Technaxx® User Manual Virtual Reality Glasses tx-77 Virtual Reality 3D experience with your Smartphone with super 3D picture effects

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Technaxx® * User Manual

Virtual Reality Glasses TX-77

Virtual Reality 3D experience with your Smartphone

with super 3D picture effects
The Declaration of Conformity for this device is under the Internet link: (in bottom bar “Konformitätserklärung”). Before using the device the first time, read the user manual carefully.

Service phone No. for technical support: 01805 012643 (14 cent/minute from German fixed-line and 42 cent/minute from mobile networks). Free Email:


 Supports 3D and 360° videos (e.g. from You Tube)

 Adjustable pupil distance, sight distance & head belt

 For Smartphones with 3.5” up to 6.0” with max. (L) 15.9 x (W) 7.8cm

 Easy to put in or remove the phone

 High level of comfort & soft frame of foam

 Opening for different connection cables

 No battery needed

 Over 100 virtual reality games on Google Play and Apple APP Store

Attention: Your Smartphone requires an integrated gyroscope and an accelerometer (G-Sensor)

Technical specifications

Size of mobile phone

(Android / iOS)

3.5”–6.0” (eg. Samsung Galaxy S4/S5, iPhone 6/6 Plus, Galaxy Note Edge); maximum size (L) 15.9 x (W) 7.8cm

Not supported phones

LG G4, Asus Zenfone 2, phones with curved backcover


HD optical resin lens with Ø 42mm

Focal length


Adjustable range


Interpupillary distance


Viewing angle



Black & White


ABS + PC, leather + cotton, Nylon

Weight / Dimensions

390g / (L) 20.0 x (W) 13.5 x (H) 11.0cm

Package Contents

Virtual Reality Glasses TX-77, Phone holder, Adjustable head belt (nylon), 3x rubber pads, Cleaning tissue, User Manual

The figure shown below can differ from the included VR glasses TX-77, but the functions are the same!

Head away from the adjustment

For myopia user can adjust separately

Interpupillary distance adjustment

Adjust separately for different people

Left side Headphone jack

You can plug headphones through the holes to your Smartphone here


The front cover can be removed, to expose the camera

ront side

Rear side

Phone holder

After installing the phone on the clamshell, insert it

Right side headphone jack

You can plug headphones through the holes to your Smartphone here

First Step

There are 3 pieces of rubber pads. Stick the rubber pads onto the phone holder according to the position of YOUR phone buttons. Compare the picture below and with YOUR phone, think and then clue them onto the phone holder.

Second Step

Download / install the desired APP from the APP store (Google play store or Apple store) on the phone (search for example for “VR APP”) or stream / download the wanted movie / video on the phone (search for example for “VR video”).

Important: The resources must be in split-screen format !
Resources are mainly divided into three categories:

1. Mobile VR games: The rotation of the head as remote control perspective for action games.

2. 360° panoramic video: You can watch a video. With turning the head you can automatically control the perspective.

3. 3D movies: Enjoy a 3D movie by streaming it over your phone.

Third Step

Attach your phone to the phone holder via the clamshell.

Align the center line of mobile phone screen on the center mark of the telephone holder. Now start the APP or the video/movie.

Insert the phone holder with the phone attached into the VR glasses TX-77 slot.

Fourth Step

To have the best performance, adjust pupillary distance to make your pupils align to the glass centers. Adjust focal distance till device performs the best image.

To expose the camera of the mobile phone, the cover of the VR glasses TX-77 can be removed (as described below):

1. Remove the phone holder.

2. The short piece of the cover is the one that has to be removed (see picture below).

3. Take the VR glasses TX-77 in both hands. The short part should be in your right hand. Put your fingertips on the edge where small and big cover part touch. The heel of the hand is on the edge of the glasses, counterpart of your fingertips.

4. Grab the small part of the cover. Press with your fingertips down and at the same time with the heel of your hand up. This should remove the wished cover part.

5. Then other software / APP can be used.

6. To attach the cover again, put it where it belongs and squeeze it back by pressing on top of the cover. At the same time it should click twice to fit tight.

Common problems

1. APP resources must be in split-screen format.

2. Fixed phone holder is taken out from the side.

3. When installed, the midline has to be aligned in the middle.

4. When you feel dizzy, adjust the pupillary distance and the focal distance.


 Do not use the mobile phone while charging to avoid accident.  If you feel dizzy or sick, stop for a moment and adjust the pupillary distance and the focal distance.  Pregnant women, people with high blood pressure or fear of heights/crowds it is prohibited to use this VR glasses TX-77.  We highly suggest only using VR glasses TX-77 in a sitting position.  Keep the VR glasses TX-77 away from children.


ints for Environment Protection:
Packages materials are raw materials and can be recycled. Do not disposal old devices or batteries into the domestic waste.
Cleaning: Protect the device from contamination and pollution (use a clean drapery). Avoid using rough, coarse-grained materials or solvents/aggressive cleaner. Wipe the cleaned device accurately.
Distributor: Technaxx Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG, Kruppstr. 105, 60388 Frankfurt a.M., Germany

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