The Most Smart wlan router in the world !

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The Most Smart WLAN Router in the world !


ASUS SpaceLink WL-500G Wireless Router

Plug-n-Share Internet
Plug-n-Share Disk
Plug-n-Share WebCAM
WPA Support / More Security
Formal 802.11g standard: 54Mbps
WDS (wireless distribution system) support
Easy installation, management and maintenance
Printer Server support

The Most Smart
WLAN Router in the world

ASUS proudly announce the smartest WLAN Router in the world, WL-500g. It provides fast 54 Mbps date rate and all WLAN Router function, including DHCP server, IP sharing, Firewall, VPN pass through, esc. To ensure WLAN security, it also provides strong WPA and unique WLAN firewall, to protect the data from WLAN. This smart and revolutionary solution also incorporated convenient plug-and-share functions through the USB 1.1 interface. It also provides powerful WDS function, easily let user to setup WLAN environment in home, SOHO and office

In accordance to the official debut of the highly anticipated 802.11g standard on June 12, the WL-500g supports this latest technology to guarantee fast wireless connectivity and compatibility with other 802.11g devices. But if you need real-high speed date rate and there is no other IEEE 802.11b devices, you could turn on 802.11g only mode to boost throughput

Not only a simple router to share Internet, it also support USB disk, just plug and it could auto created FTP server, easily to share file through Local LAN and Internet, wire and wireless in your USB disk. It also could be a printer server, and support both USB printer and series printer. More than that, ASUS WL-500g could support USB web cam, and let you monitor your home from Internet or WLAN.

More fun, more function, only plug and your could share to all your friends in all over the world. Just in ASUS WL-500g.


Share USB disk and files through USB port
Plug any USB flash disk, USB hard disk driver (FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems) and become network disk with FTP server immediately
Plug USB disk to WL-500b, immediately setup an ftp server.
Users can share this USB disk to the Internet and to his home.
The ftp server stay before firewall, open the ftp service will not open the firewall
Users do not have to setup a dedicate PC and open 24 hours for ftp service, also do not have to open their firewall for this

World wide NO.1 Support Webcam to Monitor your home anywhere, over the WLAN, over the Internet
Plug USB Web Camera to WL-500b, users can check his home status through the Web page
Plug USB Web Camera to WL-500b, users can detect any movement at their home and be alerted through E-mail
By using several WL-500b or WL-500g plugged with USB Web Cameras, users can monitor up to 6 corners in their environment at the same
lug-n-Share Disk
Plug-n-Share WebCAM
Download 10.14 Kb.

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