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Parallel Set and Conference Mode Transmission Performance


VTech Advanced American telephones
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Howell, NJ 07731


Stephen R Whitesell
Phone 732 751 1079
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October 10, 2001




Draft 5 of PN-3-4350.110 (Contribution TR41.3.5-01-11-036) allows the send and receive loudness ratings (SLR and RLR) to change by 7 dB when a parallel set goes off-hook or when a multi-line set is used in the conference mode. This contribution proposes increasing the allowed change to 8 dB.


In Contribution TR41.3.5-99-11-023, the current author proposed requirements that would allow the TOLR and ROLR levels of a telephone to change by up to 7 dB when used with a parallel set off-hook. The same criteria was also recommended for the conference mode performance of multi-line terminals. These proposals have been incorporated into Contribution TR41.3.5-01-11-036 (Draft 5 of PN-3-4350.110) as the allowed changes in SLR and RLR levels.


As the successor to Lucent Technologies Consumer Products, VTech Advanced American Telephones would like to exercise its prerogative to modify the contents of its original contribution as a result of further study. Our experience shows the 7 dB limit to be marginal in some cases, and we would like to propose the allowed change in SLR and RLR levels be increased to 8 dB.


Change “7 dB” to “8 dB” in the following four clauses of PN-3-4350.110: (SLR) Parallel Set Off-Hook Requirement (SLR) Conference Mode Requirement (RLR) Parallel Set Off-Hook Requirement (SLR) Conference Mode Requirement

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This contribution has been prepared by VTech Advanced American Telephones (VTech) to assist the TIA TR-41 Engineering Committee or one of its sub-elements as noted above. It is offered as a basis for discussion and is not to be construed as a binding proposal on VTech. VTech specifically reserves the right to amend or modify the material contained herein, and nothing herein shall be construed as conferring or offering licenses or rights with respect to any intellectual property of VTech other than as provided in the copyright statement above.

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