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A Young Boy Holds

(T.T.T.O. Keili Atoh)

A young boy holds a small cup in his hand,

Reciting words he can barely understand.

But on his face, there shines a joyful light -

He is making Kiddush Friday night.
“Father, Father, please join in with me.

Father, Father, I’m lonely, can’t you see.

Let’s daven together, that is my dream,

Viheishv lev avos an banim.”
A young girl holds a candlestick, so bright,

Preparing to light the candles, Friday night.

Her mother is watching, with tears in her eyes,

Her daughter turns to her, and cries;

“Mother, Mother, please join in with me.

Mother, Mother, I’m lonely, can’t you see.

Let’s light together, that is my dream,

Viheishv lev avos an banim.”
Throughout the world, children pure and true,

Are teaching Torah to every single Jew.

Their parents are learning, and they are so proud -

And together, they all cry out loud;

“Father, Father, when will the Geulah be?

Father, Father, we’re lonely, can’t You see?

Please bring Moshiach, that is our dream,

Viheishv lev avos an banim.”

If I Would Have The Might

(T.T.T.O. Mikolos Mayim Rabim)

If I would have the might -

I would run into the night,

And I would scream, “Shabbos,

Shabbos, Shabbos, Shabbos.”
Shabbos, Shabbos, Shabbos, Shabbos,

Shabbos, Shabbos, Shabbos, Shabbos,

Shabbos hayom laHashem,
Shabbos hayom laHashem.

One Peaceful Friday Night

(T.T.T.O. Mikolos Mayim Rabim)

One peaceful Friday night,

The table decked in white.

The gloom and darkness of Golus

Seemed lost in the candlelight.
Entranced by the brilliant glare,

The young boy pondered and stared,

He dreamed of a world of Kedusha -

Where Shabbos is kept everywhere.


With Zemiros and learning, and bright candles burning,

My weekly nechama lifts up my Neshama -

For Shabos hayom laHashem -

We are so different from them.

We raise up our voices, the whole world rejoices.

Hashem elokeinu Shema koleinu.

With zeal and desire, each week we strive -

To keep this tradition alive.

Because we’re the Am Segulah -

An Am of Torah and Gedulah,

If only we’d all keep the Shabbos,

We’d surely bring the Geulah.

As the candles dwindle in size,

Teardrops form in my eyes.

A feeling of sadness surrounds me,

As the flame flickers and dies.

But a ray of hope still remains,

In a world filled with darkness and pain,

Each week, light will shine through the darkness -

And Shabbos Hamalkah will reign.


Just One Shabbos

Western Wall on Friday night, first time ever there.

Strapped into his knapsack, with his long and curly hair.

He stood there for a while, then broke out with a smile,

Emotion, overwhelming joy, with tears.

The men were dancing there, their hearts so full of love

Sang such happy tunes, to thank the One Above

For showing them the way, for giving them a day

Rest, rejoice, with peace of mind, to pray


Just one Shabbos, and we’ll all be free

Just one Shabbos, come and join with me

We’ll sing and dance to the sky

With our spirits so high

We will show them all, it’s true

Let them come and join us, too
I said, hello, my friend, you seem to be amused

He said, much more than that, I am a bit confused

I know I am a Jew, I was Bar Mitzvah too

But Shabbos, in our home, who ever knew

He asked to join with us, to understand and see

He spent some time with us, in total ecstasy

Next Shabbos came along, his feelings grew so strong

He first began to feel, that he belonged

He found his treasure, made some changes in his life

A brand-new family, his children and his wife

They learn new things each day, to live the Torah way

The message of the Shabbos, they will relate

Now, every Friday night, they go down to the Wall

Invite some people ‘round, and they will tell them all

We’ll teach them this new song, to join and sing along

Soon we’ll all be free, it won’t be long


I Have A Mezuzah

I have a Mezuzah

I have a Mezuzah

On my door

On my door

And now, I will tell you

And now, I will tell you

What it’s for

What it’s for

To kiss the Mezuzah

To kiss the Mezuzah

Is my aim

Is my aim

For on it, is written

For on it, is written

Hashem’s name

Hashem’s name

I Ran Around The Corner

(T.T.T.O. Old McDonald)

Oh, I ran around the corner

And I ran around the block

And I ran right into a bakery shop

And I looked at the door

And, you know what I saw?

Right! A Mezuzah was on the door
So I stood proud

And I shouted loud

Yes, I’m in the Mezuzah crowd

We love Mezuzah (kiss, kiss)

When Chaim Comes Marching Home

When Chaim comes marching home each day

Horah, horah

He lifts his hand so he can touch the mezuza

He kisses the one in the living room

He kisses the one in the dinning room

He kisses the mezuza all around the house

It Happened Yom Kippur

(T.T.T.O. At the Foot of the Kosel—J.E.P.)

It happened Yom Kippur, as they were praying

A truck pulled up, the sergeant was saying

A war has broke out, we need all our men

To serve lima’an Hashem
Young Mottel turned ‘round to his father beside him

Father, advise me before I go fight them

Give me a bracha I should have hatzlacha

And let’s hope we’ll meet again

Oh, Mottel my son, do not be dejected

We have a Mezuzah, you’ll be protected

Set aside time during each day

To study His Torah and pray

Speak to our soldiers that will be with you

Teach them bichol dirochecho doe’hu

Hashem yishmor tzeischo, safe and secure

Until you’ll be with us once more

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