Tossups – international hackey box brigade rc cola classic 2002 – utc questions by Berry with special guest stars Hanson, Brock, & Shaun from Simon Fraser U

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Questions by Berry with special guest stars Hanson, Brock, & Shaun from Simon Fraser U.

1) In 1969, shortly after moving into her new home, she was kidnapped, but was eventually found in her own backyard. In a cinematic portrayal, she visits Hawaii after losing her underpants in a batch of cookies. She is never seen without her blond pigtails and red dress, although she received a new dress for Christmas in 1969. FTP name Cindy Brady’s doll and best friend.

Answer: Kitty Karry-all
2) She was played in 1933 by Charlotte Henry, in 1972 by Fiona Fullerton, and Kristine DeBell in an X-rated 1996 portrayal. Kathryn Beaumont provided her voice in a 1951 film. In a 1982 made-for-TV movie, Kate Burton played her. In a surreal Czechoslovakian version in 1987 she was played by Kristýna Kohoutova, and in 1999 Tina Majorino took on the role. FTP, name this precocious British girl created by Lewis Carroll.

Answer: Alice

3) This game that is part of a long series includes such interesting characters as Terra who can morph into a non-human creature known as an esper, Sabin who attacks with the blitzes taught by his master, and General Celes who was infused with magic as a child. It also includes a long opera known as one of the “finest musical masterpieces” in RPG history. FTP name this game that was part 6 of the series in Japan.

Answer: Final Fantasy 3 (Accept Final Fantasy 6 on an early buzz)
4) This band began its musical career touring bars in a rented Chevy station wagon. Since their first album was released in 1971 they have sold over 40 million records. Former members include Terry Luttrell, Graham Lear, and Mike Murphy, who briefly replaced the group’s best-known singer and sang lead on their first hit, “Riding the Storm Out.” FTP name this band, currently led by singer and guitarist Kevin Cronin, who released such songs as The Unidentified Flying Tuna Trot, Live Every Moment, Take it on the Run, and Can’t Fight this Feeling.

Answer: REO Speedwagon

5) New rules have recently allowed athletes in this sport to compete wearing skirts. It was first internationally recognized as a sport in 1962, with first world championship in Budapest in 1963. The individual competition first appeared in the Olympics in 1984 with the addition of a team competition in 1996. FTP name this sport that utilizes apparatus like rope, hoop, ball, and clubs.

Answer: Rhythmic gymnastics

6) Mark Larson recently devoted a 128-page book to this, which has been described as “business in the front, party in the back.” Growing from the androgynous trend set by the glam-rockers of the 1970’s, it was an integral part of teenage fashion in the eighties and is still sported today by a few brave souls. Its nicknames include sho-lo, Camaro, Mud-flap, and bi-level. FTP name this hairstyle with a short top and long back popular among hockey players.

Answer: the mullet

7) This PBS show’s first episode aired in October of 1992. Aimed at making reading fun, its ethnically diverse cast featured Sheldon Turnipseed and Blaze Berdahl. The series followed a group of New York City kids who, with the aid of a silent spiritual being, solve mysteries. FTP identify this show that features characters like Gaby, Rob, Jamal and Lenny.

Answer: Ghostwriter
10) This team has a history of donning hideous jerseys; the epitome of ugliness was a yellow jersey with brown and orange V’s running from the shoulders down to the front of the jersey. Its first expansion draft pick was defenseman Gary Doak from Boston. Its first Entry Draft pick was another defenseman, Dale Tallon, selected 2nd overall behind Gilbert Perreault. Though reputed for making poor first round draft choices like of Alex Stojanov and Libor Polasek, FTP, name this NHL franchise, the last Canadian team to date to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, that also drafted Trevor Linden, Petr Nedved, and Pavel Bure.

Answer: Vancouver Canucks (prompt on Vancouver)

9) He released his debut self-titled album in 1992 on Curb Records. His first hit album was 1994's "Not a Moment Too Soon," which spawned the controversial single, "Indian Outlaw." His first Number One album was "All I Want," released in 1995, which eventually reached multi-platinum status in the US. FTP, name this 2000 CMA Male Vocalist of the Year who is currently married to Faith Hill.

