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Welcome to the American Criminal Justice Association-Lambda Alpha Epsilon (ACJA/LAE) Sigma Pi Chapter cadet-pledging program. You are embarking upon what we hope will be a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

This is your cadet manual and road map for the pledging process completion. Beyond these pages is information that will expand your paradigm of the criminal justice system and ACJA.

The members of Sigma Pi are proud of the reputation, which unity, dedication, enthusiasm, and leadership. We pride ourselves on welding a stronger, more permanent bond of unity than any other Long Beach City College Organization. The members of Sigma Pi Chapter of ACJA/LAE thank you for extending us the honor of seeking membership in our organization. We hope that you will soon be sharing our fraternal brother/sisterhood.

Basic membership requirements

New members of Sigma Pi chapter of ACJA/LAE are selected by the membership based on several factors. Applicants must be members of the Associated Student Body of Long Beach City College, have at least a 2.0 GPA, and currently enrolled at LBCC.

Applicants go through an initial period of pledging consisting of work projects, social activities, memorization of fraternal information, and a series of line-ups similar to police academy inspections. In Addition, current members will observe you for your display of UNITY, DEDICATION, ENTHUSIASM, WILLINGNESS TO WORK, JUDGMENT, and ABILITY TO GET ALONG WITH OTHERS. During the pledging period, cadets are given both a written test and an oral interview on fraternal knowledge. Final acceptance requires sponsorship by three current members and the favorable vote of the majority of the current membership. At the end of the pledging period you will have to complete 10 hours of community service hours.


Should any Cadet have any medical issues that would empire him/her from any physical training or physical activate, the Cadet must show official documents from a Medical personal. This Cadet will wear a BLUE ribbon at all times.

Objectives of ACJA/LAE

ACJA/LAE is comprised of men and women employed and/or students in the field of criminal justice. This includes some of the following types of law enforcement personnel, attorneys, court officials, probation, parole and corrections officers, forensic technicians, and members of other related professions. The association provides opportunities for them to join together in academic, professional, social and competitive activities.

This association builds personal and business relationships in a family like atmosphere, which allow members to share common professional interests. Its foremost goals are to promote professional integrity, excellence and to encourage higher education in all Administrative of Justice fields.

Purpose of Pledging

Sigma Pi will maintain an outstanding reputation for the careful selection of new members accepted into the chapter through the cadet-pledging program. During the eight (8) weeks of pledging, you will undergo a period of testing which will stretch your inner resources to their limits. Your success as you under goes the pledging process will establish if we will extend an invitation to you in joining our group of fraternal brothers and sisters.

The process is similar to the stress selection and training techniques used by most law enforcement academies. As cadets, your personal qualities of INTEGRITY, HONESTY, LOYALTY, JUDGMENT, and DEDICATION will be closely scrutinized.

As members of this chapter, you will be expected to maintain traditions of SERVICE and HONOR, which will set apart Sigma Pi as a highly respected student organization at Long Beach City College. As a fraternity, we have not, and will not, condone activity, which dishonors the image of Sigma Pi chapter in any way.

Each Sigma Pi member has developed a strong bond of fraternal love toward one another because each one has gone through the experience of pledging. Through pledging, we hope to impart our own sense of unity and loyalty to you. We will understand your feelings of stress and frustration because we also have experienced the same emotions during our own pledging period. Remember that our purpose is not to weaken or break you, but rather to test and strengthen your inner character.

Intentions of Pledging

Promote a sense of unity among the members in your cadet class, so that you learn to Trust and Support one another. Being prospective members, you are expected to organize and work together to accomplish your common goals. Hence, your pledge class will be assigned various group projects outside of pledge nights.

Help you develop a sense of pride for your cadet pledge class.

Promote a strong bond of fraternal love and loyalty between fellow prospective and active fraternity members.

Determine your willingness to accept responsibilities and achieve difficult and sometimes deliberately confusing tasks with a sense of humor.

Challenge your mental, physical, and emotional capabilities to perform at their highest levels.

Allow you to learn of the ideals, goals, and traditions of Sigma Pi.

