Ultimate Insert Double Hung Replacement Windows- selected by Consumer Reports as the #1 replacement window

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Marvin Windows
Ultimate Insert Double Hung Replacement Windows- selected by Consumer Reports as the #1 replacement window

-Minimal call backs

-Energy Star Rebates

-Have to look at specific combos

-$1500 tax credit on certain products

-Finish- most durable in the industry, highly resistant to chalking and fading or shrinking and swelling

-Fully extruded aluminum- not rolled (like many other manufacturers), which is inferior because it scratches, fades and dents more easily.

-Ease of use is appealing

-Tilt mechanism is very user friendly

-Also, the tilting hardware piece is barely noticeable

-Convenience for cleaning

-Energy efficiency- very appealing

-“A la carte” Marvin windows are very versatile. Can customize the details and features to specific needs
-Good long term product. Pay premium price for quality that will last

-Warranty- 10 year manufacturing and parts warranty and a 20 year warranty on insulating glass

-Look at the online website for Energy Star combos and ratings
From Marvin Catalog

Marvin exterior clad products are so strong, they exceed the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association’s toughest specification (2605-05) for aluminum cladding, which requires extruded aluminum and a 70% Kynar Finish. The interior of our clad products is made of wood, which greatly increases thermal efficiency. Strength, performance and beauty makes Marvin tough to beat.

Energy Panel option- is a removable, exterior glass panel finished on the edges by a surround. Energy panels cover the exposed glass surface of each sash, and offer added energy efficiency for wood windows with single glazing.

Affordable Windows and Doors

-Will negotiate the best deals…competitive pricing

-Local showroom- serves as a resource center for clients

-Has been in business for 25 years

-Brian is available to go on site

-All price pts- different categories of products…allows one to stay within budget

-Carries recognized products in the industry

-Simpson doors, Wood-Ultrex, Lemieux Doors, Jeld Wen Windows and Doors, Legends Clad Series, ProVia Door, Marvin Windows and Doors, Therma Tru

-Therma Tru- holds 70-80% of the fiberglass industry

- Boston Sash and Millwork- historic and custom millwork

Therma Tru Catalog

Why Fiberglass?


-Fiberglass won’t dent, rot or rust

-Withstands wide temperature ranges


-Our doors are made to look and feel like real wood

-Beautiful decorative glass patterns to accent your home and personal style

Low Maintenance

-Durable fiberglass construction requires less maintenance than wood or steel doors

Energy Efficiency

-Solid foam core offers 5 times the insulation value of wood.

-Triple pane insulated tempered safety glass.
Impact Rated Glass

Unlike other industrial looking frames, our door systems with Impact Rated Glass are available with an attractive scrolled frame features a paten pending screw cover. Available in clear, Low-E, GBG and now select decorative glass designs. We also offer door styles with flush-glazed impact rated glass assembled directly into the door, making the door and glass one solid piece. Both choices offer attractive options in a fiberglass door that will withstand flying debris in all types of severe weather.

Lemieux Doors (from Catalog):

Canadian Solar Energies Association bestowed upon Lemieux the 2005 “Solar Thermal Project of the Year” award.

Innovative Finish- Lemieux Doors has invested millions perfecting a protective UV sealer system, which when applied immediately before the finishing coat, seals the wood, removing all traces of cracks or crevices in the joints and avoids accentuating brush strokes, knots and wood grain.

The Tenon & Mortise Joint- Quality and Tradition- Lemieux Doors employs proven age-old mortise & tenon joints in its doors, assuring the highest quality construction. Furthermore the adhesive binding technique delivers exceptional strength and a lasting hold. The absence of dowels allows the doors to be custom-trimmed during installation without the risk of voiding the guarantee.
Expansion- Resistant MDF Panels- Lemieux Doors incorporates Medium Density Fiber panels into the construction of all its doors. MDF is expansion resistant and inherently more stable, able to withstand the extremes of seasonal temperature variations, thus protecting against cracks and leaks.
Wood choices- Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Pine, Poplar, Oak, VG Douglas Fir

Lemieux Doors offers over 94 types of glass, the widest selection offered by any door manufacturer.

Exterior doors offer a choice of 2 glazing technologies:

-Insulated glass- lowers heating bill, also will make home more comfortable by muffling exterior noise and reducing condensation

-Low-E- High-quality reduced thermal emissivity glass cuts down on temperature variations, making efficient use of solar heat by reflecting it back in summer, and keeping it in during winter. Keeps it looking fresher, longer, by reducing the effects of UV radiation that dulls and fades the colors of your carpets and upholstery.

Pella Windows

J.D. Power Associates ranked Pella best window brand for the third year in a row (survey has been conducted for three years).

  • Aesthetically, Pella looks better than other brands. Brian finds that is less chunky than Marvin products

  • Dedicated service technician- parts, etc taken care of easily

  • Architecture Double Hung series

    • Lots of style options

    • Aluminum exterior- resists chalking, etc. This is better than vinyl exterior that other brands use (ex. Andersen).

    • Solid wood window- different wood types to choose from

-Very user friendly

-All windows are Energy Star rated. Pella was the 2009 Energy Star Sustained Excellence reward recipient

Energy Star recently lowered the required U factor. Most Pella windows already meet the requirement but the rest of them do with a special coating (only draw back is that it makes the glass slightly darker- good for summer, worse for winter)

-Many different features customized to meet customer needs- ex. Many different locks

-Replacement window- only the frame is slightly different
Other high quality Pella options exist besides Architect series

Designer- has the lines between the glass, this is a triple pained window- making it one of the most energy efficient windows in the industry…it requires no special coating

Proline- More economical choice- it is less traditional looking than Architect series and has less features but is of the same quality

-When asked what differentiates Pella from other leading window products (like Marvins, for example), Brian responded:

-The number one priority of Pella’s is to provide excellent customer service. Other window brands are only available at lumber yards which don’t provide the service

-The JD Power rating will captures how great of a product Pella creates

-The high quality of Pella is undeniable. All Pella products are made to order- it has the quickest turn around in the industry.

