Questions by James Quintong and James Washick

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Questions by James Quintong and James Washick

1. Though chiefly responsible for the accident during the making of this, James Camomile was granted immunity from prosecution for testifying before a grand jury. Paul Stewart and Dorcy Wingo were charged with criminal negligence in the death of Renee Chen and Myca Dihn Le, while George Folsey and Dan Allingham were charged with manslaughter for endangering Chen and Le’s lives. The director was also charged for his part during the filming of this movie. FTP, name this 1983 film, co-directed by John Landis, which also saw the death of Vic Morrow.

Answer: Twilight Zone: The Movie
2. A former producer of instructional videos for Boeing, his feature film writing and directorial debut, “Finder’s Fee,” won top prize at last year’s Seattle International Film Festival. Among his lesser known TV hosting gigs include “Backchat,” “Hollywood on Trial” and “Family Business.” Success hosting VH-1’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Jeopardy” led to his most infamous gig to date. FTP, name this pretend outdoorsman host of CBS’ “Survivor.”

Answer: Jeff Probst

3. Gaining his nickname either from car racing or his high school football skills, he first recorded on the Sky Castle label a song called “Smacky Mouth.” He would later record on Colonial, Date, Columbia, Mercury and King before moving to Cartwheel Records where he had a hit record with a cover of Tony Orlando’s “Knock Three Times.” Nine #1 hits would follow, including “Ain’t Nothin Shakin,” “Broken Down in Tiny Pieces,” and “Ruby Baby.” FTP, name this country superstar whose most recognizable hit was a song about suntan lotion called “Rub It In.”

Answer: Billy “Crash” Craddock

4. Created by Professor Phineas Horton, he was a menace to those around him until he got his powers under control, at which time he disguised himself as police officer Jim Hammond. One of the first Marvel superheroes to get his own comic, he gained a sidekick in the process, a circus performer named Toro. After a brief stint as part of the Invaders and the All-Winners Squad, he disappeared from the scene, reappearing briefly in West Coast Avengers. FTP, name this android whose misnamed moniker was eventually used by Johnny Storm.

Answer: Human Torch

5. The two main characters in the ads can be seen conversing in a department store dressing room, in a tractor trailer, at an outdoor cafe and inside a barn while watching the Olympics. Michael Dell questioned the accuracy of the ads because a male is providing the voice of an obviously female character. Maybe Dell is jealous that company founder Ted Waitt can show his face on camera instead of using that Steven character. FTP, name this computer company whose ads include a talking cow.

Answer: Gateway

EDITOR’S NOTE: For those who weren’t at ACF Detox, I feel compelled to point out that “that Steven character” is played by Ben Curtis from… Chattanooga.
6. Since making its debut in the NCAA tournament in 1996, this school has made the big dance six of the last seven years, including this year which was marked by an 83-68 loss to Kentucky. Despite its regular status at the tournament, it has never been seeded higher than 12th, which was in 1997. As a 13 seed in 1998, this school won two games, beating Florida State to reach the Sweet 16 and Mississippi in the first round thanks to Bryce Drew’s buzzer beater. FTP, name this Indiana school nicknamed the Crusaders.

Answer: Valparaiso

7. It started at 9:00 on Thursdays, moved to 9:30 on Wednesdays, then 9:00 Wednesdays, 10:30 Saturdays, back to 9:30 Wednesdays, 10:00 Saturdays, 9:30 Saturdays, 9:30 Fridays, and finally 10:00 Saturdays. Despite all the moving, it lasted four seasons, from October 1988 to July 1992. Centering on a recently divorced teacher who moves into an apartment in Queens, it added the characters of maintenance man Ben and weight-obsessed Denise later in the series and had two women play the lead character’s wife Wendy. Other characters included toll collector Ralph, chatty Mrs. Philbert, and boorish Kirk, as well as the sex-obsessed singles group leader Louise. FTP, name this sitcom starring a post-Taxi Judd Hirsch.