Permit the members of Sigma Pi to observe your personality traits under stressful and relaxing situations that will decide if we wish to extend an invitation to you to become one of us.

General rules of pledging

Prospective members are referred to as "CADETS" during the entire pledging period.

Cadets will address all actives as "SIR", "MA'AM", "MR.", or "MRS." At the beginning and end of every sentence.

Cadets are expected to attend all scheduled cadet activities. Attendance will be a consideration in determining acceptance into Sigma Pi.

Certain priority activities can excuse attendance at fraternity functions. These include work, school activities, and religious observances, important family activities, medical appointments, etc. However, an excessive number of absences should cause the cadet to consider whether they have sufficient time to devote to membership in an extra curricular club or fraternity.

Cadets MUST inform their Pledge Master/Mistress, Big Brother/Sister, and Cadet Captain in advance of any anticipated absences and the reason.

Cadets MAY NOT SMOKE, DRINK ALCHOHOL, CHEW GUM, or USE PROFANITY in the presence of active members.

Cadets must be respectful to all members of ACJA/LAE and give special courtesy to Chapter, Regional, and National Officers and Advisors.

Cadets MUST NEVER give the impression that they are members of ACJA/LAE.

Cadets are to refrain from publicly criticizing, downgrading or ridiculing members, other cadets, ACJA/LAE, Sigma Pi, Long Beach City College, or any other campus organization.

A Big Brother/Sister will be assigned to every cadet this is the active that will answer questions, be your friend and confidante and offer encouragement. They are to be contacted weekly, between Monday and Wednesday, before the pledge night.

Cadets must wear a blue ribbon and have in their possession their blue box and cadet pledge binder at all times while on campus.

Should you experience any difficulty during the pledging period, make sure to contact the cadet captain and your big Brother/ Sister.

The pledge uniform is to be worn at sanctioned events only, should you choose to go somewhere before or after an event, and you must change out of your pledge uniform.

Special Concerns of Pledging

The following rules are of special concern. Violations are to be immediately reported to the Pledge Master/Mistress AND to the advisors. Violations will mean TERMINATION of membership! (Active or Cadet.) Sigma Pi adheres to the Hazing Code of the Associated Student Body (ASB) of Long Beach City College and the State of California.

A copy of this Cadet Manual is on file with and has been approved by the ASB of Long Beach City College. The Dean of Student Affairs is invited to observe any SIGMA PI
pledging activities. A cadet will NEVER be required to participate in any act, which is likely to cause, physical injury or which is intended to degrade, humiliate or disgrace a cadet.

Cadets WILL NOT participate in ANY activity that may cause property damage.

There is to be NO violation of any state law or school/club rule during any fraternity activity. This includes motor vehicle laws and minimum drinking age.

Curfew for required cadet activities is 12 O'clock midnight on weeknights (Sunday to Thursday) and 2 AM on Friday and Saturday. Cadets may voluntarily meet and accomplish fraternity business outside of these hours, if they wish.

There will be NO fraternization between actives and cadets. Fraternization means any affectionate relations such as dating; kissing, handholding, meeting alone, sexually oriented activity etc. The purpose of this rule is to protect cadets from feeling pressured into accepting dates or advances in order to be accepted into the fraternity membership.

If a member is dating a potential cadet, BEFORE pledging begins, this relationship
MUST be brought to the attention of the Pledge Master/Mistress and the Advisors before the first pledge activity.

ALL MEMBERS are prohibited from using illegal drugs of any kind, anywhere, any time, or remaining present where others are using illegal drugs. This includes drinking under the age of 21.

Consumption of alcohol before or during a pledge activity is NOT allowed.

Cadet Class Organization and Unity

At the second line up, a Cadet Captain (CC) will be selected, who will be responsible for directing and supervising all activities of the cadet class. The CC will have authority over all cadets. CC may be removed and replaced at the discretion of the Pledge Master/Mistress.

If necessary, as determined by the Pledge Master/Mistress, the class will be divided into squads, with appointed squad leaders, who will report to the CC. The CC can appoint other class officers as needed.

