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Tisha B’av

My heart is in the east, though I am here in the west

For eretz Yisroel is the place that I love best

I want to daven with kavonoh at the kossel hamaarovi

That Hashem should send Moshiach, how happy the whole world will be

Thisha b’av will be a yom tov, not a sad day to fast

Just very peaceful days for everyone at last


One Night a Man Knocked on my Door

One night a man knocked on my door

At a glance I could see he was poor

My emotions were moved by the look on his face

Rachamim every Jew does possess.

I could see by the look on his face,

That to sleep he did not have a place

I smiled and asked him to please come inside.

The poor man broke down and he cried:

“I am lonely and sad; how forlorn is my plight,

To hunger each day, to wander each night

Those who console me are few -

The givers of tzedokah like you.

“Remember my child as long as you live,

To people in need, tzedokah you’ll give

The money may last for a while -

But I’ll always remember your smile.”

In the Torah

In the Torah, there is a big Mitzvah

To put Tzedokah in the Pushkah.

Help a poor man in distress

Tzedokah tatzil mimaves

I’m s Little Hunk of Tin

I’m a little hunk of tin,

Every day a penny goes in.

I go far and I go near,

To help a poor Jew in despair.

Clank, clank, jingle, jingle,

The Mitzvah is done!

Clank, clank, jingle, jingle,

Tzedokah is fun!

The Task of Moshiach’s Dor

(T.T.T.O. Ki Heim Chayeinu—Shlomo Carlebach)

The task of Moshiach’s Dor -

To fill our fellow’s needs.

To do what we can, and more

Of Tzedokahh and good deeds.
To give all our body and heart

To serve another Jew.

To sever him from his shackles apart,

To live his life anew!

The eyes that cry at the misery,

The ears that hear the sad history,

That hand that distributes the alms,

To the many needy palms.

The heart to feel for a friend -

To pray that his hardships will end

To speak to the wretched and poor,

Words heartfelt and pure.

So, a man can rise up high,

His place in creation to gain.

His every eiver the angels will fly

To a loftier plane.

For, as the Rebbe has taught us,

The limbs that do all the Mitzvos

Are changed from a chomer and geshem -

To mirkavos Hashem.

The Winner

Three o’clock, Friday afternoon in the candy store he stood,

Filling out the lotto one more time.

This time, of course he’d win; there’s no doubt in his mind.

His poverty was soon to end; salvation he would find.

He’d fulfill the dream he’d have for years -

To care for the needy and wipe away their tears.

Yes charity, oh charity, he’d give he’s quite sure,

He’d be a benefactor of the needy and the poor.


Next night he found out he was the winner

Everybody in the city knew.

“Congratulations! You’re the winner,

It’s a lifelong dream come true.”
Next day a man came to him from the street,

Telling him, “I’ve nothing left to eat.”

He handed him a contribution and a little more,

And with a smile and a handshake, walked him to the door.

But his investments were doing very well,

There were so many things to buy and sell.

As the time went marching on, things didn’t stay the same,

And he gave less and less to everyone that came.


And where he’d go they’d say, “There goes the winner!”

Everybody in the city knew,

“Congratulations! You’re the winner,

It’s a lifelong dream come true.”
Sitting in the lounge of his yacht on the isle,

With the latest novel, a whisky and a smile -

When sweet dreams were disturbed by a ringing of the phone,

“It’s your father,” his wife said, “I think he wants a loan.”

“Tell him I’m not here, Grace dear,

Everything’s invested for the next year.

They’ve got to understand,” he said, as he turned the page,

“I’ve got to leave a little something for my old age.”

The Sound of an Army in the Distance

(T.T.T.O. Tzahal March

The sound of an army in the distance,

Is coming to my ear.

The tramping feet are coming closer,

And yet I have no fear.

For flying proudly at our fore,

Is our ancient banner of yore.

Orange and White, through many a fight -

A beacon of light, dazzling the eyes of our foe.

The sword we wield will never yield,

Tzedokah is our lasting shield!
Our foe has marshalled his battalions,

He spurs them to the attack.

He hurls a hail of deadly arrows,

He waits for our line to crack.

But we stand in armor of gold

Made for us by our Sages of old.

The arrows fall aside, broken -

Stopped by our suits of mail,

The enemy is sounding the recall -

Seeing their attack will fail.

Viyilbash tzedokah kisherov

Ukova yeshuah birosho

In the Dark of Night

(T.T.T.O. Rabos Machshavos—Rabbi’s Sons)

In the dark of night,

The call had come.

Chaim was taken

From his family and home.
A poor man sitting

With outstretched hands -

Though he was rushing,

He gave his last cents.

The bombs were falling,

Rockets were blaring,

A shot rang out -

Chaim was hit!

Lying so quiet,

Doomed to death,

Chaim was saved -

Tzedokah tatzil mimaves

Walking Alone, with Nowhere to Go

(T.T.T.O. Reach Out—J.E.P.)

Walking alone, with nowhere to go,

A man with tears in his eyes.

Weary and weak with hunger and pain,

He falls and can’t seem to rise.
Quickly, I go to the poor helpless man

With the torn and tattered clothes.

Too proud to beg, too shy to talk,

His hunger and pain still grows.

A Jew, when troubled and distressed

Requires help from a friend.

The money one works for, with effort and toil,

He gives away or lends.

“Listen to me, my dear fellow Jew

Your worries are for but a while.”

Tzedokahh B’mammon I gave to him,

The man now walks with a smile.

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