Answer: Dear John

8. He worked for New Yorker magazine for over 30 years, providing more than 1700 illustrations, and didn’t turn to writing books until he was 60. His first literary work was puzzle book called “CDB!” which would be followed by “Roland the Minstrel Pig” and the Caldecott Medal-winning “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.” His other award-winning books include “Abel’s Island,” “The Amazing Bone,” and “Dr. DeSoto.” FTP, name this author whose 1990 work was the basis for the movie “Shrek.”

Answer: William Steig

9. As a young man he was a circus performer, vaudeville actor, and semi-pro baseball player, earning enough money to retire in his forties. The stock market crash of 1929 wiped out his fortunes, and he was forced to go back to work. Having already played villains in a few films before the crash such as “Why Women Marry,” he returned to acting, taking supporting roles mostly in westerns. Nearly 150 westerns would follow and his success in the role of sidekick would lead to his own television show as well as a comic book series. FTP, name this actor who played sidekick to Wild Bill Elliot, Hopalong Cassidy, and Roy Rogers.

Answer: George “Gabby” Hayes

10. Brothers Jennison and John Heaton won gold and silver, respectively, when it was first contested at the 1928 Olympics with John repeating his silver at the 1948 games behind Italy’s Nino Bibbia. Women competed in this event for the first time in 2002 with Americans Tristan Gale and Lee Ann Parsley taking gold and silver, fresh off the heels of Jim Shea’s emotional gold-medal performance. FTP, name this Winter Olympic event that involves riding a sled face first down a bobsled track.

Answer: skeleton

11. This song helped mark the return of ‘90s British dance queen Cathy Dennis, who served as its producer. According to verses in the song, the singer has a dark secret locked inside of her but she doesn’t want to be locked in her lover’s heart, so she asks him to set her free. She also longs to be in her lover’s arms forever and ever, every night and every day. That’s because she can only think about the loving she can give her. FTP, name this “problem” afflicting Kylie Minogue in her 2002 U.S. comeback single.

Answer: Can’t Get You Out of My Head

12. In 1998, they were under fire by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for a spread called "Drinking 101." In 1999, they were sued by five legendary surfers for using their images in a spread involving nude male models. They are currently under fire by Asian groups thanks to t-shirts featuring slogans like "Wok 'n' Bowl - Chinese food and bowling" and "Wong Brothers Laundry Service." At least the models are clothed this time. FTP, name this often controversial yet preppy clothing company.

Answer: Abercrombie and Fitch

13. Sports Illustrated's Jeff Pearlman complained about the rise of this sandwich after looking for its predecessor during a spring training trip. Current ads feature animated characters that appear to be a cross between Chik-Fil-A and Gary Larson's Far Side characters, although they probably have more range than Steve Harvey, who's also touting this sandwich. FTP, name this item that was resurrected from the remains of the BK Broiler, an allegedly healthier version of Burger King's signature sandwich.

Answer: Chicken Whopper (do not prompt on Whopper)

14. Born in what is now Trafford General Hospital with the first name Steven, he has often shown disdain for his peers, the royalty and everyone else. He hoped biographer Johnny Rogan would be "consumed in a hotel fire," said Band-Aid was a self-righteous platform and a tuneless record, and spoke ill of the Cure so often that Robert Smith said he would eat meat just to spite this vegetarian. He wore a hearing aid on stage, passed out flowers to the audience, and publicly declared his celibacy. After five successful years with the same band, he went solo, releasing such albums “Your Arsenal,” “Kill Uncle,” and “Viva Hate.” FTP, name this former frontman for The Smiths.

Answer: Steven Patrick Morrissey

15. Among those who could’ve potentially had the lead role in this film include Kirk Cameron, Christian Slater and Robert Downey Jr. while Jennifer Connelly could’ve played the main female lead. Cameo appearances in this film include Don “The Dragon” Wilson as a kickboxing sparring partner and Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard as a cab driver. The Smithereens’ “A Girl Like You” was going to be the theme song for the film but gave away too much of the plot and was thus replaced by Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.” FTP, name Entertainment Weekly’s #1 modern movie romance starring John Cusack and Ione Skye.

