Dean of that school, Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR), or the Associate Athletic Director - Compliance.

Academic Services

Students are encouraged to utilize the academic services available through the Learning Center.

Niagara University wants all student-athletes to take advantage of the educational resources that are available. The Learning Center is the first step in that process.
The Learning Center, a part of the university’s Office of Academic Support, is designed to provide assistance to students through courses, tutoring, supplemental instruction, and a writing center. Academic accommodations for students with learning disabilities are coordinated through the Learning Center based on documented needs. English as a Foreign Language instruction is offered in the Learning Center as are workshops and individual sessions to improve students’ study habits.
The Learning Center serves as the coordinating department for the university’s Skills Assessment Testing program and for academic progress records. The Center’s services are available to all university students.
Tutoring is provided in many courses at the university. The service is free and the tutors are student-athletes who have high academic averages and have taken the course being tutored. To apply, student-athletes complete application forms which are available in the center. When a completed request form is received, a tutor will call to arrange a schedule of two meetings per week of one hour each. All tutors are trained by professional staff.
Writing Center
The University Writing Center is located within the Learning Center. Faculty members are available to help student-athletes develop their abilities to write effective papers for courses across the curriculum. While tutors do not edit, proofread, or correct student’s papers, they can recommend a variety of composing strategies for improving writing skills.
Academic Counselor for Student-Athletes
A part-time academic counselor works with all incoming freshman student-athletes to support academic success. Via the First-Year Program for Student-athletes, the counselor will assure freshman have been tested and placed in the appropriate coursework to assist in their academic success. During the fall semester, all Freshmen student-athletes will be required to attend academic skills seminars and three required meetings with the academic counselor for student-athletes. In the spring semester, all student-athletes facing ineligibility or sub-standard grade point averages are required to participate in the At-Risk Program in which weekly meetings occur addressing a range of intensified academic support services. Both programs are designed to foster skills that will support the student-athlete’s academic independence and achievement. The academic counselor gets to know the needs of the student-athlete and assists the student-athlete in arranging appropriate counseling and tutorial services.
The counselor's office is located in Seton Hall, First Floor, in the Office of Academic Support and can be reached at ext. 8154.
Student-Athlete Grievance Procedure
Should any disagreement, discrepancy or problem develop, strict lines of communication must be followed:
1. The student athlete must meet, initially, with his or her respective coach to discuss and come to an agreement regarding the particular situation. In the case that an agreement can not be reached a student-athlete should then approach their respective sport administrator.
2. The Director of Athletics may meet with the student­-athlete in the event a matter cannot be settled, but only after the student athlete has met with the coach. The Director of Athletics may then approach the Grievance Committee if a resolution can not be reached.
Grievance Committee

Ed McLaughlin – Director of Athletics John Stranges – Faculty Athletic Representative

Jennifer Suitor – Director of Human Resources Rev. Joseph G. Hubbert, C.M. – Department of Religious Studies Chair

Student-Athlete Welfare
Should an issue arise that a student-athlete feels their welfare here at Niagara University is being jeopardized that student-athlete should immediately contact the Associate Athletic Director/SWA at extension 8603 or Dr. John B. Stranges, Faculty Athletics Representative, at extension 8471.

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