Term: Summer Term 2017 Year 2 Miss Halse

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Term: Summer Term 2017

Year 2 Miss Halse

SAMS Curriculum Overview

‘Learning together and having fun, there’s room here for everyone’

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Sequences, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, number and place value, directions, positional language, math puzzles. Weekly reasoning, problem solving activities and investigations.

English / Literacy

Stories linked to our topic. The writing Genres – Discussion and Persuasive writing. We will also be looking at Pie Corbett and ‘Talk for Writing’.

Recount writing linked to writing across the curriculum e.g. Knowledge and Understanding of the World and Religious Education. Reading skills will be developed through weekly Guided Group Reading. Weekly spelling/sound rules, high frequency and CVCC words taught and practiced through Letters and Sounds. Oracy skills developed through English and across the curriculum.

RE / Values Service and Respect / Reverence

Other Faiths - To look at illustrations of synagogues and talk about them. To see religious artefacts associated with Judaism.

Bible - To hear about and talk about the life of an Old Testament character. To recognise the variety of characters in the Bible compared with modern times.

Jesus -To understand what a miracle is.

  • General Guidance

    • Please could we have PE kits in school at all times as lessons may need to be rearranged due to inclement weather. All items of clothing must be clearly labelled with your child’s name. Children will needs PE daps/trainers this term.

    • If you feel you have any resources to complement any of the units, we would be most grateful to borrow them and use them to support learning.

    • Whilst every effort is made to see parents at your request it is preferred that parents make an appointment so that any issues can be discussed thoroughly.

    Parent’s Role

    Homework will be sent out on Friday to be returned the following Wednesday. Please ensure that all children complete homework and return it to school at the correct time. Please return weekly reading books every Tuesday to be changed and ensure that they have been signed. Could you please revise the times tables at home regularly with your child to help support rapid recall of them. Please use Bug Club for online reading; new books will be allocated fortnightly.

    Topic – Land Ahoy!

    • All skills taught in English and Maths will be applied across the curriculum and through our topic wherever possible.

    • Knowledge and Understanding of the World –Skills to be developed through our topic.

    • ICT – Data Handling – Terrific Tables!

    • Creative Development – Skills to be developed through after topic.

    • Physical Development – A range of athletics, ball skills and hockey skills.

    • Welsh – ‘Y dillad chwaraeon’ and ‘Tedi Twt ar lan y môr’.

    • PSD – SEAL activities and skills developed through our topic.

    • Weekly Outdoor learning and Forest School Activities.

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