Answer: Say Anything

16. With twinkling blue eyes, long silver hair, and a crooked nose which seems to have been broken twice, he has a fondness for lemon drops, hot chocolate and ten-pin bowling. His renown comes from his defeat of Grindelwald in 1945, his rejection of the position of Minister of Magic, and his discovery the 12 uses of dragon’s blood. FTP, name this headmaster of Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, portrayed on film by Richard Harris..

Answer: Albus Dumbledore

17. His new wife Amanda Beach convinced him to run the White Rock Marathon last December, which he finished in three hours, 55 minutes. A star player at the University of Texas, he won the U.S. Amateur in 1992, and four years later took the Buick Open for his first PGA Tour title in 1996. The defending two-time champion at the Texas Open, his biggest Tour title is the 1997 British Open. FTP, name this golfer whose long putt against Jose Maria Olazabal (o-lah-fah-bull) helped secure the 1999 Ryder Cup for the U.S.

Answer: Justin Leonard

18. He’s had problems with anger management as he once beat up a cab driver on local TV. However, he has a way with the women as he’s gotten plum gigs protecting Elizabeth Hurley and Gina Gershon, and has a mistress Toni to go along with his wife in the suburbs. He once used cold medicine to get drunk, but he’ll stick to the booze and cigarettes much like the comedian who portrays him on TV. FTP, name this troubled New York cop played by Denis Leary on “The Job.”

Answer: Mike McNeil (accept either)

19. A foot injury hampered him terribly in 2001 as he posted a 4-7 record with a 4.85 ERA. He made his major-league debut in 1998 after David Cone was scratched from a start after being bitten by a dog. He would finish that season 12-4 plus two wins in the playoffs en route to a World Series ring. He would win his first eight playoff decisions before a loss in the 2000 World Series, which his Yankees would eventually win. FTP, name this right-handed pitcher who had a 129-47 record for Cuba before defecting in 1997.

Answer: Orlando Hernandez (also accept El Duque)

20. Written by Willis Alan Ramsey and first appearing on his album “Shelter,” it was later covered by America on their “Hat Trick” album. Sam tries to woo his beloved through dance, particularly the jitterbug and the tango, a ploy which apparently works as she agrees to become his missus. Sam is unusually thin despite his diet of cheese and bacon, while Susie is given to fits of giggling, probably because he is rubbing her toes and tickling her fancy. The whirling and twirling while singin’ and jingin’ the jingo may contribute to this as well. FTP, identify this song about rodents taken to #4 by the Captain and Tennille.

Answer: Muskrat Love

21. A San Rafael, California, company first got notice for these items that depicted Groucho Mark, Shakespeare, the Three Stooges and the Lone Ranger. The current best-seller depicts James Brown, and they have now branched into the sports world with Allen Iverson, the first of its kind given away at a sporting event. While they still have a long way to go towards competing with bobbleheads, they do have the advantage that they can float on water. FTP, name this popular bathtub toy.

Answer: rubber duck or Celebriduck (the name of the company)

22. In Hastings you can find the birthplace of Kool-Aid as well as the final resting spot of Andy the Footless Goose. In Gothenburg, you can visit the Sod House Museum while Minden is home to Harold Warp's Pioneer Village. Alliance is home to the infamous Carhenge and North Platte is home to Fort Cody Trading Post. You can also visit the World's Largest Ball of Stamps at the Boys Town Museum. FTP, you can visit all of these attractions in this state, home to the Cornhuskers.