Answer: Tim McGraw

10) It featured the politically incorrect song “Abraham”; other songs included “Lazy” and the one the composer thought would be the big hit, “Be Careful, That’s My Heart.” The filming of Fred Astaire’s firecracker dance took thirty takes and caused Astaire to lose 14 pounds. Like many a ‘40’s musical, this 1942 release has a paper-thin plot, in this case revolving around a country hotel. FTP name this film starring Bing Crosby that introduced the song “White Christmas”and later loaned its name to a chain of motels.

Answer: Holiday Inn

11) Its ranks swelled with the addition of Masta Killa and Cappadonna., joining original members U God, RZA [riza], GZA [giza], Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, and Ole Dirty Bastard. Its love for the martial arts led to the release of a Playstation fighting game baring its name. FTP, name this hip-hop supergroup based out of New York City whose music video for the song “Triumph” featured a swarm of killer bees.

Answer: The Wu Tang Clan
12) This show, which premiered on Nickelodeon in 1984, follows the adventures of a young boy in search of his mother, a gypsy who left him to be raised by an old man named Cecil. The boy travels across the Pyrenees with the help of a small puppy named Poochie, and a large white dog, dubbed “the white monster” by local police offers. FTP name this cartoon that loaned its name to a Scottish band.

Answer: Belle and Sebastian

13) This series first began in 1959 as a guide to affordable flights to Europe. Popular among students and backpackers it now includes 35 books and 18 map guides published each year. It has previously published such tips as “how to get from Paris to Prague on no dollars a day by singing in the street.” It is written by 250 Harvard students and published by St. Martin’s press. FTP name this budget travel series that might be called Andiamo in Italy.

Answer: Let’s Go

14) The “artist” who created the spectacular lyrics to this musical masterpiece was born in Sydney, Australia and appeared on the cover of “Tiger Beat Magazine” in 1972. It won a Grammy the same year The Police took home the award for best instrumental. It recently appeared in an episode of Dawson’s Creek. Notably, it was the last song to reach number one on the charts without MTV (It was #1 the day MTV debuted). FTP name this Rick Springfield hit that has us all pondering, “Why can’t I find a woman like that?”

Answer: Jesse’s Girl

15) He describes himself as accident-prone, having broken his back, ribs, nose, arm, wrist, and both legs before his 25th birthday. A bit part in the 1997 film Wilde got him many film offers which he turned down in favor of stage plays including The Seagull and The Trojan Women. He’d finished filming three films before portraying PFC Todd Blackburn in Black Hawk Down. FTP name this actor, who plays Legolas [LAY-go-lass] in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Answer: Orlando Bloom
16) They consist of “tasty sugar cookies wrapped in yummy caramel, sprinkled with chocolate, and enveloped in rich milk chocolate.” In the past their packaging was decorated pictures of young girls putting on a play. It currently depicts children at a firehouse using a hose. FTP name the Girl Scout Cookies that come in a purple box and share their name with an island group.

Answer: Samoas

17) Drafted in the 4th round, 69th overall by the Los Angeles Kings in 1984's NHL Entry Draft, this Concord, MA native decided against pursuing hockey professionally. Instead, he opted for baseball, joining the Atlanta Braves organization that took him in the 2nd round of the 1984 June Free Agent Draft. His stellar major league career began on August 17th, 1987 against the Houston Astros, and he went on to capture the Cy Young Award in both 1991 and 1998. FTP, name this southpaw starter who wears the number 47 for the Braves.

Answer: Tom Glavine

18) This game has its origin in ancient India where it taught Hindu children about right and wrong. Squares represented types of good while snakes represented various types of evil. The moral aspects of the game caught Victorian England’s fancy and the game was soon played throughout the U.K. because it taught values like penitence, thrift and industry. The game was first marketed in the U.S. in 1943 and is still popular today. FTP name this Milton Bradley game in which players climb upwards for good deeds and drop down slides as punishment for bad deeds.

