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Memories of Times Ago

(T.T.T.O. Ki Onu Amecha)

Memories of times ago, stirring the strings of my soul

Awakening my spirit, which lied so very still

Thinking of my cradle, my mother rocking me

Humming a lullaby, a Chossidish melody.
Those first impressions, etched deep in my mind

Today, those impressions in my heart I find

Those first impressions, etched deep in my mind

Today, those impressions in my heart I find.

On Shabbos afternoon, in a corner all alone

My father would daven, his words filled with song.

Those First Impressions

In the shul of Lubavitch, together we would stand

Father and son, side by side, hand in hand

I would look up to the Rebbe, our teacher, our guide

My eyes welled up with tears, and I began to cry.

Although then I was young, and did not understand

These memories inspire me, wherever I am

These are the memories stored in my mind

They revive my spirit and make my soul alive.

A Little Village

A little village, nestled in the mountains

Where very little happens all year round

And there lived a small Jewish family

A life that is peaceful, safe and sound.

Their only son, Isaac, was their pride and joy

A nicer child than him, you’ll rarely see

But Yiddishkeit was not on their agenda

He had no idea of how a Jew should be.

It happened, that two bochurim paid a visit one day

Isaac sat, absorbing all they said

And in the few short hours that together they had

A warm impression on the boy, they left.

His glowing face, expressing his sincerity

To his parents, the young boy would always plead

Let me teach you everything they taught me

To Yiddishkeit, his parents he did lead.

Time Moves On

Time moves on, as I grow older, so much yet to learn

Roads not taken, dreams forsaken, which way now?

Guide me teach me, you can reach me

Firm yet smiling eyes

Help me build a better tomorrow.
Lead me through the first beginning, new world yet unknown

Time moves on, as I grow older, molded by your hands

Teach me show me, you who know me

Show me how to live

So that I may find a better tomorrow.
It’s the darkest part of night before a new day begins

Yet at dusk the promise of another morning

It’s the promise that you’ll never be alone - no one to lead

Vizorach Hashemesh - tomorrow has begun, today.

Lying In A Cell Of Stone

Lying in a cell of stone

A young Russian boy is alone

Shma Yisroel, he does cry

Hashem, save me, don’t let me die

Not knowing much of his faith

He relies on his chinuch to date

Padisa oisi Hashem keil emes

There is no ‘cause for distress

Bereaved and ashamed, what can be done

My vow of negel vasser will come undone

But with Krias Shma before Linah

I can surely hope for shemirah

Oh yes, Hashem, to You I shall cleave

In Your great powers I believe

True redemption is no lore

The only goal worth living for

We March Towards Yerusholayim

We march towards Yerusholayim

Along the road the Rebbe paved

We devote ourselves to education

Chinuch Zulaso is our foremost aim

Victory is on our horizons

We’re an example for all those who look on

Kisheyafutzu ma’ayonosecho chutzo

That’s what will make Moshiach come

Standing tall, we show them all

It’s quite a job we have to do

Educate your Jewish mate

Let’s move on, we’ll see this Golus through

Teach Me Father

Every Friday night dad made kiddush on the wine

And five year old Ronney would watch him every time

What is the meaning behind the words you said

I’ll tell you son tomorrow, now it’s off to bed

He’d go to dad to shul every single day

And Ronney used to stand and watch the people pray

What is the reason behind the things we do

I’ll tell you son tomorrow, now you’re off to school


Teach me teach me father, about the things we do

Teach me teach me father, like to spend some time with you

I’d really like to Ronney, believe me when I say

I’m gonna make some time for you and me one day
Came home with a chumash when he was ten years old

Don’t quite understand the things that he’d been told

Couldn’t ask the Rebbi, afraid it didn’t sound right

Couldn’t ask his dad, working late again that night

Before his Bar-Mitzvah tefilin he did find

With a note from the secretary that his Dad has signed

I’d love to show you how to put them on my son

But I’m going out of town sure in shul you’ll find someone

When Ronney was sixteen he had an inner fight

About G-d, truth, wrong or right

Looked for Dad at home he was nowhere to be seen

Called him at his office got the answering machine

Dad came into the office good morning he does say

To the secretary any messages to day

Yes, Mr. Cohen, there is just one

Perhaps you’d like to hear it, I think it’s from your son

Father tells the boss, I’m leaving early today

What about that meeting with a frown the boss does say

Sorry yes I know this may cost me my advance

But I must spend time with my son while I still have the chance

A Small Tree Grows

(T.T.T.O. Nachamu Ami—Tzlil V’zemer I)

A small tree grows, it’s immature

Yet raised with so much care

For these young years will set the way

The fate of its life does lie here
A group of trees are specially raised

Owned by the Nossi Hador

With devotion and care to young children

With his love, in the Cheder they grow

How lucky I am, that I chose to be here

In the Rebbe’s Cheder, never elsewhere

With pride I stand, as the Rebbe guides me

In his Chinuch I’ll grow, his Chossid I’ll be

In Cheder Chabad, he’s instilled in my heart

A connection that never can part

In Cheder Chabad, he’s instilled in my heart

A connection that never can part

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