Answer: Nebraska

23. A sketch-comedy half-hour show with a new story and new characters each week, its premiere episode was titled “Bump In The Night.” That episode featured the lead actress trying to kill her philandering husband with a lethally wired coffee pot and exploding chocolates. Another had her playing a sex-altered quarterback who goes to a high school reunion and runs into his/her former fiancée, played by Swoozie Kurtz. FTP, name this short-lived 1990 hit, Carol Burnett’s return to television sketch-comedy.

Answer: Carol & Company

24. A hunter from Kaza, he once sailed to the island where he met a native of Ikiteo and together they encountered and defeated a dangerous creature, after which they sailed off together across the ocean. His story is told by Dathon, a member of the Children of Tama from Chantil III, to another ship captain while the two sit around a fire on the planet of Eladril. The similarity to the story of Gilgamesh is not lost of Captain Picard. FTP, name this mythic hero of the Tamarians, who along with Jilad, defeated the beast of Tanagra.

Answer: Darmok

25. He played soccer for the Salford County team with aspirations of playing professionally, but turned to acting at age 19, training at the Central School of Speech and Drama. After roles on “Poirot,” “Inspector Morse,” and “Casualty,” he made his film debut in the film “Let Him Have It,” playing the slow-witted Derek Bentley who was executed for a crime committed by his friend. Since then he has played the Duke of Norfolk in “Elizabeth” and Jude Fawley in “Jude.” FTP, name this actor who played Raymond Calitri in “Gone in Sixty Seconds” and Nicole Kidman’s husband Charles in “The Others.”

Answer: Christopher Eccleston


Questions by James Quintong and James Washick

1. Given the year and the team who chose him, name the #1 pick in the NHL Entry Draft, FTPE.

a. 1991 by Quebec

Answer: Eric Lindros

b. 1984 by Pittsburgh

Answer: Mario Lemieux

c. 1981 by Winnipeg

Answer: Dale Hawerchuk

2. While many focus on the dangerous influence of the lyrics upon young minds, attending the concerts has often been more deadly for fans. Given the description of a concert gone awry, name the band or artist who was playing, FTPE.

a. The deadliest concert disaster in American history, 11 people died outside Cincinnati's Firstar Center in December 1979. Festival seating was blamed.

Answer: The Who

b. In July 2000, nine fans were killed at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark as 50,000 fans rushed the stage despite this band's pleas. Oasis, the Cure, and the Pet Shop Boys pulled out of the festival afterwards.

Answer: Pearl Jam

c. Three fans (Curtis Child, Jimmie Boyd, and Elizabeth Glausi) were crushed to death at a concert in Salt Lake City in January 1991. While the band was cleared of blame, Malcolm still refuses to speak about the incident.

Answer: AC/DC
3. Andy Richter may control the universe, but he’s getting a lot of help doing so. Identify these friends of Andy FTP each.

a. This is the name of Andy’s dim-witted but very handsome best friend and co-worker.

Answer: Keith

b. Played by Paget Brewster, she is Andy’s one-time squeeze, close friend and current boss.

Answer: Jessica

c. One of Andy’s “friends” is this crotchety businessman of the 19th century who founded the company that currently employs Andy.

Answer: Mr. Pickering

You will be shown cards from four different card games. On a 5-10-20-30 basis, name them. (Allow 15 seconds)

Answers: a) SKIP-BO b) MILLE BORNES c) ROOK d) UNO
5. Despite the number of people who despised high school when they were there, a number of films force a twenty-something character to return to high school in disguise or on assignment. FTPE, name this film from a description.

a. One of the more recent of these is this 1999 film where Drew Barrymore returns to high school to write an undercover article.

Answer: Never Been Kissed

b. In this 1988 film, Arlis Howard, a police officer, goes to high school to find a killer and get his brother out of jail.

Answer: Plain Clothes

c. Jon Cryer is a stockbroker trying to steer clear of the mob in this 1987 film. Anabeth Gish, playing 15, is his jailbait love interest.