Answer: Chutes and Ladders

19) Though they first appeared on shelves in 1958, dozens of sequels have followed with themes like Spider-man, The Incredible Hulk, Popeye, Barbie, and Scooby Doo. They were created by two writers from The Steve Allen Show. They had such a simple premise that each promised “ridiculously simple instructions” on the back cover. Essays found inside include “Beauty Tips”, “How to Write a Business Letter” and “Why You Should Go to College”. FTP name the “World’s Greatest Party Game” which taught numerous children to identify the parts of speech by filling in blanks to create humorous stories.

Answer: Mad Libs

20) A popular quote states that this vehicle is never selected by its owner, rather it is thrust upon him. It was first sold in 1959, but discontinued a year later. When it reappeared in 1964, it had an optional V8. By 1970 it had 360 horsepower and in 1973, its highest sales year, 64,987 were sold. From 1982 to 1984 it was manufactured with a diesel engine and its last year of production was 1987. And Bill Clinton admits he once had one with Astro-Turf in the back. FTP identify this tacky vehicle manufactured by GM as a “car-like truck”.

Answer: El Camino

21) He remarried on March 23rd 2002, his 35th birthday, in a 30 minute ceremony at the Little Church of the West on the Las Vegas Strip. His blushing bride had no reservations about the marriage, despite the 1993 attack that thrust her new husband into the national spotlight. Since 1993 he has moved to Nevada, where he has worked in a brothel and as a bartender and tow truck operator. He has also appeared in a number of adult films including Frankenpenis. FTP, name this man who became famous when his wife, literally, whacked off his manhood.

Answer: John Wayne Bobbit

22) How to escape from quicksand. How to deliver a baby in a taxicab. How to fend off a shark. How to jump from a bridge or cliff into a river. How to jump from a building into a dumpster. How to perform a tracheotomy. How to treat a bullet or knife wound. How to survive when you are in the line of gunfire. All these come from, FTP, which best-selling book that will teach readers how to deal with any crisis imaginable.

Answer: The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook
23. This product’s original containers were red and white, although variants since then have used numerous colors and have included images of people, houses, the beach, and cars. According to rumor a cartoonist designed its current container. FTP name this carbonated beverage that debuted on February 19th, 1985, that can now be found in a black and red can and has a yummy fruit flavor.

Answer: Cherry Coke (Do not accept Cherry Coca-Cola)

24. The 1995 winner was a man who strapped a jet fuel rocket to his car and raced along at 300 miles an hour before crashing into a cliff and leaving a three-foot crater behind. The 1996 winner chopped off his own head in a drunken game to prove how macho he was. A winner from 1998 attempted, on a dare, to swallow a five-inch fish, choked on it and died before confused paramedics could resuscitate him. FTP, name this award that commemorates those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it in really stupid ways.

Answer: the Darwin Awards

25. The sequel to The Colonel’s Bequest, this strange game set in the 1920’s follows the adventures of a young reporter as she investigates the theft of a priceless artifact from the Leyendecker Museum. Searching the streets of New York, she questions suspects like Ziggy, a local lounge lizard; Yvette, a French woman who sleeps with each of the game’s male characters; and Low Fat, the owner of a Chinese Laundry. The main character eventually recovers the treasure and saves the day just in time for another rendition of the recurring tune “I want to Marry an Archaeologist”. FTP name this 1992 Sierra game.

Answer: Laura Bow 2 or The Dagger of Amon Ra


Questions by Berry with special guest stars Hanson, Brock, & Shaun from Simon Fraser U.

1) Identify the Muppet movie featuring the following songs FTPE or for five points if you need an extra clue.

10- “Somebody’s Gettin' Married”, “You Can’t Take No for and Answer”, and “Rat Scat”

5- This movie follows the Muppets as they travel to New York City in an effort to turn their senior class play into a Broadway hit.

Answer: The Muppets Take Manhattan

10- “Hey! A Movie!”, “Stepping out with a Star”, and “Happiness Hotel”.

5- This movie follows Fozzie and Kermit as they attempt to become the first twins to write for London’s Daily Chronicle.

