The Bougainville Plan for Health 2012 to 2030

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Autonomous Bougainville Government

The Bougainville Plan for Health

2012 to 2030

Draft 28 April 2012. This draft has been prepared based on the deliberations of a technical working group of senior Bougainville health personnel and discussions with stakeholders in the ABG health system.


Message from the Vice President 3

Overview 4

Priorities 6

Demography 7

Health trends 8

Strategies 9

Health sector human and financial resources 10

Timeline 14

Risks 17

Governance and management 17

Next steps 18

Appendix 1: Values that underpin the work of the ARB health sector 19

Appendix 2: Accountability and teamwork statement by health sector leaders 20

Appendix 3: Strategies in detail 21

Appendix 4: Performance and trends 33

Appendix 5: Measuring Progress 39

Appendix 6: Linkages between relevant global, national and ARB planning documents 40

Appendix 7: Indicators and targets from planning documents 42

Appendix 8: Traditional medicine in Bougainville 43

Appendix 9: Cost and financing scenarios 44

Appendix 10: Draft timetable of significant events 59

Appendix 11: Prioritisation and sequencing 62

Appendix 12: Technical advisory group for this plan. 63

Message from the Vice President

Too be completed once the VP has reviewed the document.


This is the plan for health in Bougainville for the next 18 years. It will guide our health services through a period of rapid change; political, economic, environmental and social.

This plan aims for all People of Bougainville to live a long and healthy life. Mamong for Health expresses the concept of women being central to achieving improvements in health. (‘Mamong’ means females of all ages in the language of the Tinputz District). ‘Women at the centre of health development’ is part of ARB’s vision for health and a key factor in improving the health of the whole population. The role of women, as both the main users of health services and providers of care within families, is recognized and valued. Empowering women and improving health literacy among women will enable them to care for both themselves and others and will lead to better health for all; men, women and children.

In this plan we commit to important goals in the short term – the reduction in deaths of women in childbirth, the rebuilding of our rural health and hospital buildings, the development of our health workforce. In the longer term we intend to tackle the health needs of our children, and drive out the scourge of preventable diseases and malaria. We will also reconnect with the old ways in the effective use of herbal medicines.

We also need to prepare to meet new challenges. We will face some as yet unknown diseases, while some conditions will become more important. For example, non communicable diseases. These are a consequence of increased use and misuse of alcohol and tobacco coupled with the worse aspects of the modern diet that has too much fat, sugar and salt. The response to these needs to involve other sectors, working across different parts of government to achieve a healthier society.

To drive this plan forward we will create the Bougainville Health Authority that will combine the current Health Division and the Buka Hospital services. This authority will work in close partnership with the churches, the NGOs, and the private sector in the provision of services.

Executing this plan will face a number of challenges. We will meet these though the continued commitment of the health workforce, and the ongoing support of our donor partners and the GoPNG.

In the following diagram, we show the vision is empowered by the Upe, from our flag and our constitution. The strategies are displayed on the Biruka, the protective and cooling fan women use. The strategies are driven by the commitment of the sector to core values of Accountability, Teamwork, People focus, Equity and Quality.

Download 365.74 Kb.

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