Answer: Hiding Out
6. Some WWF wrestlers are glad to be saddled with new gimmicks after duds earlier in their careers. FTPE, given some past gimmicks, identify the current name of a wrestler.

a. The fake Diesel; Isaac Yankem, DDS

Answer: Kane

b. Race car driver Thurman “Sparky” Plugg

Answer: Hardcore Holly or Bob Holly

c. The Ringmaster

Answer: Stone Cold Steve Austin

7. In 1994 Fox had some bright and some not so bright shows in their line-up. Given a description, name the short-lived show FTPE:

a. Completing its 17-episode run in August 1994 was this critical success with poor ratings. Giancarlo Esposito plays Paul Gigante, a DC cop who moves to a small town in California. Ron Eldard plays his partner.

Answer: Bakersfield P.D.

b. Also called “Bullpen” was this series which featured Bruce Greenwood as a pitcher battling age and a losing streak. Lasting only seven episodes it also featured Rose Marie, Alexandra Wentworth, and Adam Henderschott as the angry mascot.

Answer: Hardball

c. Skirt-chaser Jack Slayton, played by Tim Conlon, and sensitive Brian Grant, played by Paul Rudd, are roommates living in Chicago. Both are interested in Jack’s ex-girlfriend Shelly, played by Paula Marshall. The show lasted 6 episodes.

Answer: Wild Oats

8. Even though Stevie Nicks decided to split from Fleetwood Mac to start a solo career, she didn’t always work alone. Given the song, name the singer with whom Stevie performed the duet, FTPE.

a. “Stop Draggin My Heart Around”

Answer: Tom Petty

b. “Leather and Lace”

Answer: Don Henley

c. “Whenever I Call You Friend”

Answer: Kenny Loggins
9. He’s not only a rock legend, he’s a film star too, sort of. FTPE name these 1980s films in which Gene Simmons, bassist for Kiss, had a role.

a. In this 1987 film, Rutger Hauer plays a bounty hunter who must bring in Simmons as international terrorist Malak Al Rahim. Simmons gets his head blown off.

Answer: Wanted: Dead Or Alive

b. Simmons again plays the villain in this 1984 Tom Selleck vehicle written and directed by Michael Crichton. Simmons uses robots to try to kill people, including Kirstie Alley. He is killed by his own machines.

Answer: Runaway

c. In this other 1987 film starring Family Ties’ alum Marc Price and Ozzy Osbourne in the role of a rock-n-roll hating reverend, Simmons plays a DJ named Nuke. He probably wishes he had died rather make this film.

Answer: Trick Or Treat
10. When the expansion Houston Texans take the field this fall, there will be some familiar faces on the roster. FTPE:

a. The Texans’ first choice in the expansion draft was this Pro Bowl offensive tackle who was the Jacksonville Jaguars’ first-ever college draft choice.

Answer: Tony Boselli

b. The Texans’ main return specialist will likely be this diminutive ex-Raven, who returned a kickoff for a touchdown in Super Bowl XXXV.

Answer: Jermaine Lewis

c. Houston’s kicker is this former Steeler who led the NFL in missed field goals last season.

Answer: Kris Brown
11. Though he has had memorable roles as in such films as 9 to 5 and Tootsie, Dabney Coleman’s roles on television are often forgettable, even when he is the star of the vehicle. FTPE, identify these Coleman shows from a description.

a. Coleman’s latest endeavor on the small screen is this 2001 show where he plays a lawyer whose son, having been arrested for drug use, must perform community service as a child advocate.

Answer: The Guardian

b. In this 1994 show, Coleman plays Jack Buckner, an outspoken columnist for Your Times Magazine, whose new boss is his daughter played by Cynthia Gibb.

Answer: Madman Of The People

c. Caught for insider trading, Coleman plays a stock broker turned elementary school teacher in this 1991 sitcom. The show also featured Brittany Murphey, Edie McClurg, and Jason Biggs.

Answer: Drexell’s Class

12. Name these musicians who died from drug overdoses FTPE.

a. This original guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers died of a heroin overdose in 1988.

