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UNOFFICIAL COPY AS OF 08/13/17 13 REG. SESS. 13 RS BR 1724

A RESOLUTION honoring Trent Milby upon being named 2013 Naismith National Girls' Basketball Coach of the Year.

WHEREAS, Trent Milby is the head coach the Marion County High School Lady Knights, where in the course of a seven-year career, he has compiled a record of 205 wins against only 35 losses; and

WHEREAS, Trent Milby has led the Lady Knights Basketball team to incredible success, including four straight regional championships, a final four appearance in the 2011 KHSAA Girls' Sweet Sixteen, and a runner-up finish in the 2012 KHSAA Girls' Sweet Sixteen; and

WHEREAS, in 2013, Trent Milby guided Marion County to an undefeated 39-0 season record and the 2013 KHSAA Girls' Sweet Sixteen Championship, becoming the first undefeated girls state champions since 1984 and cementing the Lady Knights' spot as one of the greatest girls' basketball squads in Kentucky high school sports history; and

WHEREAS, in recognition of his tremendous achievements, Trent Milby was named 2013 Naismith National Girls' Basketball Coach of the Year by the Atlanta Tipoff Club; and

WHEREAS, as just the sixth recipient of the Naismith award, which was established in 2008, Milby has made history by becoming the first Kentucky coach to win the honor; and

WHEREAS, Eric Oberman, Executive Director of the Atlanta Tipoff Club, lauded Trent Milby's coaching acumen and record when he said, "Trent's strong leadership and excellent coaching skills were evident this season and we're thrilled to recognize him for such an amazing accomplishment"; and

WHEREAS, the achievements of Trent Milby in guiding the young women of the Marion County Lady Knights to success, both in basketball and in life, and the honor and pride he has brought to his community, should be publicly recognized and lauded;


Be it resolved by the Senate of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

Section 1. The members of this Honorable Body, both individually and collectively, do hereby congratulate Trent Milby upon being named 2013 Naismith National Girls' Basketball Coach of the Year, applaud his achievements, and wish him and his teams good fortune in all future endeavors.

Section 2. The Clerk of the Senate shall transmit a copy of this Resolution to Senator Jimmy Higdon for presentation to Trent Milby.

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