The Magic of Laser Assisted Cosmetic and Conservative Dentistry

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The Magic of Laser Assisted Cosmetic and Conservative Dentistry

By Dr. Hugh Flax

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Laser technology has become a rising star in the evolution of appearance enhancements. Dentistry has seen a huge breakthrough with the introduction of a combination hard-soft tissue CO2, Erbium and Diode wavelengths. The conservative nature of this technique has created a firm footing in the anti-aging trend that is spanning the globe. Among the many benefits of less invasive care and quicker healing responses, Dr. Flax has helped pioneer the “closed flap technique” that, in many cases, puts control of gingival and osseous contours into the hands of the cosmetic restorative dentist. Improved artistry has greatly reduced treatment times, enhanced income, and allowed patient satisfaction to soar better than ever.

In addition, other uses will be shown that will help patients get treatment for ulcers, soft tissue anomalies/ biopsies, and removal of decay—often without anesthesia.
Learning objectives are:

1. Find out protocols which are esthetically beautiful and biologically healthy.

2. See the simple techniques that assure success for you and your patients.

3. Discover a guaranteed way to help your cases to finish at least 2 months earlier.

4. Learn updated techniques in posterior composites that are minimally invasive.

Dr. Flax is internationally known for his leadership in cosmetic dentistry. A Past President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, he was lectured and authored in Europe, Japan, Canada, and the United States on lasers, smile design, and advance restorative techniques to enhance the skills of dental teams in making their care world class for their patients.
Dr. Flax practices full time in Atlanta, Georgia focusing on functional-appearance related conditions and advanced laser dentistry as well as writing and lecturing on how to help others do the same for their own practices.

Event Sponsored by:

Northwest Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


November 7th, 2015

9-4 pm


Northwest Smile Designs

203 NE 179th St

Suite #108

Ridgefield, WA 98642


$99 (Checks payable to NACD Study Club, mail to address above)

$125 day of the course


Dr. Judy Fu, DMD


Includes: Breakfast, lunch, and 6 CE credits through PACE, AGD.

Space is limited. Your seat will be reserved upon receiving your payment.

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