Answer: Hillel Slovak

b. The lead singer of Blind Melon, he died of a cocaine overdose in New Orleans in 1995.

Answer: Shannon Hoon

c. In May 1996 this lead singer for Sublime died of a heroin overdose.

Answer: Brad Nowell

13. Since many Heinlein novels tend to be pretty long, this bonus will focus on those averaging under 300 pages. On a 5-10-20-30 basis, name the novel from a description:

a. Lorenzo Smith, an out-of-work actor, is hired to impersonate a kidnapped politician until the political aides can recover the real one.

Answer: Double Star

b. Engineer Dan Davis invents things people can use, but he is tricked into suspended animation by his partner and his fiancée, only to wake up 30 years later when time travel has been perfected. Now he can go back in time for his revenge.

Answer: The Door Into Summer

c. Jim Marlow, his friend Frank, and their Martian pet Willis uncover a plot to prevent migration on Mars during the harsh winters and help lead an insurrection against the evil company plotting this to save a buck.

Answer: Red Planet

d. Kip Russell dreams of going to the moon and gets that wish when he is kidnapped by aliens he dubs “Wormfaces.” The greater threat comes when he must defend humanity at a galactic tribunal.

Answer: Have Spacesuit Will Travel
14. Upon seeing an ad for America’s greatest hits CD, one person remarked, “I didn’t realize the same band did all of these songs I hate.” Given clues, identify the song by America FTP each.

a. Later added to their debut album after much chart success in England, this was the group’s first number one hit, topping the charts in the spring of 1972.

Answer: Horse with No Name

b. This song of the album “Hearts” about a man not ready for a commitment but still longing for the title woman was the band’s other number 1 hit, reaching the top spot in 1975.

Answer: Sister Golden Hair

c. The lead track from the group’s second album “Homecoming,” this song was inspired after band member Dewey Bunnell was stranded with a flat tire while driving in southern California.

Answer: Ventura Highway
15. There’s nothing like a multiple personality disorder to ruin your day, but at least you can get nice paycheck when someone turns your life into a movie. Identify the following films and actors associated with this disorder FTSNOP:

a. (5) Joanne Woodward won an Oscar for her performance in this 1957 film about multiple personality.

Answer: The Three Faces of Eve

b. (10) In her first serious performance, this actress won an Emmy for her role in the 1977 TV-movie “Sybil.”

Answer: Sally Field

c. (15) Shelley Long’s first dramatic television role was in this made-for-tv film, starring as Trudi Chase, a woman with 92 personalities.

Answer: Voices Within: The Lives of Trudi Chase
16. Jamie Sale (sah-lay) didn’t have the monopoly on looks among female Canadian Olympic stars. Answer these questions about other Canuck women athletes in Salt Lake City FTP each.

a. For the longest time, this speed skater had Canada’s only gold. She didn’t set a world record in Salt Lake but she did defend her Olympic gold medal in the 500-meter event from Nagano.

Answer: Catriona Lemay-Doan

b. While Sale and Pelletier eventually got gold in pairs figure skating, this Canadian ice dancing duo failed to medal after falling in the final seconds of their free dance.

Answer: Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kratz (need both)

c. Kelley Law had the looks but she didn’t have the game to match the success of the late, great Sandra Schmirler, and failed to repeat Canada’s gold in this event.

Answer: curling

17. Answer these questions about the game show that best combines celebrities and regular-joe contestants, the *Pyramid*, FTP each.

a. This comic and regular host of the Oscars holds the record for the fastest win in the Winners Circle at 26 seconds in 1978.

Answer: Billy Crystal

b. While Dick Clark is most associated as host of the show, this other veteran game show host led a short-lived syndicated version of the show in the 1970s.

Answer: Bill Cullen

c. You wouldn’t expect Peter Pan to have this much strength, but this actress was the first to rip the straps off the chair in the Winners Circle.