From Architect Series Catalog:

“These low-maintenance EnduraClad exteriors don’t need painting; plus, they resist fading and chalking to stay looking great for years.”

“Low maintenance EnduraClad exterior trim is also available….”

“Pella’s Integral Light Technology grilles create the authentic look of true divided light combined with superior energy efficiency. These grilles are crafted with a high definition profile that seamlessly matches the finely detailed sash. Then they’re permanently bonded to the inside and outside of energy-efficient insulating glass. A nonglare spacer between the panes of glass gives the illusion of individual panes of glass better than metal spacers. Grilles are solid wood on the interior and wood or low-maintenance EnduraClad on the exterior. Removable interior wood grilles and grilles-between-the-glass are also available.”

“In addition to Pella’s standard hardware collection, you can make a personal design statement with Rocky Mountain hardware- the finest- quality hardware to homeowners. Handcrafted for exceptional beauty and durability, each piece is cast in sold bronze and is available in a diverse palette of striking finishes, from rustic to contemporary.”

Innovations and Convenience Features:

-Self-closing screen door

-Exclusive Pella Vivid View Screen

-Easy-Clean Wash Features

-Factory Prefinished

-Surelock system with stainless steel operating hardware

-Rolscreen Retractable Screen

For the third year in a row, Pella ranks highest among consumers in overall satisfaction with windows and patio doors. Achieving a score of 787 (1000 point scale), Pella performs particularly well in three of the seven factors: operational performance, product quality and durability, and appearance and design.

Here is the link to the Ratings Factors and how the companies scored:


Closely following Pella in the rankings are Andersen (785) and Milgard (784). The Industry average was a 769. Marvin received a score of 767; JELD-WEN received a score of 737.

In terms of overall performance, Andersen, Milgard and Pella all were voted “among the best,” while Marvin received a “above average” and JELD-WEN a “the rest.”

Amongst builders and remodelers, Simonton ranked highest with a score of 837 in three of seven factors: ordering process, delivery and price. Milgard and Marin follow in the ranking- 829 and 828- respectively, both brands improving notably from 2008. Marvin performs particularly well in the product, customer service and support and credit/billing factors. The factors include (in order of importance): product, price, warranty and repair service, customer service and support, delivery, credit/billing process, and ordering process. Unlike it the consumers’ survey, Marvin outperforms Pella, which had a score of 817. Andersen received a score of 807, while JELD-WEN had a score of 762.

Harvey’s Windows
-Catalog contains accurate up to date pricing (windows), and for manufactured goods

-Branch will always quote ASAP- quick turn around when you call in (better than emailing)

-Large jobs- contact Matt, once you get the quote he’ll set you up

-Not much discounting on Majesty’s


-Doesn’t match up to a Pella/etc but PRICE is the key selling point

-Replacement- Majesty is the bottom line price

-Vinyl- more margin

Marketing website

-ECAT- go on website= set up online account- can quote out jobs

-Anything wholesale (not manufactured)- cant get live up to date pricing
Majesty- Energy Star .35

Federal .30

***Excellent for a budget situation

***Wood window replacement

-SDL- engineering feature- SDL on vinyl: Tribute Classic
Local manufacturer- will be supportive of all issues (except uninstalling)
1 year limit to report manufacturing defects for service…

Local teams available- make it very easy to get parts, etc

Good warranties
Referral Program- no more applicants

-By category- have to fill in minimum amount of purchases

-Showroom in Burlington is very helpful
-Tribute- high end window- $225 base- engineers’ idea of true wood window


-to $300 with triple glazed

Tribute has U Factor of .21

Trip- Caribbean- volume of $140,000 in sales…

JC Adams
Andersen windows- Best brand recognition, most well known window

Reputable quality and backing behind the product for service is unsurpassed
Environmentally sound

Fibrex- special feature that is 70% recycled product and vinyl- it is a very green product

Design- key in revolutionary glass

New- High performance smart sun glass

-Better U factor

-Eligible for tax rebates

-Nowhere near as dark as other tinted windows
Woodwright- geared toward historical style

-Is is mostly wood- inside materials. Wood jamb (typically vinyl)

Flexibility- can paint or stain
(Marvins- cladding is one of the biggest things as opposed to the roll form)
Marvins- sash lock activated

Andersen- Slide down, 1 handed tilted mechanism…very easy

Andersen- wide array of glass options
Andersen- sets the standard for window warranties.

-20 years glass

-10 years finish and function

-2 year pd for broken parts- Andersen will replace

All wood-Marvin- yes

Andersen- no

Marvins- kynar finish- resin paint is very durable
Marvins- more pricey than Andersen but nicer aesthetically
New A series product- only 5 dealers on the East coast right now- JC Adams is on of them. This window is a step up from the woodwright

-Made to order

-Exterior casting


-Wood surround screens

Marvins typically has been more customizable but Andersens is catching up

Andersen Woodwright has a lot of customizable features

-New construction matches the look of the replacement

Quality- Andersen is one of the highest regarded, Marvins may surpass it at the finishes point
Durability- Andersen and Marvin on par
Value- Andersen better off with what you pay for it
Aesthetically- Marvin wins (nicer final touches, more custom options, etc)
Lead times are similar

Marvin Windows are made to order- Andersen quick turn around; only some are made to order

Download 28.08 Kb.

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