Answer: The Great Muppet Caper

10- “Boom Shakalaka”, “Love Led us Here”, and “Love Power”

5- This Muppet take on a classic adventure story’s cast includes Tim Curry as a pirate.

Answer: Muppet Treasure Island

2) It’s not often that a baseball bonus is devoted to just one pitch of a baseball game, but this one is. Answer these questions about the last pitch of the 1993 World Series FTPE.

a) The man who hit the pitch over the left field fence at the Toronto SkyDome to win both Game 6 and the second straight World Series for the Blue Jays.

Answer: Joe Carter

b) The Philadelphia Phillies pitcher who served up Carter’s blast might be known for being a bowling alley manager a few years later and best known as…well…being the answer to this question.

Answer: Mitch “The Wild Thing” Williams (begrudgingly accept the nickname)

c) The future Hall of Famer who was at third when Carter hit the homer; besides the Jays, he spent time with both Milwaukee and Minnesota during his career.

Answer: Paul Molitor

3) Very few video games have the addictive qualities found in “The Sims”. FTPE identify these Sims expansion packs.

10- This expansion pack allows your Sims to host every kind of social event from a Hawaiian Luau to a Wild West Campfire cookout. Cameos by famous stars and interactions with their neighbors ensure your Sims a quick job promotion.

Answer: The Sims: House Party Expansion Pack

10- This Sims expansion allows your Sims to take fun road trips. They dodge hazards like pickpockets and Montezuma’s Revenge in order to bring home the perfect souvenir. .

Answer: The Sims Vacation Expansion Pack

10- This version of Sims allows you purchase objects like the Cuddle Couch, Love Tub, Picnic Basket, and Lover's Swing in the hopes that your Sims will find romantic fulfillment. Living vicariously through this game is a good indication that you have no hope of finding romantic fulfillment for yourself. Ever.

Answer: The Sims Hot Date Expansion Pack

4) Who needs church when you can rent your way to heaven with fine videos? FTPE name these Christian videos aimed at children available to rent at your local Blockbuster. (The videos are available for rent, I mean. Not the children.)

(a) The Lutheran church funded this series by Gumby’s creator, Art Clokey. It first aired in 1962 and focused on the antics of a young boy and his dog as they learned moral messages from their ridiculously dim-witted actions.

Answer: Davey and Goliath

(b) In this series, a young boy named Chris, a robot named Gizmo, and a girl named Joy are all sucked into the Bible and in Quantum Leap-esque adventures, a mysterious voice only allows them to return home after completing a quest. It first aired on CBN in 1982.

Answer: Superbook

(c) This Hanna-Barbera series used celebrities like Ed Asner and Mariette Hartley to voice its characters. In the grand tradition of Hanna-Barbera the poor quality animation brings Biblical figures like Moses, Joseph, and Samson to some semblance of life.

Answer: The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible

5) On a 30-20-10 basis, from the given albums, identify the artist.

(30) Imperfectly, Not So Soft, Like I Said

(20) Puddle Drive, Up Up Up Up Up Up, More Joy Less Shame

(10) Revelling Reckoning, Little Plastic Castle, To The Teeth

Answer: Ani DiFranco
6) The early nineties saw an onslaught of winter sports movies. FTPE identify these sports films.

(a) This movie that is based on a true story follows Yul Brenner, Sanka Coffie, Junior Bevil, and Derice Bannock as they attempt to win gold in the 1988 Calgary games.

Answer: Cool Runnings

(b) This 1992 film focuses on a lawyer who must coach a youth sports team after being slapped with a community service assignment. It stars Joshua Jackson and Emilio Estevez.

Answer: The Mighty Ducks

(c) This 1992 film has been called “The Taming of the Shrew” on ice. It focuses on pair skaters Kate and Doug as they attempt to win gold in Albertville.

Answer: The Cutting Edge

7) If someone mentions punk rock and you think of Blink 182, Sum 41, and MXPX, you won’t like this bonus. For ten points each, name these actual punk bands from a description.