The cadet class will select class colors, and design a class flag. The class colors will not include the chapter colors of royal blue and white. This must be at least 3x5 feet, no smaller.

The class will prepare and distribute a roster with addresses, phone numbers and class schedules of all Cadets. There should be sufficient copies for all officers and cadets. This should be placed in your cadet notebook.

Cadets will learn to perform basic military formation and marching commands and properly conduct a military inspection formation.

The class must organize themselves for the rapid dissemination of information. Cadet class instructions and information will frequently be provided to just one person, such as the Cadet Captain. This information must then be passed along. If one person gets the information and then fails to share it, they will be penalized. Likewise, if only one person out of the class fails to get the information, then the person not getting the information will be penalized as well as the person responsible for getting the information to him/her.

Cadet Sources of Information

This Cadet Manual.

ACJA/LAE information brochures distributed at orientation meeting.

National and Chapter web sites

National, Regional, and Chapter By-Laws (available from an Advisor or Pledge Master/Mistress).

The ACJA/LAE Sigma Pi bulletin board outside of room T-2314

Important special instructions and information items may be posted there

Daily check the board regularly throughout the day.

NOTE: If you receive conflicting information from different sources, you should verify the information with the Pledge Master/Mistress, and consider that their information is correct.

Membership Fees:

When the cadet is accepted into Sigma Pi, they must pay $36.00 in National Dues and $20.00 in Chapter Dues. The National Dues are renewed yearly and the Chapter Dues are renewed every semester. Several varieties of fraternal attire are available in the chapter colors. Money is paid first then we order the items. (T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Jackets, Sweatshirts and more).

Membership Benefits

Membership in Sigma Pi Chapter of ACJA/LAE brings both tangible and intangible benefits. Among these benefits are:

Membership card, pin, and certificate.

Eligible for regional and national competitions with awards in many different categories of criminal justice skill and knowledge.

National scholarship competitions of up to $2000.00.

Above all, membership provides opportunities to develop lifetime friendships, important leadership skills, and to feel the satisfaction of personal accomplishment.
New Member Acceptance Procedures

Pledges are expected to participate in a pledge process which will held during the school semester and put on my the current members and officers

The pledge process will consist of multiple tests, physical agility activities and Squad based formations. There will be a Big Brother / Sister that will be there to evaluate and sign off on you at the end of the semester. Acceptance by your big and other members of the club at the end of the pledge process is a mandatory requirement. This along with test scores, overall participation during the pledge process, and consistent volunteering for the club will be taken into consideration for your acceptance into this organization

National and Regional Organization

ACJA/LAE is a national association, with over 3000 members high over 100 chapters, organized in six (6) regions throughout the country, stretching from Spokane, Washington to Florida and from Baltimore, Maryland, to Hawaii. Most chapters are located in colleges and universities, although some are organized independently as professional chapters. Provision is also made for members at-large who cannot affiliate with an organized chapter. Six west coast states and Hawaii form Region One of the association with over 25 chapters. In Southern California, there are chapters at Los Angeles City College, Rio Hondo College, and Irvine Valley College. The national headquarters is located hi Sacramento, California, where a full time Executive Secretary manages the day-today business of the organization. A National President and Vice President are elected at an annual business meeting. Together with the elected Regional Presidents, they form the National Executive Board, which determines national policies of the Association.


Two conferences are held annually: a three-day regional conference in the fall and a national conference in the spring. Conferences include educational workshops, business meetings, and social activities. The highlights of each conference are the criminal justice competitions. Students from across the country compete for trophies in criminal law, corrections, investigation, physical agility, firearms, and many other areas of criminal justice knowledge and skill.



I was born and raised in Long Beach and graduated from Millikan High School.  I was accepted at Long Beach State College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology in 1973.  While I was in college I joined the Huntington Beach Police Department and over the course of a 17-year law enforcement career attained the rank of Police Lieutenant.  While I was a police officer I returned to college and earned two Master of Science degrees.  My first graduate degree is from Long Beach State and is in Criminal Justice; the other is in Management and is from Cal Poly Pomona.

