The Three Steps of Programming Project

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The Three Steps of Programming Project
Follow this Interface Design sketch and the Methods Pseudocode information below that was provided to build a VB project that displays the 3 steps of writing a VB project. Your program must follow the Visual Basic Coding Standards. Name your project Three Steps .
Staple your printouts in the following order:
1. VB code

2. The screen capture of your actual form window at runtime after a successful test case.

Interface Design Sketch

Methods Pseudocode
Object1 Event Pseudocode

btnStep1 Click Show the phrase "Design the interface" in lblStep1.

btnStep2 Click Show the phrase "Plan the code (aka pseudocode)."

btnStep3 Click Show the phrase "Write and debug the code."

btnClear Click lblStep1, lblStep2, & lblStep3 are cleared.

btnExit Click Exit the program.

Download 37.18 Kb.

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