(a) This San Francisco based band began in 1978 and was led by Eric Boucher (better known
as Jello Biafra). Well known for their satirical wit, some of their songs include “Let’s Lynch the Landlord”, “A Child and his Lawnmower”, and “Holiday in Cambodia”.

Answer: The Dead Kennedys

(b) This band also began in 1978. From 1978 to 1986, it recorded with four different singers, Ron Reyes, Dez Cadena, Henry Rollins, and Keith Morris, who later formed the Circle Jerks. In addition to recording songs like “Padded Cell”, “Life of Pain”, and “Society’s Tease”, the band also formed SST records.

Answer: Black Flag

(c) This band is led by Tim Armstrong, “a formerly homeless dyslexic anarchist who can’t drive a car.” They combine punk with ska and reggae to create songs like “Ruby Soho", "Timebomb", and "Salvation”. It features former members of Operation Ivy and has produced albums like Let’s Go and Out Come the Wolves.

Answer: Rancid

8) Players were picked before Michael Jordan in the 1984 NBA draft? That’s an outrage! FTSNOP:

(5,5) FFPE, name the two players selected before His Airness, one of whom really wasn’t a bad choice.

Answer: (H)Akeem Olajuwon, Sam Bowie

(5,5) For another five points each, name the two teams that passed up Jordan.

Answer: Houston Rockets (accept either), Portland Trail Blazers (accept either)

(5,5) For another five points each, name the two schools that Olajuwon and Bowie were drafted out of.

Answer: University of Houston (Olajuwon), University of Kentucky (Bowie)

9) No one writes a book about puberty like Judy Blume. FTP each, name these Judy Blume Books from a description.

(a) This book follows the life of a twelve-year-old boy who goes into therapy after spying on his best friend’s sister who never closes the shades when she undresses. Much of the narration follows his time spent in the bathtub where he (to quote George Costanza’s mother) “uses his body as an amusement park.”

Answer: Then Again, Maybe I Won’t

(b) This book details a twelve-year-old junior high school student as she lusts after the hottest guy in school (Jeremy Dragon, what a babe!) and copes with her parents’ divorce. It climaxes at the exciting moment when she gets her first period during the Ground Hog Day Dance. Too Much! .

Answer: Just as Long as We’re Together

(c) This book, aimed at adult readers, follows two friends and their twenty-year-long camaraderie. Beginning when they are twelve, the story follows their sexual escapades (both with each other and with their boyfriends) and gives graphic insight into their first periods. Name this book marketed as “beach reading.”

Answer: Summer Sisters

10) Remember all that yummy, sugary breakfast cereal that used to rot your teeth out as a kid (or maybe even now)? Nothing made it nearly as attractive as the cartoon mascots that bombarded our Saturday morning cartoons and made us want to buy it. For five points each, when given the character, name the cereal he hawked on TV.

  1. Sonny

Answer: Cocoa Puffs

  1. Ice Cream Jones

Answer: Ice Cream Cones cereal

  1. Big Yella

Answer: Kellogg’s Corn Pops

  1. Crazy Craving

Answer: Post Honeycomb

  1. Sugar Bear

Answer: Post Super Sugar Crisps

  1. Mr. T

Answer: Mr. T Cereal
11) Remember that funny sitcom from UPN? No, me neither. FTPE identify the long cancelled UPN show from clues.

(10) Flying around space in their ship, the Space Hoopty, the titular characters Morris and Ty, accompanied by their smart-ass computer, Loquatia, prove that the ‘black people in space’ concept isn’t always as funny as it sounds.

Answer: Homeboys in Outer Space

(10) After the black titular character played by Chi McBride was thrown out of England for allegedly cheating in cards, he got a job in America during the Civil War working as a butler for a horny Abraham Lincoln in the White House.

Answer: The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer (make sure to pronounce the ‘P’ in Pfeiffer)

(10) The character played by actor extraordinaire Jake Busey is part of the titular hip-hop group, and this show chronicles their wacky and zany adventures in and around Venice Beach, California. Naturally, hilarity ensures. Or not.

Answer: Shasta McNasty
12) Julia Roberts refuses to appear nude in her movies and uses a body double when necessary in order to avoid exposing herself to the public. Helena Bonham Carter, on the other hand, has no qualms with performing nude scenes. For the stated number of points, identify these films in which she “bares it all”.

