These are the module titles for the following programmes: meng Mechanical Engineering (H301)

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These are the module titles for the following programmes:
MEng Mechanical Engineering (H301)

MEng Mechanical Engineering (USMC)

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Acoustical Engineering (4R23)

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Advanced Materials (HJ35)

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace (HH34)

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Automotive (H390)

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Biomedical Engineering (4R29)

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Computational Engineering and Design (5P01)

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Engineering Management (HN32)

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Mechatronics (HH37)

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Naval Engineering (HH35)

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Sustainable Energy Systems (HH32)

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Foundation Year (J512)

You must list all the module titles in the list below on your ATAS application, not just those modules that you feel you are likely to take

Foundation Year


Engineering Principles

Electricity and Electronics

Mathematics A

Mathematics B

Mechanical Science

Routes to Success

Part I / II Modules

Design and Computing

Electrical and Electronic Systems

Electronics Drives and Control

Engineering Management and Law

Fluid Mechanics

Materials and Structures

Mathematics for Engineering and the Environment I

Mathematics for Engineering and the Environment II

Mechanics Machines and Vibration

Mechanics, Structures and Materials

Professional Engineering and Functional Materials

Systems Design and Computing



Part III / IV Modules

Accounting & Finance for Engineers

Active Control

Advanced Computational Methods I

Advanced Control Design

Advanced Electrical Systems

Advanced Finite Element Analysis

Advanced Management

Advanced Partial Differential Equations

Advanced Sensors and Condition Monitoring

Advanced Vibration

Advances in Ship Resistance and Propulsion



Aircraft Propulsion

Aircraft Structural Design

Aircraft Structures

Applications of CFD

Applied Digital Signal Processing

Architectural and Building Acoustics

Audio Engineering

Automobile Systems

Automotive Propulsion

Bio, Nano and Modelling Aspects of Tribology


Biological Flow


Biomedical Apps. Signal and Image Processing

Biomedical Implants and Devices

Composite Engineering Design and Mechanics

Computational Methods in Biomedical Engineering Design

Consultancy Skills

Control and Instrumentation

Design Search and Optimisation


Engineering Design with Management

Failure of Materials and Components

Finite Element Analysis in Solid Mechanics

Flow Control

Fuel Cells and Photovoltaic Systems I

Fuel Cells and Photovoltaic Systems II

Fundamentals of Acoustics

Fundamentals of Ship Science

Group Design Project

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer and Applications

Human Factors in Engineering

Human Responses to Sound and Vibration

Hypersonic & High Temp Gas Dynamics

Individual Project

Industrial Law

Information Systems Management and Strategy

Introduction to Knowledge Information Systems Management

Managing within a Global Context

Manufacturing and Materials

Marine Craft Concept Design

Marine Engineering

Marine Safety and Environmental Engineering

Marine Structures

Marine Structures in Fluids

Microstructural Engineering for Transport Applications

Microstructure and Surface Characterisation

Musical Instrument Acoustics

Noise Control Engineering

Numerical Methods

Numerical Methods for Acoustics

Offshore Engineering and Analysis

Operational Research

Orthopaedic Biomechanics

Project Risk Management

Race Car Aerodynamics

Renewable Energy from Environmental Flows

Robotic Systems

Semester in Industry Project with Reflective Engineer

Strategic Management

Study Abroad modules

Surface Engineering

Sustainable Energy Systems, Resources and Usage

Teaching and Communication & the Undergrad Ambassador Scheme

Thermofluid engineering for Low-Carbon Energy

Tribological Engineering with Engine Tribology

Turbulence: Physics & Modelling

Vehicle Powertrain, Noise and Vibration

Wing Aerodynamics

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