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Defense !—F-35—Heg

The F-35 is key to increasing US military power
Cuttita 11(Chrissy, Elgin Air Force PA, 2/22,

As the 33rd Maintenance Group grows steadily in population, they are preparing the way for integrated training and maintenance of the Department of Defense's newest joint fighter - the F-35 Lightning II. "It is the logistics behind the aircraft that makes this jet go," said Col. Laura Sampsel, 33rd MXG commander. "When our team of professional maintainers develops the standard, we'll be able to positively affect policies and practices for all three services and bring logistical power to this country like we've never seen before. Our war fighters here are doing very difficult work right now to prepare for the most powerful weapons system this nation will employ."

F-35 key to military power
New York Times 10 ( 2/15,

A cost-effective F-35 is critical to the future combat needs of the Air Force, Navy and Marines. The project already is years behind schedule and nearly 50 percent above its originally estimated cost. That is clearly too much, especially with the Pentagon planning to buy almost 2,500 of the planes over the next 25 years. That comes to a total cost of $300 billion — provided nothing else goes wrong. Mr. Gates means to see that it does not. This month, he removed the Marine in charge of the program, Maj. Gen. David Heinz, and said his replacement would be a higher-ranking officer with more authority to keep a tighter rein on private contractors’ performance. Reinforcing that message, Mr. Gates also announced that he would withhold, at least for now, $614 million in progress payments from the prime contractor, Lockheed Martin. The money should not be released until Lockheed has significantly improved its performance. This insistence on accountability would be considered normal in most private businesses. But it is virtually unheard of in the cozy world of military procurement. Mr. Gates clearly wants to get the attention of other Pentagon managers and contractors. We hope he has. The F-35 program was supposed to be the prototype for more effective defense procurement. Like the far more expensive F-22, the plane incorporates stealth technology and can successfully engage enemy fighters in air-to-air combat. But it also is built to support ground combat units in today’s wars, like the Air Force F-16 and A-10 and the Navy F-18 it is intended to replace. Mr. Gates will have to keep monitoring the performance of Lockheed Martin and General Heinz’s successor and personally intervene again if needed. The F-35 program is too necessary and budget dollars too scarce to permit further waste or delay.
F-35 key to maintain military dominance
Rush 11 (Ed,

It seems to me that the media just likes to pick on military projects because it seems so wasteful when looking at the current world situation. What they don’t realize is that the military has to look 20 to 30 years into the future to see what they will need in order to maintain air, sea, and land superiority. Then they ask around to see if anyone has any ideas on how to develop these weapon systems. The F-35 is a huge long-term project that required the development of software, materials, and technologies that weren’t even around when the Joint Strike Fighter was first proposed. If anything, the existence of the J-20 should let the public know just how badly we need to develop projects like the F-22 and F-35.

The F-35 is critical to military power
Fosters Daily Democrat 10 (

"The F-35 is critical to our national security and defense," said Shea-Porter spokeswoman Jamie Radice. "We will rely on the F-35 for 90% of our tactical air forces, and having only one engine is an unacceptable risk to our nation and to our pilots." The more than $300 billion F-35 program is regarded as the largest weapons program in history. It will replace nearly every American fighter jet now in operation. The U.S. partnered with several countries to buy more than 3,000 F-35s combined.

Defense !—F-35—Heg

F-35 key to US military might and allied credibility
Ivey 11 ( Kay, Lieutenant Governor of Alabama, May,

Wilbur Wright once said, “It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.” Recognizing education was essential to success, the Wright brothers founded the first flight school in the United States on the grounds of what would one day become Maxwell Air Force Base. Those early investments resonate today, as many Alabama higher education institutions carry on that same tradition of excellence with the next generation of pilots, engineers and astronauts. But the ability for tomorrow’s graduates to use the knowledge and skill they cultivate from these highly-specialized programs means they have to have jobs in which to use them. That’s why supporting multi-service programs such as the F-35 joint strike fighter are essential. The F-35 program is essential to our national defense needs and the needs of our allies. China, Russia and other countries continue to invest in developing planes with cutting edge technology. If we don’t make the same investments, we will fall behind. The F-35 is required to be four times more effective than older fighter jets in air-to-air combat, eight times more effective in air-to-ground combat, and three times more effective in reconnaissance and suppression of air defenses – while having better range and requiring less logistics support. In light of the increase in the number of issues we are facing in the Middle East and places like Libya, America’s ability to retain its air superiority edge is essential to the security of US and allies forces all over the world.

The F-35 is key for the Navy’s air capabilities
Garamone 10 ( Jim, American Forces Press Service, 5/25,

The Navy has had the F-35C on its horizon for more than a decade, the admiral said. In that time, the FA-18’s capabilities have grown, with the latest aircraft – the E, F and G models – reaching the fourth-generation airframe’s limits. “We need to move into the F-35C to realize our vision of tactical air coming off of carriers,” he said. The joint strike fighter brings stealth capabilities, advanced sensor and data fusion, and a systems approach to warfighting, Manazir said. “We’re completely committed to the F-35C,” he added, noting that staying with the Super Hornet would put the United States at a disadvantage against a near-peer competitor.
F-35 key to military advancement, despite going over budget
Gertler 11( Jermiah, Specialist in Military aviation, 4/26, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program:

Background and Issues for Congress, pg. 1)

The largest procurement program in the Department of Defense (DOD), the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), also called the Lightning II, is a new aircraft being procured in different versions for the United States Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy. Current DOD plans call for acquiring a total of 2,456 JSFs. Hundreds of additional F-35s are expected to be purchased by several U.S. allies, eight of which are cost-sharing partners in the program. The F-35 promises significant advances in military capability. Like many high-technology programs before it, reaching that capability has put the program above its original budget and behind the planned schedule.
F-35 key to U.S. military and allies
Schanz 10 (Marc V, Senior Editor @ Airforce Magazine, Aug,

Big fighter program has been revamped for success. That’s good, because the US is running out of alternatives. The next year shapes up as a critical period for the F-35 Lightning II. The fighter forces of the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and some allied services hinge on its success. After a rash of problems, the US has imposed serious reforms, and the months just ahead will tell whether the get-well program is working.

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