5- In this 1999 film, based on a novel by Chuck Palahniuk, she plays support group junkie Marla Singer.

Answer: Fight Club

10- This 1997 film earned Carter an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Kate Croy, a Victorian heiress who plots with her lover to con a terminally ill American woman out of her money. One reviewer described Carter’s performance as “emotionally naked.” If he only thought her to be emotionally naked, he obviously missed the last section of the movie and its controversial nude scene.

Answer: The Wings of the Dove

15- Carter performed her first nude scene in this 1986 film co-starring Cary Elwes. Trevor Nunn directed this historically inaccurate movie with her as a reluctant queen who falls in love with Guilford Dudley before losing her head. Literally.

Answer: Lady Jane

13) Some songs cause us to ponder deep universal questions. Others cause us to ponder the types of drugs that inspired the bizarre lyrics. FTPE, identify these things relating to nonsensical lyrics.

10- The inspired lyrics of this James Rado hit from the musical Hair include “Gliddy glub gloopy nibby nabby noopy La la la lo lo.”

Answer: Good Morning Starshine

10- They may not be complete gibberish, but the words to this Procol Harum song still confuse many. Few listeners can decipher the meaning of “If music be the food of love then laughter is its queen and likewise if behind is in front then dirt in truth is clean”.

Answer: A Whiter Shade of Pale

10- This boy-band’s brilliant lyrics reached their pinnacle with a 1999 hit which never quite explains what “that way” is, although they certainly want it.

Answer: The Backstreet Boys

14) Identify the actress on a 40-30-20-10-5-1 basis.

30- She made her mark in Broadway musicals, originating the role of Yente (Yen-Tah), the matchmaker in Fiddler on the Roof. and of Vera Charles in Mame.

20- This quality was not reflected in her musical number with Urkel (otherwise known as Jaleel White) at the 1992 American Comedy Awards, or her work on the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special..

10- Her strangely masculine voice brought her fame in the role of the title character in Maude.

5- Her first name sounds like an insect that produces honey and her last name sounds like the name of an anteater from a children’s series of books and TV shows.

1- The subtitle of her biography would likely be The Bea Arthur Story.

Answer: Bea Arthur
15) Name your poison: sitcoms or reality TV. Choose now. (Wait for choice.)

If sitcoms:

Everyone knows where the Beverly Hillbillies live, but for ten points each, name the city in which each of these other sitcom families live.

10- The Russo family from Blossom

Answer: LA or Los Angeles

10- The Owens family from Mr. Belvedere

Answer: Beaver Falls

10- The Matthews family from Boy Meets World

Answer: Philadelphia

If reality TV:

Let’s take a look back on one of the shows that helped spawn the plague of reality shows on today’s TV. Given the names of past cast members from MTV’s The Real World, FTPE identify the city where they ran amuck.

10- Jay, Jacinda, Neil, and Sharon

Answer: London

10- Genesis, Sean, Montana, and Jason

Answer: Boston

10- Cara, Chris, Keri, and Kyle

Answer: Chicago

16) Which ubiquitous corporate monolith would you prefer – Disney or McDonald’s? Choose now.


For the stated number of points, identify the Walt Disney World ride from a description.

5- This ride first opened in 1967 and includes over 100 audio-animatronic buccaneers who gleefully sing the song “Yo Ho” while ransacking a small town.

Answer: The Pirates of the Caribbean

10- This EPCOT ride closed on October 10, 1998. Starring Dreamfinder and a purple dragon named Figment, the ride took visitors on a tour to explore their own creativity. A new version opened in 1999, but has been “closed for rehab” almost constantly since that time.

Answer: Journey Into Imagination (Do not accept Journey into your Imagination)

15- This MGM Studios ride will supposedly be revamped soon to include a Pod Racing section. It currently takes riders on an adventure due to the ineptitude of the android in control of the ship. Name this ride piloted by a Droid named Rex that takes passengers on a pretend trip to Endor.

