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Welcome students and staff.
Today is Tuesday, October 8, 2013.
Please stand for the pledge to the flag: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Please remain standing for a moment of silence. Thank you, please be seated.

  • Congratulations to Justin Mouriz aka Miley Cyrus for winning the 2013 Miss Ugly Contest.

Homecoming Week 2013


THEME: “Sack the Wolf Pack”

Monday (10/7)- USA/Patriotic day

Miss. Ugly @ 6 pm   Auditorium   $3.00

Tuesday (10/8)-Tacky Tuesday

Wednesday (10/9)- Color Wars (Freshmen-yellow, Sophomores-green, Juniors-blue, Seniors-black)

Powder puff  Football Game @ 6    tickets $3.00
Thursday (10/10)- Cowboys & Camo (allowed to wear cowboy hats, no ball caps unless camo, and not allowed to be worn during class)

JV Football game at Eustis

Friday (10/11)- Spirit Day

Homecoming Parade & Pep Rally

Homecoming game @ 7
Saturday (10/12)- Homecoming dance 8 – 12

  • There will be a mandatory float meeting on today right after school in Mrs. Newman’s room (2-105).

Thousands of youth across the United States will unite on athletic fields across the nation this Wednesday, October 9th, to share their Christian faith with fellow students during the eighth annual national Fields of Faith event. This rapidly-growing, interdenominational outreach event will be held at more than 400 locations throughout the nation on this same date.

Tavares High School is a host site for this event this year and our “Fields of Faith” event will take place immediately following the Powder Puff game Wednesday night. So, at the conclusion of the game, make your way down to the field a be a part of a great event taking place across the country! You won’t want to miss it!”

  • Homecoming tickets will be sold this week (Monday-Friday) during both lunches.  Cash or money orders only.  I will also be available after school for 30 minutes each day to sell them.

  • Tickets are $25.00 each or $20.00 with proof of paid class dues.

  • Attention Class of 2015!  Do you want $5.00 off your homecoming ticket?  Pay your junior class dues to Mrs. Newman before or after school.  Dues are $7.00.

  • Homecoming T-shirts are on sale in both lunches or you can buy them from Mrs. Glass or Coach Glass.  They will be in your class color and are perfect for color war day.  The cost is $10.

  • Wanna shout out to your BFF during the homecoming dance?  See your shout out on the big screen during the dance for only $1.00!!!  See a junior class officer for forms!!!


  • The SunTrust College Scholarship Sweepstakes is now available for seniors.  Pick up information in the guidance office.

  • The Veterans of Foreign Wars sponsor a Patriotic Audio Essay Competition open to students in grades 9-12.  Applications are available in the guidance office.  Deadline is November 1.

  • The National Association for College Admission Counseling presents the National College Fair on Sunday at the UCF Arena from 1-4 p.m.

The event is free. Register at www.gotomyucf.com or see Mrs. Croker in Guidance for more details.

  • LSSC is hosting its annual College Night on Monday from 6-8 pm. All students are welcome to attend and meet college and career representatives from over 60 institutions. A financial aid seminar is also being held. For more information log onto the LSSC WEBSITE OF SEE Mrs. Croker in Guidance.


  • A reminder that senior graduation conferences have started. Off base seniors will need to contact Mrs Croker to set up an appointment.

Conferences will last at least until the middle of November.

  • Seniors, Most Florida Colleges and Universities will be accepting applications on a rolling basis BUT scholarship offers will be made to applicants that have submitted their applications prior to November 1st. If you need some information on admission criteria for the school (s) of your choice , see Mrs. Croker or check on Florida Virtual Campus for the latest data. Please be sure to complete a short resume if you intend to ask for teacher or counselor recommendation letters. At least 2 weeks notice is best when making a recommendation request.

  • Seniors, don't forget to sign your name to the Herff Jones - THS banner - showing everyone that you will work hard this year and be ready for graduation in May.  This banner will be displayed throughout the year and again at graduation.  We want to see ALL seniors' names on this banner and on the graduation program in May!


  • There will be a Best Buddies meeting on Tuesday, October 15th in Ms. Vineyard’s room (5-101).  Please plan to stay at least 30 minutes to discuss upcoming events and what the club is about. This is a great opportunity to make a difference in a child with a disability.


  • Both the boys' and girls' bowling teams bowled against East Ridge yesterday. The boys won 3-0 and the girls won 3-0. The boys’ top bowler was Dylan Holseth with a score of 200. The girls’ top bowler was Stephanie Moorhead with a score of 138.