After my law enforcement career I joined Chevron Oil's corporate security staff and spent 21 years conducting investigations, assessing security risks and then designing security programs to effectively mitigate these risks and provide a level of safety and security for the company's employees and assets.  This work took me to 16 states here in the U.S. and to the countries of Canada, Mexico, Singapore, England, Colombia, Kazakhstan and the Netherlands.

Over the course of these two varied but complimentary careers I have taught law enforcement and security classes since 1980 at Golden West College, Long Beach State, Cerritos College and Long Beach City College.  I joined the full time teaching staff at LBCC in January 2012.

Sigma Pi is a respected group with a long and commendable history of service to the school and community.  Having the opportunity to act as the club's Advisor is my honor and something I am very proud of.  I wish the best to all who undertake the challenge of joining this fine group.

JAMES B. SMITH (Advisor)

I was born in Great Lakes, Illinois, later moving to California when my father received a military transfer. I am a product of the Long Beach Unified School District and graduated from Millikan High School. After graduating from Millikan High School, I attended Long Beach City College and was a member of the baseball team. I received my Associate of Arts degree and transferred to CSULB graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Master in Public Administration. I decided to continue my education and was accepted into the Doctorate Program in the School of Public Administration at the University of Southern California (USC).

While attending CSULB I joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) by becoming a deputy sheriff. I graduated the USC doctorate program while working for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Investigation where I reached the rank of Lieutenant.

My career as a police officer for almost thirty-five years, (eight years with LASD and twenty-seven years with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Bureau of Investigation) has allowed me tremendous opportunity to serve others. Training and development of police officers was my role with both law enforcement agencies and I held the title of Training Manager for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for many years. This position required me to coordinate hundreds of training programs with local police and sheriff’s department officials including Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) administrators, in virtually every area of law enforcement. Additional assignments in law enforcement included white-collar crime investigations, Secret Service high-tech crimes investigations, internal affairs, organized crime, environmental crimes, corrections, child abduction and many more.

I have had the opportunity to instruct CSULB students at the graduate and undergraduate levels and have found the undergraduate level to be the most challenging and rewarding. I have been a part time instructor at Long Beach City College for the past twenty-four years. This experience coupled with my training duties in law enforcement and as an instructor with POST, has given me the chance to work effectively with students from diverse backgrounds. I feel one of the most important things a teacher can do in these situations is to help students develop confidence in their own abilities in order to believe that they belong in college and that they can successfully navigate its challenges. I am very proud to be an advisor with Sigma Pi and to be a resource for its membership.

Eileen Miller (Advisor)

I was born and reared in Long Beach. I graduated from St. Anthony High School in Long Beach.

I attended and graduated from Long Beach City College with an Associate of Science Degree awarded in Police Science.

I transferred to California State University Long Beach after completing my studies at LBCC. I graduated from CSULB with a Bachelor of Science Degree awarded in Criminology.

While attending CSULB, I began working at Santa Monica Police Department. I was the first female police cadet employed by The Santa Monica Police Department. After completing my studies at CSULB, I began working at Santa Monica College Police Department. I was the first female police officer employed by Santa Monica College Police Department. I worked my way up through the ranks until becoming Chief of Police. According to POST (Police Officer Standards and Training), I was the first female Chief of Police in California.

I retired from SMCPD after thirty four (34) years, the last fourteen (14) as Chief of Police.

For thirteen years, I was a member then President of Los Angeles Westside Rotary Club.

I am a member of law enforcement organizations: California Community Colleges Chiefs of Police, International Association of Chiefs of Police and Long Beach Police Officer Association – honorary member.

I began teaching at LBCC in 2010.

I appreciate the opportunity to be able to share my knowledge and extensive experience as a Chief of Police by educating adults interested in criminal justice careers with the skills and ethics required to serve effectively in the necessary and demanding profession of law enforcement.

I commend and congratulate the members or Sigma Pi for their dedication, care and service to LBCC and the community.

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