Answer: Star Tours


Everyone is familiar with Ronald McDonald, but let’s see how well you know other Mickey D characters. FTSNOP:

5- Contrary to popular belief, he is not related to Barney. Although he was originally depicted as evil, having six arms and stealing milkshakes from children, this purple blob is now Ronald’s “special pal.”

Answer: Grimace

10- With a head shaped like a cheeseburger, he governs all of McDonaldland.

Answer: Mayor McCheese

15- The first McDonalds character, he appeared in the 1950’s. A hamburger shaped character with a perpetual wink, he held a sign proclaiming hamburgers to be 15 cents.

Answer: Speedee the Hamburger Man

170 Answer these questions about the comings and goings associated with this year’s NHL trade deadline FTPE.

  1. The biggest name traded at the deadline, this prolific goal scorer nicknamed “The Russian Rocket” was sent from Florida to the New York Rangers. Too bad he couldn’t help the Rangers make the playoffs.

Answer: Pavel Bure

  1. The most active team at the deadline, they sent away Darcy Hordichuk, Bob Corkum, Jiri Slegr, and Ray Ferraro to Phoenix, Buffalo, Detroit, and St. Louis respectively. In return, this expansion team in the Southeast division received minor leaguers and a stockpile of middle round draft picks, about the only thing this team trades for.
Answer: Atlanta Thrashers (Accept either)

  1. In a cruel twist of irony, this man was sent to the Dallas Stars just a mere two years after breaking Dallas’s heart and repeat championship bid with a Stanley Cup winning in double overtime of Game 6 of the 2000 Cup Finals.

Answer: Jason Arnott
18) On a 30-20-10-5-1 basis, identify the square found on Monopoly game boards.

30- In The Simpsons Monopoly, the area occupied by this square is filled by The Android’s Dungeon.

20- A player would land on this square if he rolled an 8 on his first turn.

10- It is the middle square in the light blue section of the board.

5- It is named after the state whose capitol is in Montpelier.

1- Like all properties in Monopoly, it is named for a street in Atlantic City, NJ, specifically Vermont Avenue.

Answer: Vermont Avenue
19) Smooth move on answering that question! Now get some more point relief for your knowledge about everyone’s favorite products, Laxatives!

FTP: This product by Whitehall-Robins that first appeared in stores in 1987 uses natural fiber to produce a bowel movement within 12 to 72 hours.

Answer: Fibercon

FTP: This rival to Metamucil produced by glaxosmithkline promises no excess gas (good news for your roommate) and has only 60 calories from its yummy orange flavor. It promises to work within two to three days.

Answer: Citrucel

FTP: This product’s commercials feature an obnoxious woman who is perpetually embarrassing her husband Raymond by telling anyone who will listen about his problems with constipation. This 125-year-old stimulant free product, available in such exciting flavors as cherry, mint, and original, claims to provide relief in about half an hour.

Answer: Phillips milk of magnesia
20) You can never have enough questions about football! That’s football of the European variety, of course! Answer the following question about the upcoming World Cup in Japan and South Korea FTSNP.

(5) This Manchester United midfielder and current England captain suffered a broken foot in a recent Champions’ League match. He hopes to recover in time for the World Cup to make amends for the red card he received during a match in the last World Cup in France.

Answer: David Beckham

(10) Although Beckham is the captain of England, it is this Irishman who wears the skipper’s armband for Manchester United. Wearing the number 16 for United, he will need to be at his ferocious best if Ireland has any chance of making it past the first round.

Answer: Roy Keane

(15) This man is in charge of guiding England to the promise land in Japan. His appointment as the head of England’s national team stirred up quite a bit of controversy because he is Swedish.

Answer: Sven Goran Eriksson
21) F5P each, given a historical figure, state whether he was in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, both, or neither.

(5) Sigmund Freud Answer: Excellent Adventure

(5) George Washington Answer: Neither

(5) Louis XVI Answer: Neither

(5) Billy the Kid Answer: Excellent Adventure

(5) Thomas Edison Answer: Bogus Journey

(5) Genghis Khan Answer: Excellent Adventure

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