Answer: Sandy Duncan

18. I guess you didn’t hit the big $325 million jackpot, or else you probably wouldn’t be here, right? Identify these big-money lotteries FTP each.

a. Erica Greene was one of three people to hit that $325 million jackpot in this multi-state lottery contested in Georgia, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland and Virginia.

Answer: The Big Game

b. The Big Game will go away next month and replaced by this game that will add some extra numbers to the pool. Average jackpots will be about $80 million and top out at about $500 million.

Answer: Mega Millions

c. This is the most expansive of multi-state lotteries, which is contested in 22 states and Washington D.C.

Answer: Powerball
19. A mediocre film and three bad sequels, the Revenge of the Nerds series has at least provided a paycheck for some up-and-coming or down-on-their-luck actors. FFPE, name which Nerds film the following appeared in.

a. Morton Downey, Jr. Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation

b. Robert Picardo Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love

c. Courtney Thorne-Smith Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise

d. Chi McBride Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation

e. John Goodman Revenge of the Nerds (I)

f. Christina Pickles Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love
20. Time to choose between two boni where your genial quizmaster got zero points: comic strips or comic books?


Jim Meddick’s “Monty” comic strip has gone through a handful of changes since dropping Robotman. Identify these other friends of Monty FTP each.

PART: One character that has survived the transition to new friends is this hairless cat.

Answer: Fleshy

PART: Robotman may be gone, but he was replaced by this alien creature, who likes a bored version of the Great Gazoo.

Answer: Mr. Pi

PART: Another new addition to Monty’s world is this goofy but well-meaning primate roommate.

Answer: Chimpy


Thankfully, not every comic deals with superheroes and not all are set in a thinly veiled US. From a description, name the alternative comic, FTPE.

a. Created by Mario, Jaime, and Gilbert Hernandez, its original run ended with the 50th issue, but it was revived after a long hiatus. Stories often center upon the denizens of Palomar, including Maggie the Mechanic and Luba.

Answer: Love And Rockets

b. Taking place in San Garabato Cuc, this early 1960s comic was created by Eduardo del Rio (aka Rius). It featured Juan Calzonzin who spoke against the abuses of the government while dodging the police. Attempts to censor it would lead Rius to create Los Agachados.

Answer: Los Supermachos

c. Sometimes compared to Maus is this Joe Sacco 9-issue series which critiques the Jewish/Arab situation with an anti-Israeli slant.

Answer: Palestine

21. Identify these women who help fill in the blanks of Dennis Miller’s rant about the myth of what men want from women on a 5-10-20-30 basis.

a. This sports announcer, who Dennis never did get to work with on Monday Night Football, is his choice to have while watching a game.

Answer: Lesley Visser

b. This fictional doctor is who Dennis wants should he get sick.

Answer: Dr. Quinn, medicine woman

c. However, should the sickness be leprosy, Dennis wants this famed religious figure.

Answer: Mother Teresa

d. This infamous porn star and sometimes legitimate actress is Dennis’ choice in the bedroom.

Answer: Traci Lords

22. Given a list of menu items, identify the family restaurant staple of the American road, FTP each.

PART: Brawny Lad, U.S. Open Platter, World Series Platter

Answer: Big Boy

PART: Shrimper’s Feast, Original Half-o-Pound, All-American Burger

Answer: Shoney’s

PART: Chicken Fried Steak, Country Ham, Homestyle Chicken

Answer: Cracker Barrel
23. Staples’ most recent ad campaign has famous people explaining to regular joes how things work. Identify these celebrities from clues FTP each.

a. This former Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model helps to explain that it’s acceptable to wear white after Labor Day.

Answer: Kathy Ireland

b. This famous actress and dancer teaches a poor schlub how to boogie at the gas station.

Answer: Debbie Allen

c. This famous TV host explains to a couple of elevator occupants the identity of the Muzak they’re listening to.

Answer: Dick Clark

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