  • Please come support the Bulldog volleyball team on Thursday night against South Lake HS.  Please wear PINK to support the Bulldogs & Breast Cancer Awareness month.  The JV game starts at 6:00 and Varsity at 7:30 – Come join us for OUR PINK OUT GAME!!!

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Faith World Church of Leesburg is offering 24 community service hours at the Mt. Dora Fall Craft Fair and the Mt. Dora Art Festival selling food and drinks to event patrons. The upcoming Fall Craft Fair is October 26th & 27th. Students can participate both days or 12 hours for one day of service. The group meets at the event, and it is a fun and safe way to earn community service hours. Interested students should contact Jenny Bedgood at 352-408-1230 for more information.

Word of the Day


Down Yonder Word of the Day:

It's fashionable to blame Greece for a lot of things these days but we can't blame them, or their ancient ancestors, for the peculiar spelling of this word from an ancient Greek root that meant "earth." Transliterators were just doing their letter-for-letter job. Chthonic finds work today mainly in literary contexts, where it characterizes things of the underworld. More manageable synonyms include infernal and nether.

On This Day in History
1895 - The Berliner Gramophone Company was founded in Philadelphia, PA.
1904 - "Little Johnny Jones" opened in Hartford, CT.
1915 - During World War I, the Battle of Loos concluded.
1918 - U.S. Corporal Alvin C. York almost single-handedly killed 25 German soldiers and captured 132 in the Argonne Forest in France. York had originally tried to avoid being drafted as a conscientious objector. After this event his was promoted to sergeant and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.
1919 - The first transcontinental air race in the U.S. began.
1935 - "The O’Neills" debuted on CBS radio.
1938 - The cover of "The Saturday Evening Post" portrayed Norman Rockwell.
1944 - "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" debuted on CBS radio.
1945 - U.S. President Truman announced that only Britain and Canada would be given the secret to the atomic bomb.
1950 - U.N. forces crossed into North Korea from South Korea.
1952 - "The Complete Book of Etiquette" was published for the first time.
1956 - Donald James Larsen (New York Yankees) pitched the first perfect game in the history of the World Series.
1957 - The Brooklyn Baseball Club announced that it had accepted a deal to move the Dodgers to Los Angeles.
1966 - The U.S. Government declared that LSD was dangerous and an illegal substance.
1970 - Soviet author Alexander Solzhenitsyn won the Nobel Prize for literature.
1979 - "Sugar Babies" opened at the Mark Hellinger Theatre on Broadway.
1981 - U.S. President Reagan greeted former Presidents Carter, Ford and Nixon to the White House. The group was preparing to leave for Egypt to attend the funeral of Anwar Sadat.
1982 - In Poland, all labor organizations, including Solidarity, were banned.
1991 - A slave burial site was found by construction workers in lower Manhattan. The "Negro Burial Ground" had been closed in 1790. Over a dozen skeletons were found.
1993 - The U.S. government issued a report absolving the FBI of any wrongdoing in its final assault in Waco, TX, on the Branch Davidian compound. The fire that ended the siege killed as many as 85 people.
1996 - Pope John Paul II underwent a successful operation to remove his inflamed appendix.
1998 - Taliban forces attacked Iranian border posts. Iran said that three border posts were destroyed before the Taliban forces were forced to retreat. The Taliban of Afghanistan denied the event occurred.
1998 - Canada and Netherlands were voted into the U.N. Security Council.
2001 - Tom Ridge, former Governor of Pennsylvania, was sworn in as director of the new U.S. department of Homeland Security.
2001 - Rush Limbaugh announced to his listeners that he was totally deaf in his left ear and had only partial hearing in his right ear. The condition had happened in a three month period.
2001 - Two Russian cosmonauts made the first spacewalk to be conducted outside of the international space station without a shuttle present.
2002 - A federal judge approved U.S. President George W. Bush's request to reopen West Coast ports, to end a caustic 10-day labor lockout. The lockout was costing the U.S. economy an estimated $1 billion to $2 billion a day.
2003 - China announced that it would have a human crew orbit the Earth briefly on October 15.
2003 - Vietnam and the United States reached a tentative agreement that would allow the first commercial flights between the two countries since the end of the Vietnam War.
2003 - It was announced that Vivendi Universal and General Electric Co. had reached an agreement to merge. The name for the combined company was NBC Universal.
2003 - Siegfried Fischbacher and his manager announced that the "Siegfried and Roy" show at the Mirage was canceled permanently. It was also said that if Roy Horn survived, after a tiger attack on October 3, the duo would continue to work together.
2004 - The first-ever direct presidential elections were held in Afghanistan.

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